ASMR | Very Important Suit Fitting

ASMR | Very Important Suit Fitting

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wearing this color suit would have on the world but I would like to be alive to find out I think that we are in agreement between uh the dark brown and the dark green fantastic choice, fantastic choice, I think that you made the perfect choice all right next up we must pick your winter suit the winter is very harsh and cold and bitter this year ah yes you know those words quite well but nothing can stop you when you’re wearing one of these these are very fun picks let me show you what I have now most of these are 50% wool um, but we’ll start with the 30% wool, 70..70% polyester this is is very grown brown the suit, feel it very thick and this, I think, is not your best option but I will show it to you anyway because it’s a good option nonetheless I think the material is nice but I think we could do better I’m so sorry I should not have brought this one in shame on me okay let me show you better one, okay this one, very nice ah yes this pattern I love it for you let me see, yes Oh well you will make the pattern look even better this has a black pattern with yellow stripes down the side
yellow stripes horizontal as well very subtle red stripe up and down, side to side I think that this one would be quite a statement perhaps not the statement that you are used to making but a statement nonetheless what do you think would you like to feel it? mm-hmm ok I would never lead you astray
no no no not me but I will show you the other options I keep showing you my
favorite last but first is this option this is a 50% wool a little bit light for a winter suit this is very, very nice black and white stitching up and down side to side, almost like an optical illusion people do not know, are you coming or going? yes, you must stay evasive, you must stay aloof sometimes especially in the winter, you’ll be going to all these meetings mmmm ok what do you think? it’s not a bad option for you at all, no no you would look incredible, amazing, stupendous in this lays very nice very nice now match this with a white shirt, black shirt dark red shirt, tie, bowtie…alright I think maybe you might like this one too I think maybe you might like this one this is… light, light gray very soft, soft suit option, go ahead, feel this ah with your complexion incredible I do not think you can go wrong perhaps you might need two winter suits perhaps I do not think
that’s a bad idea especially if you like both the light and the dark and then you have one for..and then you have one for meetings and dates I can do that for you well oh.. oh the Prime Minister is here I told him not to come I told him tomorrow, tomorrow excuse me, I’m terribly sorry tomorrow tomorrow we cannot meet today alright we will turn away his limo okay now that we have the suit samples out of the way we must measure you we must measure you and make some and make some adjustments on the shirt that you are wearing right now there’s nothing wrong
with the shirt you’re wearing right now but I see that you have lost some weight and we must get our new shirts to match your new body first we measure let me get my book now I want you to just look straight ahead for me, ok? look straight ahead ok and around your neck so please stay still for me just like that, ok we wrap it around okay let’s see okay and now we go from your neck down to the button okay very good I need your shoulders, behind here I can get your shoulders just like this ok now put your arms up, higher higher, higher higher very good ok, lower lower ok very good other side other side ok raise your arm little bit up, up up up ok very good, very good very good ok now we going down your arm, ok? hold your arm down okay let me check other one just in case I know that you do not have very symmetrical arms but that is a sign of power do not worry okay ok, now we measure around your wrist please your hand, ok thank you and that is.. seven ok and your other wrist thank you okay I see… … that will be just perfect now the back of you please forgive me I just go straight behind here I go straight behind down your back okay perfect and you need new, new necktie as well ok that’s fine I think that the new style is about one and a half inch knot right there I think you look good in anything don’t worry now I believe we need to get the length from the hip up to the tail, ok ok and this side as well perfect, perfect incredible okay I send these right away I send these I send these measurements right away your suits will be ready tomorrow hello I have some measurements come get them right now there’s not a moment to lose okay okay okay okay okay they are coming for your measurements now let us fix your shirt that you have I could not professionally let you outside looking like this oh no but if you’re not we fix it ok we fix this ok stand still, stand still right there just going to pin this here pin that there like that, ok okay don’t move, do not move you are doing so well perfect, perfect ok and then we need to pin this here we pin this right, right here ok, very good I must, uh I must hem hem the bottom with this tape for now okay we have this much too big on the bottom we do not want any wrinkling any excess fabric getting in your way no so we hem the bottom right now okay ok and then cut I cut off the excess right here okay okay ok you need a little trim right here oh don’t mind me let me just… I have my scissors out already let me just perfect I was noticing a stray hair during
your interview this morning apologies that I did not fix it sooner but do not worry no one will notice besides me nobody okay now did you need that button? it’s not functional button, it’s just for show, let me glue that in okay ok press that down ok alright you’re here you’re here for the
measurements here take this, take this run, go, do not walk, run okay I got glue on my hands now, stupid ok everything is going fine while we were doing this I had four different articles being written on you to salvage the situation nobody will remember this after one day especially after they see you in your new suits okay I take care of everything you let me know if there’s anything else I can do I’m going to call the car now I told you, here we go hello, you pull the car around right now we’ll be downstairs very soon okay okay okay okay okay alright we must go you do not have to go to any of your meetings today but we must get you to Sweden as soon as possible it’ll be a short trip I promise okay you look fabulous
I fixed everything amazing fantastic let’s go

100 thoughts on “ASMR | Very Important Suit Fitting

  1. Gibi: so this pink one is 50% wool
    Me: oh no i’m allergic to wool
    Gibi: you’ll look stunning you MUST do this one
    Me: but I’m allergic to wool
    Gibi: yes, we’ll do this one for the summer suit
    Me: but iM ALLERGIC TO-

  2. In my mind her name is Clara Mode. She’s Edna’s cousin. The two were close in childhood but Edna quickly realized Clara was designing super suits with capes and as we know…NO CAPES!

  3. To all of you guys who say that she has a french accent, this is not a french accent aha more russian or something else but clearly not french

  4. "I see you have lost some weight"
    Me: already skinny
    Also me: Oh, yes, I have now became anorexic, you are quite right.

  5. Me: Stops watching My Hero Academia because it kept distracting me from working, decided to listen to Gibi instead
    Me: This is even worse, I can't look away but I also don't want to stop watching but I also need to work

  6. I’ve watched this video almost 10 times now… 😅 Do more vids with this character!! The accents are oddly soothing

  7. Gibi: says that the suit is 100% wool
    Wool: is hot and sweaty
    Me: Has Cholinergic urticaria
    Also me: chuckles “I’m in danger”

    Hi comment scroller! Thanks for liking this, now close your eyes and sleep, unless you still have your homework to do!!!📚😴

  8. When I was watching this a couple of days ago I fell asleep really quickly only to wake up a little and just hear “white” repeatedly and I was very confused.

  9. I LOOOVE THIS CHARACTER SM GIBI!❤️ Relaxing and entertaining. Hope to see more of her, her amazing facial expressions and hear more of that accent and her fantastic intonations 😄 Great job!

  10. Mmh, I kinda find myself feeling unimmersed with the suit materials. These seem more suited for a woman's tastes, or in any case, at least not like mine. I'm not a man of style or wealth by any means, but as with anything, I just have certain tastes.

    Thanks for making the video regardless.

  11. You got on an episode of 60 minutes gibi! "On the YouTube platform there are things like watching people sleep, or WHISPER INTO A MICROPHONE"

  12. At first I thought maybe the pink may be eh, but then I realized that Elton John could totally rock a pink summer suit. And then I realized that he could rock a table, so it doesn't really apply to him.

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