Badmash Pottey | Latest Hyderabadi Full Movies | Farukh Khan, Gullu Dada | Sri Balaji Video

Badmash Pottey | Latest Hyderabadi Full Movies | Farukh Khan, Gullu Dada | Sri Balaji Video

Hi, hello, greetings… Good Morning, Hyderabad! You are listening to Radio Hungama
& I’m your R.J. Mansi. Early in morning, everybody is busy
& moving towards work. Today’s weather is good. And with this, I’m going to play
you a beautiful song. Hey one minute one minute… I just got the news that in the old city,
one big theft has happened. And got to know that thief
is very dangerous. To catch him inspector Yabba is on the way. Khan… Oh this is surprise..! This is not inspected Yabba… ..this is thief Yabba. And with him, the guy who
is riding the bike… …was about to join police. And now I will tell the story of the duo. You are from my area, I will give advice. Come under shadow. You forget running behind the job. You are one of us, so I’m trying
to make you understand. Got it, how long you will run behind this? Not once, I will try 26 times! I will put you inside. …not just you, all the thieves of India. All of them, I will put them in. How many thieves will you put in? In India there are various
kinds of thieves… …here few is looting by becoming MP
few by becoming MLA. …someone by becoming Mayor. How many of them will you put in? Law is blind! Where are these guys coming from!? Inspector Sir greetings! I am surrendering to the law. Arrest me. Idiot. I’m giving you last, great idea. You are running behind the police job… …stop this. We both will do some great job… …that police will run behind us. What do you say? Sound… Camera… Action! We together will rob the entire world… Everywhere there it will be only
our say & talks… We together will rob the entire world… Everywhere there it will be only our say
& talks… Will pick the pocket, which
we feel heavy… We are hooligans, we have
troubled the world… We together will rob the entire world… Everywhere there it will be
only our say & talks… Hey! What is happening here? Nothing.
-What is happening in public place? Inspector Yabba, inspector Khan. Arrest them. Give your phone.
-Come on. Remove your shirt. Remove all, expect underwear. How was my life, what I’m making of it… What I was supposed to do,
what I’m doing… How was my life, what I’m making of it… What I was supposed to do,
what I’m doing… Now also you are over acting. Lets go. Lets dance, forgetting all sorrows… Lets all dance, dance in intoxication… Dance, dance… Lets dance, forgetting all sorrows… Lets all dance, dance in intoxication… Dance, dance… Do I look fool to you? Hey, you turn around. Hey, you play it. It’s enough man, got exhausted! This this is their story. Now what happens next
you see yourself. Yabba, you go to our place,
I will return this bike and come. Will he go with the bag? Yabba, keep this back with you… …I will soon return. I just doubted him. He’s not that kind. Thieving also very hard-working job man. First time you said right. Sit. It’s a great feeling to have a big robbery. You are right. See how much is this. But this guy is giving less
amount for this. We don’t have to worry about that. Whatever amount he gives, we have
to give it to the orphanage. See the train. We can’t do anything about it. Whatever is left to us, we
can do something about it. Got it! You are very serious about this orphanage. I’m saying the truth, whatever
is your age… …I have experience more than that. When I was five years old… Lets move now! Whenever I start this, you stop me. Yabba, can I ask you one thing? You say, since childhood you are doing thievery,
where is your all money gone? I spend everything on Joharabai’s place. If we do good work, it will be good.
Got it. Come on it’s getting late. I want to go first show of a movie. Next time study well. You can go. You are here son Khan. I was about to call you. Good, you are here, funds are finished. Madam is it’s not simple to
rob and get the money. This money is from burglary? Madam it’s not true. Every time you are making jokes. See the place and Joke. Hand over this bag with your hands. Thanks a lot of you guys.
-That’s fine. Man, now I need a strong tea & beetle leaf. Tea and bettle leaf later, first we
will visit to mental hospital. As Dr. will go. Will get energy by tea. How are you Dr.? Come in. This month you came early? Nowadays we are doing every job early. So that our jobs will do better. Dr. what is the matter… …day by day your patients are increasing
in your hospital? Inflation has gone high… …every day two people are getting mad. Go and meet the patient’s. Okay. Whatever you say, I feel better
by coming here. Greetings Sir. I feel empathy with these people. You are right. How are you man? I am good sir. I scared you, I scared you… Hey.. Look at this. What is he doing? Hey get lost. Move on. I’m looking beautiful? Yabba, it’s different. Why is he sitting alone? Wait let me ask. Friend, everybody is dancing… …why are you sitting silent? I am groom, it’s my wedding. They came for my procession. Don’t you see that. Hey, Khan. Where is he? Break it, break that lock! Will it break, mad guys. This guy looks bit smarter. How foolish are these guys,
will this open? These are not foolish but mad guys. How will this lock open? Why because, key of that
the lock is with me. I will go mad. Where he has gone leaving
me with these mad people. Hey, Khan. The keep doing something. Caught you! What are you doing? Leave, leave my thread. Give me sweets otherwise,
I will not leave you. Leave it, my trouser will go down. Leave it, hey Khan come fast. This guy has caught my thread. Hey Leave it. Please leave it Leave it, Do not leave it so soon. Hold it. Hey… Hey dear, leave it. Give me sweets, I will not leave.
