ASMR | Real Life Pampering | Face & Scalp Massage, Skin Care | ft. Angelica

ASMR | Real Life Pampering | Face & Scalp Massage, Skin Care | ft. Angelica

hello everybody my name is Gibi and this is Angelica she volunteered to be my in-person ASMR personal attention victim today and we filmed a few videos on her channel as well one for her channel and one for Zees if you’d like to check those out, I’ll put them in the description box but.. we got these microphones that are in her ears and I thought it would be perfect for personal attention so I got some of my favorite items over here and we’re just going to go through them and like I’m a professional ASMRtist but I don’t know if I’m a professional ASMRtist on a person, so we’re gonna find out now the first thing I want to do is ask your preference for candles A: but you can smell without lighting it though
G: oh yeah you smell them first so this is our Yankee Candle Midnight’s… Midsummer Nights even though it’s about to be winter how would you describe that? A: I would describe it as like Ron Swanson going through the woods and cutting
trees down or like old rotten trees not good smelling trees G: so not this one, I see Here we have our…sugar cookie perhaps a bit more.. appropriate for the time A: that one’s very richly scented G: oh it is “richly scented candle” A: so it’s, it’s very um it smells really good but when you stick your nose in there it
just like so much smell that you kind of go…what did I breathe in? G: but when you um, when you light these A: yeah it’ll be softer G: not super overwhelming G: our last candle will be, I believe this is a lavender, this is from…. A: this one’s nice, but I think I prefer the sugar cookie one G: okay we’re gonna do that then now I have a problem lighting matches so let’s see if I can get this in one go I’ll have you hold the candle for me thank you A: there was two times where I lit a candle and a prop fell on the candle and
then the candle fell on my entire set and I was like, I guess this is the way I die G: two times?? A: two times! G: not even one time? A: it’s ’cause I work in like a cramped space G: so it’s over A: so I’m like I guess this is how I die…on fire A: perfect G: very relaxing G: so these are the greenlight- G: the wood is from responsibly managed forests G: I would never… A: what is a responsibly managed forest? like who’s.. G: maybe they don’t you know they don’t just cut trees down willy-nilly they only cut down the trees that are scheduled to be cut down and they move on and plant new ones you know A: but I feel like saying it’s responsibly managed makes the trees sound like some sort of office space or like some
daycare that’s been like responsibly managed G: they’re very mature trees A: I mean just say you don’t cut trees down willy nilly G: that would be a lot of words I set the thing on fire so that is going to be… A: I think Pelagea does a lot of videos where the candle does like that crisp sort of like crinkling…. G: that’s the Woodwick – I thought it would be too loud for these microphones A: ohhh A: no but does it and it’s such a great sound
G: it’s wonderful I love them G: ok so, I know you can’t see what we have here, but I’m going to do a full, um.. G: now, can I touch your hair and your face? A: yes G: thank you so we want to make sure that when you’re doing an ASMR personal attention, you want your.. *victim* to be relaxed and also comfortable although I have a lot of like, products here, that’s a little less necessary in an ASMR spa A: you’re doing a great job so far! G: there really needs to be a place where you can go and get this done G: you know in a very safe, A: that’s a business idea right there G: and uh, professional but like, controlled A: mhmm G: people who get it, you know? then it’s like, who doesn’t, who doesn’t enjoy it? A: it’s like its own unique strand of a relaxation boutique because there’s plenty of like relaxation like spas for example but I think if there’s was like a, an ASMR spa, I’d be… that’s top dollar right there G: mhmm plus it wouldn’t be that…I mean, no it wouldn’t even be that expensive because there
would be no reason for it to have high costs I would say that the the downside
would be, you know, thousands of people can enjoy one video, but if you have
one-on-one ASMR experience you know, it just takes longer to reach the masses so
that’s why we need more ASMR spas G: thank you for coming to my TED Talk so… what we have and what I’m going to start with is just a little bit of face brushing there’s nothing on these G: not like any makeup or anything like that A: it’s always comforting
