Avvitatore 12V PARKSIDE lidl. PBSA 12 C2. Mandrino separabile. Trapano ricaricabile 28 Nm. 2019. D3

Avvitatore 12V PARKSIDE lidl. PBSA 12 C2. Mandrino separabile. Trapano ricaricabile 28 Nm. 2019. D3

good morning to all guys. I am
Riccardo. welcome back today in mine small workshop. today we will do the
review unboxing of the drill driver, of the parkside.
is the model with the separable spindle, so that allows us both to drill and
to screw with the same tool. this I bought it today which is January 14th of
2019 for € 39.90. this model replaces the model
previous one. that of before was and PBSA 12 A1. this, instead, is the pbsa 12 C2.
so it replaces it. among other things the model PABS 12 B3, which is a
model I have already reviewed, was in the version with the single spindle and the
different battery, of the 12V MAX line, of the PARKSIDE, apparently not
it should come out more. so this replaces that model of
avvittore. among other things that screwdriver, the PABS 12 B3, is a screwdriver that I have
reviewed, almost exactly a year ago. because it was January 15th, 2018 …
we can practically say it was my first review of a screwdriver, which I have done in my life …
besides, it’s parkside, so this is for me review has a special value. today
let’s do almost a year with the screwdrivers. well … already the channel has
reached 16,200 subscribers. you are fantastic, because you are so many.
thank you guys. so let’s open and test it. before opening the package, though
as always, we read the label printed on the package. from this
we can see that it has a battery 12 volt and 2 ampere lithium ions. a
maximum torque of 28 Nm and 19 couple levels. plus one to drill.
the mandino with a diameter capacity maximum, clamping, 10 mm. the
number of idle revolutions ranging from 0 to 350 per first speed, and from 0 to 1300
at the second speed. the spindle is autoserrante and allows us to
unhook it from the body of the drill, and leave the part
that holds the tip of the drill that we will use to drill and find out the
bit port, which can already contain the bit inside. has the guarantee like
always, three years of parkside. the battery recharges in 60 minutes.
then open the seals and see the product close up. inside the semi-rigid case,
there is our screwdriver. remove it from the package and put it
aside. battery charger. on the part high, as always there is the booklet of
instructions. however, it is not supplied no bits. so it will simply come
our screwdriver and his battery charger. then let’s see it
first of all aesthetically. It shows up quite handy. ergonomically
you can handle it easily. it’s as light as it is enough … maybe the weight is more concentrated slightly
upwards, but it does not give absolutely nuisance. then, on the part
front is the system that allows us to disengage the spindle, then separating it (bit not included) inside we will find the bit port. it is a
bit port with the hexagonal coupling from a quarter of an inch. you can enter the
small bit, to be able to close the spindle, otherwise the longest bit ed
use it simply as a screwdriver. there is the ring, which gives us the
possibility to adjust the level of couple, we said it is 28
Nm. Then turning it, we will hear gods click, which will allow us to manage the couple from then distribute to the spindle. on the river
final shot instead we would have the level of maximum torque. on the high part,
instead we have the sliding key, for the regulation of the revolutions. this is the
speed number 2. this is the speed number 1 which is much more
slow. in fact it should do 350 revolutions per minute.
Instead, at speed number 2, it makes 1300. ci allows you to house the bit, because it is
magnetic. so we can position the bit, which we said that are not included in the package. there are the leds, which indicate us the
battery charge level. Yes will gradually light up from red, to
yellow, green based on the level of charge. red is empty. green is at most
of the charge. the red lights up as well when the drill goes into protection and the
battery and overheats, because if the drill goes under stress the led will light up
red. now the battery is at maximum. the formation of sparks is completely
normal. on the front, there is a led that illuminates the area on which we
we go to work. illuminates the surface almost perfectly, because
there is this ring that does this ledge. plus the length of the spindle, not allows you to illuminate well. however in
this case, without the spindle, we have a greater brightness that helps us, but always slightly shaded by position of the ring. on the part
back and on the top, there are these rubber inserts, which the
they protect from shocks. this model of here will replace the
12 volt model of the line previous one. this is the model of the
12V MAX line, which however has the battery completely different. so it’s possible
to be replaced and exchanged with this template.