-Leave it. Leave it man, if Yabba’s prestige gone.. ..then in Hyderabad earthquake will come.
Do you know? Leave him my dear, leave it. Why are you talking him so softly
tell them to leave. Hey, leave it! Leave it ,what you want to eat,
want sweet. Do you need Gulab Jamun to eat?
-Will not leave. Do you need Mysore pak to eat. What will you eat?
-Leave him. I will bring sweet from Charminar,
will you eat? Hey, he left me! Hey Singham, what are you doing there, go? Hey Burce Lee you also go. Yabba, still he is listening.
-I will fix him. What are you listening man? Please, please let me listen. But what are you listening? Come you also listen. Anything? I’m listening since two minutes nothing,
can be heard. You foolish, since last two hours I
could not hear anything… …how can you hear just in two minutes. Come on let’s go.
-Let’s move immediately, else we will go mad Together we will loot the entire exhibition. What do you say you Yabba? You always keep same thoughts. Can you see how much stuff is here. So much public is there. Let’s go.
-Come. Just roaming, pick some pockets as well. Yabba, drink Coke. Listen, first, we will pick some hot pockets,
then will have cold drinks. Looking at the gun, you got
police job in mind. We came here in inauspicious times,
can’t see any public here. Nothing is getting. Nowadays exhibition is not like earlier. Everybody’s coming with light pockets. Don’t know. Come on let’s go. Come. I like this.
-Take it. Give one. You will not have? I don’t eat kids stuff.
I’m not like you. Pay him. Man, this is my policy, I will not
return empty hand. What should we do?
– Will steal the tyres. Super idea, let’s do it. Come on. Do it fast. Make it fast, someone will come. It’s not opening.
-Let me try. Come this side. Remove it fast. What happened make it fast. Someone may come, make it fast.
If we remove, this will fall on us. You hold it, I will pull. Did you hold? Hold, can I remove? Remove it. Make it fast.
-Making it. What happened? It’s stuck. I’m trying.
-Come fast. I’m badly stuck here. It’s stuck from inside as well,
it’s not happening. It’s not getting removed? That is why I say, eat less and work more. Understood. God, help me! What happened? My stamina is finishing Hey, what happened? Khan, get up. Khan, get up. Get up. Cop is coming, get up. Get up. Come on let’s go. Last night we escaped safely. Otherwise, cop would have showed
us daylight. You are right. You made fast. Hey! You idiot. Hey, you hit us. It’s becoming difficult to walk on roads. Police, run! That vehicle was not for us. You get scared and
make me also scared. Come let’s have tea. Let’s go. Bring two Suleimani tea. Fine Sir. Should I share one secret with you… …they say, there is lot of money
and treasure in Chirag galli palace. I’m saying the truth. Many people tried. To take that treasure… …many people have gone inside,
but no one has come out. That money… …and treasure, don’t know in
whose faith it is. Whose faith, what does it mean? It’s in our faith. Yabba, you have not heard carefully… …there is money and treasure…. …along with it, there are devils. Do you understand Devils? Monsters, ghosts! Idiot, this is 2016. This is an age of internet and mobile. And in this age, you are talking
of devils and ghosts. We both are the biggest ghosts! No Yabba, I feel disturbed. My heart also says no. What about the deal? Cancel !? You stupid, whatever is your age… …more than that I have the experience. When I was five years old… Don’t start it again! Here is the smart guy. How much you take? 5000. How about you?
-4000. Reduce something, take 3500. It’s not possible.
-Then? You will not reduce a bit?
– No. Give me 1500. 1500, to you? Please, I’m very poor. Try to understand, I need
money desperately. 1500, even if you come for free,
that’s not possible Asking for 1500, get lost.
-Please, try to understand. I will come.
-Hey, you come. Looks like she is in much need. We will help her. Forget it, it’s not our concern,
Let’s go. Yabba, take out the money. Why are you taking the money? I will give her. He’s worried for entire world. Can I say one thing? As per your age, you should
leave this work.Take this. Look for another job. Social services is done? Work we do is also wrong. We are doing thieving, for food. She is also working for the same. Let’s go. Yabba, I am scared. Keep walking. If we work in scared, will get good stuff.. Every time you are right? Brother, this looks very dangerous. Man, you forgot dialogue of Gabbar Singh… …one who got scared is dead!