when someone’s about to put a product on you and is like there’s nothing wrong with it G: there’s nothing, there’s nothing wrong with it um I really like this brush A: well it was cut interestingly, because it has
like that little… G: it’s an emphasized contour so, if I use the brush on your face, like it’s just, it’s a very concentrated brush A: yeah G: just go down the side A: ’cause it’s like that little Elvis tip, that is pressing down G: Elvis Pressing A: Elvis PRESSly G: we’ll do the same to each side, I would say A: what I find interesting is that everyone
has a unique preference G: in terms of ASMR? A: ya because for me, when it comes to like more heavy pressing that tends not to do anything but when it’s
like much lighter just like skimping just like I’m always like ok, you got it
G: okay so you do like a fluffy brush and then.. let me use this one A: yeah like that one is better G: mhmm G: and you could pick your own brushes and like, yeah, ’cause its exactly like getting a massage it’s like some people really like when you’re going to town on somebody’s like back muscles I’m like, that is painful A: I don’t really like getting massages there’s one time I invited my mom to massage because she needed it and when we went I thought I was gonna die like the lady honestly she did like
this really deep tissue one that was just like every time she pressed down
closer to my neck I saw stars and it was getting.. it was so painful but then
there’s one point where she kept holding it and pressing deeper and I was like is
she trying to kill me? but I was too polite to ask I was like is this an
assassination attempt? so I was like okay if she kills me
I was right, if she doesn’t I get to leave with my life and ever since then I was like it’s a little too intense for me, sorry G: sometimes though, when you really press down and then release G: it could be like when you have tense muscles A: oh it feels so good, yeah G: I get it but, G: so if we do ear brushing with these microphones, G: can you hear that? does that make a sound to you? A: I can hear it ’cause it’s on my ear G: ’cause it…that makes a sound in your ear A: but… I don’t know if it’ll be intense for the microphone G: we’re gonna find out A: well, you’re going around though A: you’re not going like on the microphone G: you have really nice ears A: oh thank you G: they’re very this is the type of ear that
you see in an art textbook G: when you’re teaching somebody how to draw an ear A: it’s like this is what an ear is
G: mhmm A: and then when someone else with a different ear comes along it’s like then what are my ears? G: well I’ve met a couple of people who their ear’s defined on one side and not defined on the other A: oh Stephen Colbert has that it’s weird Stephen Colbert is like one ear is fine A: but the other ear I’m like how do you get
two different completely different ear shapes? A: it boggles my mind A: but the ear on the other side it looks like an elf, what?
G: genetics G: have you ever seen anybody with a short thumb?
A: Oh Megan Fox G: mhmm but I know somebody who has just one one short thumb G: so it reminds me of Nemo G: with his little fin
A: it was aliens vs. robots that one cartoon movie where in the very beginning they’re like
the mom comes out and she’s like I have one short thumb and one big thumb
he’s like what your son doesn’t and she’s like no but it skips a generation
your kids are gonna have it that is always what I think about G: let me do some measuring here A: tell me if I have the golden ratio G: let’s see G: 6 inches there A: there was a time where I was
obsessed with measuring my face because I was like I don’t know where my cheekbones are, I don’t know where, like what type of head shape I have, I don’t know what like any shape I have like I don’t know what to classify my features as G: well it’s interesting because if somebody asked me like how long is a human jaw from ear to chin, I wouldn’t be able to tell you like 4 and a half inches I would actually that’s like smaller than I thought I don’t know, I would be like 8 inches? A: I don’t know like maybe a foot? G: if it was 8 inches, then your jaw would be over here A: mah man’s jaw is over there.. G: congratulations, you’re A: I’m dating the crimson chin? G: your face is the same G: on each side
A: mm A: in proportion
G: and your… and your cheekbones are the same as well A: Can you tell the difference between high and low cheekbones? G: Nope! A: I need to go to the….I can’t!
