Audi e-tron Defined: Interior Design

Audi e-tron Defined: Interior Design

We wanted really to make something special. I see us going to create a new way of
building the car. A new way of using mobility. My name is Thomas Pinel and I’m interior designer for Audi. This car is full of surprises, when you start to
use it then you understand why we did it like that. We had a lot of thinking, a lot of brainstorming in the beginning
what could it be and how the electric car for Audi should look. My name is Vladimir Macoun, I’m the interface designer at Audi Design. We came to the theme of “Sounds of Silence”.
Electric car you have no engine noise so it gives you new freedoms and we wanted
to interpret it somehow into the design. You have completely different emotion in this car.
It’s still a strong car, it has amazing performance. It’s like beautiful contrast between this huge power and this silence. We have very fast lines, this car is definitely a sport SUV,
and at the same time it brings a lot of elegance in it. This is a car we have to use, this is a car
that has to be really comfortable. We were definitely searching for the new identity for the electric cars. We were also inspired by this new technology you know,
you have this electric power, which is a huge power. We wanted to have a special signature, it’s a lighted signature.
It’s really telling you that you’re getting inside this electric world. We have a very horizontal line, it’s also supported with light
and this line it’s also kind of a horizon in front of you. Over this line is also the driving instrument. Underneath it’s more multimedia, its what is sharing with the passenger. And I really like it because it makes the interior really clear. The shifter of Audi e-tron is completely new.
It’s integrated and it’s floating, it’s part of the middle consul It’s from the structure of the counsel, it’s not a separate island. The shifter itself is just a little trigger. The difference is you are not
shifting with the whole hand, mechanically like in the combustion engine cars. You are just shifting with smooth movement of two fingers. It’s really part of our job to find the perfect balance between the use of the parts,
the technology how we integrate it, and what we want to give to the people. At Audi we are obsessed with making things perfect. In the end we managed to make something
that was impossible somehow possible.

51 thoughts on “Audi e-tron Defined: Interior Design

  1. WTF? too little too late! What’s up with the fake grill? That’s going to look outdated before they get around to actually making them. Everything about it look 2010.
    No price?
    No range?
    No date?
    Just more BS hype like the electric microbus VW was pretending to make for the last 5 years. VW sucks now. Diesel Gate & there CEO going to prison was the end for them. Can’t believe anything the say. These are the same idiots that just cancelled the Beatle.

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  3. I used to own a top of the line Passat. After how shitty that car turned out to be (lasted me 5 years) I will never buy Audi or Volkswagen. They lost a customer. I am now a Tesla owner.

  4. Beyond the marketing and foreign accents and big claims, please remember:
    – The Tesla Model 3 sales numbers are the only reason these greedy car companies are on board with electric.
    – They don't care about the environment, they don't care about you, they don't care about innovation, they care about profit.
    – Remember that Audi, VW and Mercedes cars all were complicit at the top level and were named when ppl were convicted of fraud for hiding and illegally dumping millions of tons of emissions into the environment in order to increase their profit.
    – The only car company that's been in the electric car market for 15 years for the right reasons, the only EV car company that manufactures more batteries than the rest of the world combined, the only car company that possesses a worldwide EV charging network is……. Tesla.
    – So, buy a Tesla and support real change… or make the statement with Audi that old brands are more important to you than real people, principles and change. 😉

  5. Oh my ! For 2035 maybe. Lol I am so tired of these commercials of future cars that will never get made in my life time. We only care about the range of that battery 🔋 who cares about the rest if only goes three American blocks from your house. 👎👎

  6. Not for nothing, but, Audi needs a good exterior designer. The corporate face is the only reason why I didn’t buy an Audi after my Infiniti, instead got me a Mercedes. Audi, kindly come up with a new corporate face.

  7. All this awesome technology and it still has the skin of a dead animal as a seating surface? You can do better Audi.

  8. There is nothing new about your design. The fundamental which you based your interior design is the still the same as cars built in The 1960’s. I recognize those vents, my grand ma’s car had those vents , Same locations too

  9. Amazing performance?? What car are you looking at? 6 second 0-60??? So you can at least keep up with a Jeep Wrangler….

  10. Here is the issue, This car is going to look old fast. the more minimalist a car is the longer the design lasts, Look at a 2009 Ford flex, The design is still holding up today. This car is going to look old within 3 years

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