[email protected] X ISQ – Charles do Rosário, Visual Artist

ART@WORK X ISQ – Charles do Rosário, Visual Artist

When we enter ISQ building, It’s the first work of art. It has a luminosity. It has frontality. This is the best place for my art piece to be exposed. I wanted this art piece to be about memory. Every time I came to Portugal, my grandmother always gave me some nickels, a 1.000 escudos note. It takes me back on so many memories. What’s more curious in this piece there’s an abstract view because of the tape overlay effect. I’m amazed because surely in the summer and with the heat, it got another texture. There is the impact of memory because you will remember anything, and the impact on how this work was done. The way this piece of work has been made. This is what I want to do. Show that you can do something beautiful with things, we use daily. People see in simplicity the complexity of reproducing an image It’s a metaphor that has to do with Portuguese culture. We are, in a good way, simple people. We are not difficult and with our simple values, our personality and identity is a treasure The memory belongs to everyone whether employees, clients and I think this has to do with a reflection and if we can have this reflection in the building where we work, it is always an asset.

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