G: Can you? G: somebody says oh she has really high cheekbones…and I’m like…. A: exactly! A: I’m like what are cheekbones? G: I try it out in the Sims because you can adjust it and I can’t tell what looks better A: oh yeah A: I’m like I don’t know what that means,
like I know that when you have low cheekbones A: it’s like right here A: on the Sims
G: this ear.. I think this ear’s bigger than the other one A: whaaat? G: I lied they’re both 2 and a half inches tall
A: I think there was.. A: Oh it was my teacher, one of my teachers was like: my brother told me that my ears were different
sizes and ever since then I’ve been insecure I’m like you’re like 94 years
old man how long have you been insecure about your ears? G: as you can see, Angelica has two eyebrows one here, one here A: that’s incorrect actually I must correct you A: I have one eyebrow
G: that splits down the middle here G: it is much sparser in the middle G: so it really like defines the two looking shapes on your face A: I like how you bolster my security G: that’s right you have one eye here, one eye here G: your nose, perfectly shaped actually
A: oh thank you G: this is, this is a plastic surgeons dream G: more for the after picture A: actually I go to plastic surgeon’s office and they’re like do you want a nose like this? and I get like paid… G: this is actually, this is actually like the perfect nose A: oh thank you
G: and then we have her mouth, she has many teeth inside the mouth as well and as you can see she has hair as well G: which is, you know, not necessarily a given, so
A: abundant G: something that I like to point out
A: mhmm G: and um, we decided to pull her hair back for this video G: I think that’s a good choice G: especially with the microphones A: my hair’s too big
G: but I think like a whole hair brushing video and this was inspired by Fairy Char A: yeah, but a hairbrushing video on me is painful G: yeah I would say like you could
definitely do it on mine, my hair is G: quite like, it’s just like thin and like.. lays but
A: yeah A: I wouldn’t call it thin, I would say it’s A: perfect, it’s easier to manage
G: untextured A: because mine is like if you brush
my hair not only is it painful for me but it’s painful for anyone watching they’re like, oh I feel it! G: alright I’m gonna lay out the G: I wanna do a like couple of things on your face, just with like products that I really like A: mmkay G: this is what I’m going to end with, and this for your hands actually this is the very end and this this lips G: the mask, oh see I keep adding more to the end but what’s the beginning? alright, the toner G: this is, um, a hydrofresh toner it smells really good, so A: I’ve always been confused as to how toners started becoming so popular G: it’s really good for like the final, um like cleansing of your skin because you
wash your face but with soap and then G: if you use a toner afterwards and you look
at the cotton ball, a lot of the time you just find the dirt and then when you do
that once you like all right I better be toning my face every time because I
am dirty! G: give this a smell it just smells clean A: yeah yeah that smells clean and floral A: you wash your face with soap? G: well like face wash
A: oh ok G: I like foaming facewash and like exfoliants A: do you use the ones with beads or no beads? G: no beads, I’ve heard that beads are bad for the environment? A: oh yeah, I heard that it’s bad for your
skin G: so there you go, no beads, beads are out A: they say it’s too rough for your skin and since they’re plastic little balls it’s also bad for the environment because it washes down the drain G: that’s why we do
something more like a sugar scrub A: hmm
G: something like with texture but it dissolves and it’s natural A: yeah I like doing sugar scrubs because then it’s like if it starts leaking down your lips you just lick them and you get like a little sugary treat G: I have the Jeffree Star lipscrub that you can eat A: oh really?
