BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design – submitting your portfolio

[MUSIC PLAYING] Doing a portfolio
of work is important because it can make you really
think about what it is that you want to be for the future. When the student is
applying, we are very much looking for their
creative process. So we’re not necessarily
looking for that final finish visual over here. We like to try to get into
the mind of the individual. You can think, oh my goodness,
it’s this big thing that I’ve got to fill with work. But your portfolio
is individual to you, so, because we
can’t meet you, we want to be able to see
what your thinking is. In the future, you have
to do a portfolio in order to go out for work
placement for interviews. So this is a really
good standing point to come to university and
to not be scared of it. When a student submits
a portfolio of work and puts it all
together, it’s very much about them thinking
about how relevant is it to interior
architecture and design. But it’s also about them–
they don’t necessarily have to have all of those
abilities to come here. We’ll teach them
those abilities. So we like to see a
whole body of their work, really, from things
that they may think are very simple through
to things that may be a little bit more complex. The application process
was really easy. I was really nervous at the
beginning but in the end, I found it just was not
a scary process at all. You’re moving on from one
stage of your life to another, and university is an
exciting opportunity. And you’re going to
get there through this. This is you on a
page, and you’re presenting yourself for
the first time where it’s really important. Because it’s quite
a practical course, you always have to show
and tell your work. I think it’s good to
show a variety of skills. You have to be quite open-minded
as to what you’re showing and what you’re trying
to say about yourself. So I think it’s good to evaluate
your work to see what your best assets are as well. I previously studied
in a 3D design course. It lended itself really well to
creating a portfolio of work. And I just tried
to be really broad and look across what bit is my
interest, how I can show them my personality through my work,
how I can pick out bits that really make me stand
out, and my favourite bits as well so I could talk about
it in the interview process. And it meant that I
could express myself a little bit further
in my portfolio. And that follows
through in my work now. This has been an
ambition of mine. I’ve always wanted to be here. So applying for somewhere where
you know you really want to be is quite scary, but I didn’t
feel put off by it because I knew I really wanted this. Pick the pieces that
show a broad spectrum of your interests. And show your best work. Show what you’re
proud of yourself. I’ve learned so much already. It’s amazing to think that
your ideas are actually being produced, or actually
making what you’ve designed. Words can’t describe how
much I have learned this year and how beneficial it
would be to me in future. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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