ASMR | Clicky Typing & Whispering & Tapping | 60fps

ASMR | Clicky Typing & Whispering & Tapping | 60fps

This video is sponsored by you can go to or use the link in the description box below to get my special Gibi offer of $20 off your Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones now I’m going to try to show you them I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now and I am in love these are… they’re open back headphones so that means there is a lot of audio leaking, so they’re really suited for a home environment if you work from home like I do, etc but if you’re in an office or on public transportation or something whatever you’re listening to might not be so private, so keep that in mind, however… the sound quality is incredible and the price is actually incredible for this quality of headphones every single time I’m listening to music, ASMR, or like, television shows like if I’m watching Netflix on my computer, I notice the difference because I own a lot of pairs of headphones, so I’m constantly switching between like, if I’m on the go I use my bluetooth ones or if I’m moving around the house I have to…. I have a lot of headphones, and um I can confidantly say that these sound the best I don’t even have an amp for them yet it’s coming in this week so unfortunately I had to film this before it got here, however I’m very excited to report back in the description box how it sounds with an amp as well you can get more information on the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones by going to the link in the description box and it will get you $10 off if you decide to purchase I love Sennheiser and I’m really really happy that Massdrop partnered with them and sent me a pair of their headphones to try because I’m having a great time with them, let me tell you! thank you so much to for this Sponsored Saturday they also sent me all of the keyboards in this video so we’re about to talk about them a little but too be sure to check out the description box and enjoy the video! This is an ALT keyboard with Kaihua Speed Silver Switches and MT3 /dev/tty Keycaps. It has 67 keys and wastes no space. But still has a full set of arrows and numerals. All of the ALT Keyboards have hot swap switch sockets which allow you to swap switches whenever you want. You can assign custom keybinds or macros to every key. This is an ALT keyboard with Halo True switches and XDA Canvas keycaps. The ALT keyboard has a solid aluminum frame with a built-in switch plate. It has two two two USB-C connectors, a customizable RGB backlight and underlight, the LEDs operate at a frequency of 100Hz so there’s no visible flicker. This is a CTRL keyboard with Halo True switches. It has SA Pulse keycaps with deep black alphas and bright turquoise modifiers for an electric look that will stand out on any desktop. This is a CTRL keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches and that’s why it sounds a little clicky clickyclickyclicky it has GMK Red Samurai keycaps with Japanese characters on the keys as well. The CTRL mechanical keyboard has it all! A solid aluminum frame and built-in switch plate make it stable and fortified.

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  1. TIMESTAMPS for mobile users

    0:00 –
    2:40 – Unboxings
    24:25 – ALT Keyboard with Kaihua Speed Silver Switches and MT3 /dev/tty Keycaps
    30:40 – ALT Keyboard with Halo True Switches and XDA Canvas Keycaps
    35:22 – Control Keyboard with Halo True Switches and SA Pulse Keycaps
    41:50 – Control Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switches and GMK Red Samurai keycaps

    Copied from description

  2. I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting this video (even though I knew it was coming) I’m sick right now and this helped me get to sleep. Love what you do Gibi ❤️

  3. 67 consecutive videos with a comment by me, that is requesting a roleplay if the classing “spongebob squarepants” character Patrick star

  4. Like… this is really relaxing. I love you Gibi, but this just makes me anxious. Only because I want to be the one with all the keyboards poking them lol

  5. You probably won’t see this gibi but I told a friend about you or just asmr in general, at first my friend completely refuses to listen/watch any of them because he thinks asmr does not suit him. But after a while when I went to hang out at his place again, his recommended was filled with your videos and I found it quite surprising xD anyway enough of my blahs and hope y’all have a wonderful day !!~

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  8. Whoever is scrolling through the comments…

    Haha I bet u thought I was gonna say go to bed but nah stay up all night for all I fucking care

  9. I usually use these types of sounds to help me focus on research or reading a book 😃 Thank you for the tingles, Gibi 😊

  10. I honestly started watching you when you first started while I sped run RE4 . I still do till this day during my runs and even when I play random games. Thanks for the work you put in and it helps me focus during runs!! Keep doing great work🔥🔥

  11. How did you make this video if your were streaming all day?? hmmmm i dont think this is you in the vid. you though you could get me nah im too smart.

  12. I’ve watched so much ASMR that I’ve started tapping on things. Not for the sounds, moreso a habit. Like I’ll tap my desk while I’m playing a game / watching YT. It’s odd lol

  13. Wonderful video, Gibi. I’m several hours late watching this, but man was it worth the wait. Everything sounded wonderful in this. I especially enjoyed the headphone tapping, cardboard, and keyboard sounds in this, so thank you for including all of those. Lovely video as always. Keep up the great work.

  14. She looks super tired in the intro…. we love the vids but get some sleep. We love you and want you to be rested

  15. i need a smaller keyboard because i want to start playing keyboard and my keyboard is pretty big so i’ll use your link when/if i get on

  16. Nobody:

    The google doc she was typing on: jevswoehebkwjei184792$168ndkwbeuedbkcoehwkejrjeubdxi197494jdjejbdwkheiebdagdjekwidbfjkwkalqiqldbrh

  17. Stop scrolling through the comment section, watch the lovely Gibi bless you with a video, relax yourself, destress and fall asleep.

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