G: I just tried to put this on here A: that man is on another level oh my god do I like him he’s like: oh no YouTube is
just a little side project for me I’m like you have millions of subscribers G: so we’re gonna use the toner here down the face nose.. and your jawline as well just to give us a very clean base your skin is already very clean G: so this is gonna be really nice just tuck that back there A: let me see the cotton pad G: look, it’s just pink A: oh wow
G: very little dirt G: sometimes I’m like oooo! A: that’s surprising G: so I have the emergency
blemish relief from Proactiv A: I like how they called it emergency – it’s an emergency
G: so this just gets… emergency G: it comes in a really small, small bottle G: so it’s just for like, any.. like this is a very highly concentrated benzoyl peroxide and like that’s what they’ll tell you …. and I’m like pretending to find things on your face just so I can use it A: it’s a lie G: and this will really help with um just like if I have like a breakout
that’s just like one spot I’m like, ah let’s get this! and that’s what you wanna do right after a clean face this is, and I’m realizing I can speak behind you A: you looked so ominous, you’re like…. G: this is the Eight Greens Youth Serum G: it’s like almost out G: but I’m gonna get some G: I’m gonna see if I can sneak anything onto your face it’s gonna be like…. A: do you listen to Lana Del Ray? G: mm yes, I do but not her new album A: I love Lana Del Ray, but she released a video on Instagram it was like on one of her stories where she was just like using like little serum on her face A: poetry, art, fine art
G: mmhmmm A: and ever since then I’m like okay I’ll start
using a serum A: as Lana Del Ray is using a serum G: if Lana Del Ray is using a serum then I’m using a serum A: when it comes to most people I’m like oh I like them, but they’re not really celebrity but with Lana Del Ray, I’m like, no whatever she does
G: is that yours, I think mine might be Ariana Grande A: oh my god her singing on a technical level amazing it’s like borderline impossible, I’m like Jesus Christ I envy her so much, oh my god A: icon okay we have a rose water mist and it’s just 99% just pretty much rose water plus a few tiny ingredients just gonna ask you to close your eyes A: Cleopatra used to use a lot of rose water G: I believe it G: I didn’t know they had roses in Egypt but you’d bathe in like a bath of hot water with rose petals in it A: and then afterward
G: of like milk? A: yeah and milk and honey
G: mm-hmm A: there was a time when I was like 15 , 16 where I was obsessed with like historical beauty trends and I also start doing the same A: but I was like there’s too much milk G: buy like roses from a CVS down the street A: I was like do we have any… no I used the ones my dad gave my mom on Valentine’s Day A: I was like, you’re not using these any more… just bath time! A: my mom was like ok now it left a mess G: you know, everything is luxurious in theory until you’re also the one cleaning it up A: mhmm G: this is my favorite thing, it’s from G: Laneige
A: I was excited about that A: that was the one I was looking forward to
G: cream skin toner and moisturizer G: what I usually do is I’ll put some in my
hands like this and I’ll just like… G: like that
A: like cologne G: but I’m gonna use a cotton pad with you G: bit more professional G: so it goes on and it feels very liquidy like a toner
A: mhmm G: but with a toner it dries really fast
and your skin feels tight and with this, I found that my skin does not feel like, it doesn’t feel dry because it’s also moisturizer A: yeah I don’t like it when my skin feels tight G: mm-hmm because are supposed to
moisturize right away after using a toner I was like oh! this is literally right away A: this is simultaneous G: is the cotton ball working? G: like is there like product on the
cotton ball? A: mhmm! yeah I can definitely feel it G: you don’t want to neglect the neck A: mm-hmm A: there’s a lot of women that are so well preserved like they’ve taken care of themselves G: but just not their neck A: but they’ve neglected their neck
G: they’ve neglected the neck A: and it’s like you can always tell someone’s age by looking at the neck G: and slightly on the eyelids here G: do you feel any spots that I missed? A: I think you got them all pretty much G: oh yeah A: professional! G: you had eyeliner but I got it G: got it! G: or wait, mascara G: there we go G: okay G: I’m gonna let that sit for a moment
before I do the aqua mask so instead, from the same company this is Laneige again they have like 4 products and I have like 3 of them this is a lip sleeping mask essentially what it is, is a more intense lip balm go like this it goes on.. go like this G: it’s pretty thick G: but looks to me like it goes on almost
like a gloss A: mhmm G: a little less uh
A: it feels like a gloss G: yeah it’s like a little bit thicker than a lip balm G: so it doesn’t look like you just put Burt’s Bees on
A: yeah G: but, that will… winter is coming
A: mhmm A: my lips already feel more moisturized
G: mm-hmm A: cuz my lips are kind of cracking and I was like alrighty they’ve been rejuvenated
G: there ya go, I got you G: alright G: our facemask here G: this is from Belif
A: Belif G: belif in truth A: it’s kind of intense for a face mask G: believe in the truth of your skin G: go ahead and touch that A: oh wow! it’s like jello G: it’s a jelly so.. G: I’m just gonna get a little bit here, and this will be really thin like I wanna use…. G: are you scared? A: I was like, what kind of jello is this? G: it’s basically like a gel mask A: flashbacks to the war days against the jellos G: I’m gonna cheat with the viewfinder A: do you leave this on or do you wash it off? G: you actually can sleep with it on so you
can leave it on for a very long time you know like eight hours A: oh wow
G: and then in the morning you can just wash your face with water you don’t have to like scrub or anything A: yeah cuz it feels very light ’cause the thing with me is that I don’t
like using creams or gels on my face ’cause I used to have really bad acne and like when you have bad acne and you just think G: you get scared about putting things on your face A: not even, it’s just you remember how greasy your face was G: okay
A: so if it’s like a cream like a gel it just gives you back like those
really nasty memories and so I don’t like it but this feels like G: it’s light right?
