100 thoughts on “Asking Subscribers To Solve a Puzzle for $1000!!

  1. Sick video man! Despite missing your lense. How can I get more information about the construction of that Card wall? Tape Cassette Holders are "OK" (I now have 4 Napa Valley racks) but they dont dont show the "face"… I have some beautiful cards in my collection but you wouldnt know cause im using a cassette rack. 🙁 Please help 🙂

  2. Chris has been a huge influence in my kids (and myself) interests in illusions and puzzles. I love how it gets them used to thinking outside the box.

  3. Dude im pissed. I was in san diego that day for work by coincidence and wanted to stop by and now im pissed i didnt… DAMNIT! I used to work at the Mexican restaurant place across the street! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. to the people who think he's squishing the object at 0:40 actually its glass so it's the heat of his hand that's making it rise not the pressure

  5. how much you wanna bet those guys have seen your videos solving it?… you gave them puzzles which you showed how to do yourself

  6. Nice to see a successful genuine YouTuber not trying to impress everyone by flashing wads of cash and acting like an asshole, but instead giving back to the people who helped make it happen. You have by far the best "VIDEO" quality on YouTube, Alec Steel taking second, and Pewds closing in third. Good white balance = good color correction, sound – first class, great B-roll, L & J cuts , excellent framing and composition, shot selection, and lighting. It takes a lot of hard work to produce this quality of content, and I would say we are lucky to have someone work as hard as you and your team do.
    Most of time in life giving cash as a gift, is said to be uninspired, thoughtless and lazy. (outside of someone who is poor of course) I see you giving back with CASH a Personal Thank You to your subscribers, local community, and magic shops.

    You could just give merch but you don't.

    If you find this comment and agree, your thumbs up isn't for me it's a Thank You Chris & the Team for all the hard work.
    I hope other Successful YouTubers Take a page from your book.

    Edit: After watching YouTube rewind, (yes it sucked) but it did remind me to check out this Mr.Beast I had heard about doing the tree planting fundraiser my subs were participating in. I see why hype!

  7. Chris I could not stop smiling through this video, so great to see everyone so happy (maybe cause there winning money ;P) but still so great seeing you give back to the community!

  8. Hey Chris,

    Awesome video as always.. just a quick recommendation.. you should prolly make a public statement that your not going to leave an event like that til you have at least X amount of women participate in your challenges..

  9. DAMN I'M INSPIRED!! I'm gonna buy a deck, re-teach myself how to shuffle, learn how to cut smoothly, figure out a few basic tricks like "bring a card to the top" or "draw a card any card"; then hustle my friends for their spare cash at poker night. I might lose at poker, but that side money will get me home….

  10. Bro, i saw your adresse and realized i literally passe every weekend on your street to go for a ride on mount avila! Love your channel keep it up 😁👊🏼

  11. When ever you’re asked, “what celebrity would you want to sit and chat with”? My answer would be you Chris, you’re very intelligent and well spoken.. the content you provide us with always rocks, keep it going bro!

  12. I just realized and i am quite amazed that the unknown person who doesn't know a shit about puzzle solved it quite easily but those 3 person who were quite good at puzzles you gave them 5 minutes to solve and 2 of them couldn't solve it in your previous video

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCDFKAix8_g This is the link witness yourselves.

  13. easy, was shown a wooden one like this, Solution: heat the cradle with boiling water, the bars expand out , giving the necessary room to remove the centre piece!, that simple; but in this case use an OXY-Acetylene torch!, as it's metal this would still accomplish the desired solution.

  14. I could really use $500. I've been homeless for 5 years and on the verge of suicide because I can't afford to survive anymore. I cant get a job no matter how hard I try and I can't make money panhandling anymore. the last 2 relationships I've been I was abused physically, mentally, and sexually. I'm so fucking depressed, my life just gets worse and worse every day. thank you, Chris for entertaining me this far but I'm giving up. I'll be gone soon

  15. That place would've been fun for me to go to, had I actually had the money lol. Wasn't the flying dove contraption something Houdini created? I'm not too sure.

  16. Man, would love to check out that place though it's too far for me (love from India). Love your videos, Chris. You really inspire me. I hope I get the spare money for your v3, it seems really cool. (Maybe have a giveaway?)

  17. You’re awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing. And keep making these sick content. Thanks for entertaining me while I’m at work.

  18. Great video Chris. Must have been a great day. ♥️🙂 giving back keeps the love alive and puts the magi back in magic

  19. My respect for you grows with the humility you show in each video, but your genuine enjoyment when interacting with others is almost unparalleled here on YouTube and I greatly value your channel for that: Consummate professionalism.

  20. Totally unrelated to this video, but I recently started SOH because of you, picked up some of your memento moris and your new run of 1st cards and just wanted to say that they feel like butter and look absolutely incredible. Keep up the great work man, and thank you for the inspiration, I'm having a blast learning this whole new world

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