{{ ATC Tutorial }} Magazine strip creations

{{ ATC Tutorial }} Magazine strip creations

Hi, I’m Logan from SwapShop. Today I’m going
to show you how to make ATCs out of strips from magazines. The materials you’re going
to need are brightly colored magazines, scissors and glue, and Mod Podge. Make sure you use
a bowl that you can use specifically for Mod Podge because it will wreck it. For my ATC
I’m also using this background that I’ve already made. I’m using paint and a stamp. And let’s
get started. So first of all you’re going to want to take your newspaper and cut it
into strips. So once you have your strips cut out, we’re going to glue them down to
a piece of cardstock. Okay, so once you’ve filled up your paper, the next step is to
Mod Podge it. I’m going to pour some into the bowl here. You want to put a very thin
layer over the whole paper. So once you’ve finished Mod Podging, you’re going to need
to let it dry. This may take quite a few hours. This is one that is already dry, so I’m going
to continue with this. At this point you have two options of what you can do. You can either
use it as your background and put words or whatever you would like on top, or you could
also do it like this and cut out a shape. This is what I’m going to do right now. Now
that I have it cut out, I’m going to prepare my background. I’m want to use this as buildings
to make sort of a city scene, so I’m going to stamp some stars on the sky. Now that that’s
finished, I’m going to glue my buildings down. Here’s my finished card. I outlined the buildings
and added some rooftops and outlined the stars. And of course added the name of my favorite
city. If you add a lot of extras on your card, you may want to add another layer of Mod Podge
to keep everything where it should be. Have fun with your creation!

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