A: it’s very light it’s like there’s nothing on G: and I’m very acne prone and
I’ve been very happy with this because G: I do the same where I’m like am i trying to, you know, am I trying to better my skin am I making it worse? A: yeah same so there’s certain products
that clogs your pores and I’m like what have you done? G: what have you done? A: like you promised me this but you spoke lies G: you promised me the world A: you promised me the world but you only gave me hell G: this is just a setting spray from cover FX A: oh that’s cool G: so I’m just gonna spray the area basically around your face and it should just be very misty G: sometimes I can’t feel it on and I’m like did I use enough? G: and that will just…
A: I like the setting, have you seen the Kylie Jenner like makeup thing? G: ohh yes A: she also used setting spray and I
think that was the first time I heard about setting spray G: really?
A: and I was like that’s so relaxing G: ok, then we have… G: some mineral pearls and this is something that Fairy Char actually uses and I liked it so much A: mhmm A: she is one of the original ASMRtists
G: she is OG A: yeah A: her and um Bunny, I think it was like, Soft Bunny G: yes! A: those two were like, I always thought of them as being in the same sort of vein of like what their content was, and I really like both of them G: I um… who did I used to watch? G: oh my gosh VeniVidiVulpes
she’s gone and um, I can’t believe I’m forgetting her name because I can see
her face so clearly people always ask her to come back and I’m sure if you’re like who’s the most amazing ASMRtist of all time A: Heather Feather?
G: not Heather Feather G: umm…I’d remember Heather Feather! G: I talk about Heather all the time, but um G: this other one I don’t think I talk about too much G: but she was blonde
A:Skies? G: no G: I’ll think about it A: one I always loved and to this day still love is
Olivia Kissper who also did the Fairy Char G: she has an amazing voice
A: yeah, she was the one who got me into ASMR and I’ve always liked her accent G: I love a good accent G: I’m just going to lightly stipple this onto your face G: that was an ASMR Request origination: stipple stipple stipple A: mm G: don’t need too much it’s just for a little extra A: you know what I always find silly?
G: mm A: when someone like tries like patenting these
sort of little triggers A: like the stipples and the tsk tsk tsks A: I’m always like, why are you gonna patent that? G: I think you’ve patented a few things, you know? A: me
G: yeah A: the only thing…
G: not like on purpose, but G: if somebody did it, they’d be like I got this from Angelica, you know? A: mhmm A: only ’cause I do content no one should make G: I think the only, the only one that I, I think I’ve thought of I’m not sure if I’ve started anything else like, let me know
but, the name trigger that was like my, my call to action A: but you also, well more of your introduction but like that finger flutter intro G: oh yeah, but I didn’t make that up for certain G: I would see the other ASMRtists do it G: and I really liked when they did it, so I would start doing it every time G: then when I wouldn’t do it G: the audience would get grumpy with me A: the way I think of your channel is like a professional composite of everything A: it’s like you..exactly like you have a variety
G: I like variety A: and then you make it professional like this is quality now G: thank you, oh my goodness! G: so we’re gonna finish off G: with this mega fluffy brush and just to get any sort of extra residue or things that I maybe wasn’t careful about okay G: I also think that I have a tendency to I speak through many of my videos as well G: so if you liked this video and uh you want to see one without talking, that is, that is Fairy Char’s channel that you’ll want to check out G: ok how do you feel? A: very relaxed there was times I was like yep, that’s the tingles right there G: that’s the tingles, yes G: alright well, thank you guys
so much for watching check out Angelica’s channel as well, I’ll put that
in the description box below G: and thank you for letting me actually ASMR somebody! A: you’re welcome!

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