the dimensions are identical throughout and for all. even the graphics are identical.
so I’m sure this screwdriver has fully replaced this.
then I remove the previous model. let’s see if the number of laps, of 350 to
minute on the first speed, they come respected. we will check with this
rev counter, which I have already reviewed. You I will leave the link in description or I will do
appear a tab on which to click. then we see at speed number 1. 325 laps …. let’s say that up there we are.
the battery is fully charged, so … let’s try now at speed number 2.
he declares 1300, let’s see how many It detects. Around 1200
okay let’s say we’re there for the kind of product that is, okay. let’s put
to test directly, and let’s see how leads
on a field of work. the battery is from 12 volts then, theoretically should
fit this other battery too from 12V, always of the parkside.
but unfortunately they are not compatible. so we can not use
no battery so far produced by parkside, of the 12-volt line, which
can enter this housing. let’s try it now
directly in the field. let’s do that so this screwdriver was born, therefore
drill and screw. this mandino separable, it allows us, in fact,
to make the hole and screw quickly. otherwise, we should have o
two screwdrivers, or and each time open the spindle, extract the tip e
insert the bit. in this way instead, with speed 2
let’s make the hole, we detach the spindle, we already have the
bit and we can enter it quietly our lives. with speed 2 or with speed 1 and work quietly. we do not have
need no other type of tool, to make us work with a speed that
no other user, that allows us to to have. perfect…
let’s see if the spindle is straight. obviously I do not expect anything
magical. this is a separable spindle who has his games. already, if I keep it
resting on a base and moving the spindle, has these movements that are,
unfortunately due to docking system. because it must flow. so he has these
movements that can not be prevented … otherwise we would not be able to
release it. I insert a bosch tip from 3 mm.
let’s see if with this we notice movements. as you can see, because of these
spindle games, there is this very light movement, which unfortunately,
however it does not affect the quality of the holes. because once the tip enters, then
it follows a straight trajectory and it is not will resent more than these games. rather
it will stabilize the spindle even more. look how it enters safely
along this hole, without accusing fluctuations. so the hole can do it perfectly. now let’s try to screw of the vines, which are slightly more
tough. I insert a bit, pz2 and I screw a slightly larger screw.
this is a 5 mm diameter screw and 5 centimeters in length. speed
1, drilling mode. perfect.
let’s try to make a hole with with the flaring, to insert a screw into
this case, bigger. this is a 6 mm diameter screw and 8
inches in length. This is the speed 1.
let’s try. sorry … I have to change the bit. all this, he did it serenely.
let’s try now to screw this screw. this is a life of 7 mm in diameter, and 9 in length. Hole… I know the wood will split. already
I imagine. he split the wood almost immediately. then he has
had the road facilitated by the opening of wood. but all the threaded part
managed to screw it without problems. this is not a type of life that this
Cordless drill can screw. I only have it tested. just to put it to the test.
instead we see a very simple hole in the wood. this is an 8 mm hole. speed 2. the battery brought, already it is almost discharged. a little while ago it was fully charged. but
let’s try a little bit more extreme. so let’s try this now
tip FORSTNER tip. let’s see what we can do. so … I’m noticing that the screwdriver keeps working quietly, even if it warns us that
the battery is going into protection. in fact, this red LED lights up, while I’m working, but continue to
work and stop after a while. instead, i others stopped exactly all
LED lighting. perfect. after a little bit he stops.
however it allows us to work. all the other tools of the parkside, that me
I had, just the moment I provoked the protection of the
battery, they stopped in the same moment preventing us from working.
however he made a good 25 mm hole. I’m really trying hard. for a
my personal whim, now I’ll try to do the same kind of hole with the
old type of screwdriver. that col fixed spindle and let’s see if this
it involves a little bit better. or if has the same difficulties as the screwdriver
new, with the separable spindle. fantastic. now, after doing a
hole with an 8 mm wood drill bit, let’s try to make a hole with a bit from
10 mm, reminding you that 10 mm, is the maximum diameter of the tips that the spindle
manages to tighten. so it should be, in theory, the ideal size for this type
of work … or anyway its maximum limit. then. I try it now with this. is
let’s see if he can do it. he managed to do it, but he showed
a moment its limits. I feel, at this point, even the old man. and even the old man has his difficulties. now let’s try to do a job
simple. then pierce this tubular of 2 mm metal. I will leave you the link
in description to buy it because it is comfortable. this is cutting oil, which
I advise you to always use, when drilled the metal.
even this little bottle, you can buy on amazon. it costs very little about one
EUR. and instead of splashing with spray cutting oil and soil all the
work plan, you can safely put a drop in at the point where
you have to drill. it’s very fast and very comfortable. then, first I will make a hole
quite simple, with this tip from 3 mm, of the forest … and also of this
I will put a link in the description. then… I try at speed number 2. as you can see, the movement of the spindle
it does not bother you during the execution of the hole, because the same
tip is created the channel to follow. this is a 5 mm tip. and we can exploit,
the possibility of separating the mandino, also during the drilling of the
metal or any other type of surface, because if we have a tip with
the hexagonal shank, we can insert it in the bit port and continue to
enlarge the hole we had done in previously. and therefore we did not have to open the spindle. if we have to make a hole, that it must start from a diameter to be
enlarged, rather than open and replace, insert the tip into the bit port e
we work faster. this is a practicality that is difficult
to have with other types of screwdrivers. if not, thanks to the possibility of
separate the spindle and continue to to work. obviously as the spindle has the shank
hexagonal, does not hold the tip by tightening it and consequently it rotates freely. it rotates freely, however only during the lateral movement, due to
this speech. if we support it a surface and drill, go straight. perfect. another field instead, in which I
I think it is really very useful and that it can become almost indispensable, it is
that of drilling, when we must then insert the dowels.
so, in case we foresaw a wall, made of perforated bricks
example, we could detach the spindle, insert our dowel and screw
the screw directly. in this case, definitely a job
done with this screwdriver facilitates us of a lot. because we pierce, remove the
spindle and quietly we can screw our piece, without having to change
hand, having to look for other screwdrivers, or stay on the ladder with a screwdriver a
right and a drill on the left. so, this for us is definitely, in
this area, a great help. we have concluded the review. we have
since for the type of screwdriver it is, works well. is a screwdriver that has
replaced, in my opinion, the previous model, because
he came out the same day he was the previous model came out, which the
it resembles in every part. the only difference is the separable spindle. I think it’s fine. to who
it is destined? in my opinion it is intended for laboratories where wood is worked,
without pretending to pierce whoever knows which diameters of tips. or to whom, from
professional, works on surfaces soft like eg plasterboard or
other types of materials, without thinking of have a screwdriver in your hands
have dozens of newton meter, of power. because it has only 28. so,
let’s say that given the size, given the led that illuminates the area on which
we are going to work, given the possibility of separating the
spindle for drilling and screwing, I think a nice 10 and praise this
screwdriver deserves it. obviously if we need screwdrivers that have
60 or 80 Nm, this type of screwdriver that’s no good.
the battery, as we have seen, is specific for this model. but there is the
solution to be able to use batteries that are not hers. Link for the modification of the batteries, in description). his battery, for
now he’s in charge … it’s this here and we we solved the problem. and it works
perfectly. so guys, it costs 39.99 euros …. again
in the branch where I bought it, there There are many. so if you need it,
go buy it. otherwise you will have to wait for next year, to get one
screwdriver that is so small, manageable and has all these functions
enclosed in one. this I will keep it here, in the laboratory in
half to others. the other instead take him home.
okay, saying this I salute you and I thank you and have seen this video
until the end. I invite you to put me like it at the same time
video and subscribe to the channel … activate notifications by clicking on the bell qya down. see you for the next one. Hi from Riccardo.

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