Come. No, listen to me. How did you to fall? Yabba, I even didn’t touch door… …it open on its own. I feel scary. Still there is a time lets go. You are talking nonsense… …we came so far, can’t go empty handed. I smelled the treasure. Somewhere in the right side. Come on we will find it. Come… Come on getup. Come. We can see all wedding items here. Brother, I’ve heard… …wedding didn’t happen. So those items are here. Keep walking. That means there is a lot of gold here. The way police dogs smells… …and catch thieves, same way … …I can smell where is the gold. And I tell you gold is on that side. You just follow me. Smell coming from that side. Come. Yabba’s experience! Admit it.
-What a surprise! Your nose is magnificent. Can I check another room? No, I smell bad from that side. There might be lot on another side. Should I check?
-Go. What did you got? There… …there is no treasure. There is something else! Excuse us! Kanchana come like an angry goddess… She’s dancing on your death… She will kill you and get away from here… She will close your story and go away… Came came came she has came … She came like a sunai… She will chop you into pieces… She came mix of male and female… She swallows you and go away… Who are you and why do you come here? What is she saying? Don’t you understand Telugu? Who are you, leave us.
-Leave you? From how many days I am being bridegroom? Whoever becomes my groom…. …I will leave other person. Choose him, he has six packs as well. He has got good build. He also has good body. He is young as well. He has got more experience.
-Anyway, I don’t like green mangoes. I like juicy mango.
-He’s has taste. On the count 3, I will run. Let me also run. I’m out… You also come fast. Come…come. Come you have become heavy. You have been caught by ghost. She got me. Pull me. She got you? She got me.
-Kick her. What happened man? If you want to catch, catch both legs. Otherwise balance will go out of Yabba. It’s come to my life, you are joking. Pull me. Get up fast,run from here. Don’t worry, I’m with you. We are out.
Let’s go. Yabba nothing has happened,
this is our house, Don’t afraid I’m with you. Yabba, this is our house. Come take a rest. Come. Don’t go anywhere.
-Be easy Yabba. You only said you are the biggest ghost. Why are you getting tensed.
You take a rest. I am around. Easy. Sleep well Yabba. Come fast. Lock door to properly. Yabba! Yabba! What happened Yabba!
Looks like you are really scared. Why are you shivering, what happened? I will not spare you. Leave me! I’m your Khan.
-All ghosts do the same. What is this Yabba? You are scared and making me also scared. What’s wrong with you? Want to go for toilet. You go alone. You also come. You are doing too much,
what will I do there. Come. Why are you taking me. Be here.
-I’m here go ahead. Looks like Kanchana has got inside him. Stand here. I’m here, why are you tensed.
Do it at ease. I think, I have to take him to Hodhod Baba. Don’t go. Nothing will happen, don’t get tensed. You sleep well, I will help. Why does morning happens? Yesterday, theft at Gandhinagar
bank of Rs.5 Crores. Yabba, it’s the same guy who pushed us. That guy has done great job. Yabba, he has taken 5 Cores,
you’re still scared. Get up what happened. Yabba, you are still shaking. I will take you to the Baba. Come on let’s go. Where are you taking me?
-You don’t get tensed. Greetings Baba. What are you doing? Where did you bring me? Yabba, you have been caught
by Telugu ghost. If you want to get rid of that,
this guy will help you. I’m here you don’t worry Yabba. Lets go in. Greetings Baba. Baba, I got failed in exam 4 times,
that too just by 3 marks. Okay, how many boyfriends you have? Just 3 Baba. Give divorce all 3. You will get pass by 3 marks. After passing… …you should keep coming to me. For blessings. Okay Baba. Take out Rs.900. Next… Tell me, what is the problem? Our shaking Baba… …our Yabba’s health is bad. We went in a house with regard to business. There one Telugu ghost entered into Yabba. Hod hod Baba… Come on tell me your name
Speak out, whats your name. You stop shaking and listen to me. My name is Yabba. And I’m came by steps. Hey, give me that leaves. Tell…. Tell me….. From where did you come? Do you reveal or not
Come on, come on… Yabba, what are you doing this? Ghost has entered in him. Hold him. Tell tell me who are you?
When are you coming from? Yabba, tell him. My name is Kanchana. Oh…you are Kachana. From where did you come Ms. Kanchana ? Ghost bungalow. Ghost bungalow. You came from ghost bungalow.
-Don’t beat me. I am young girl. Now can I make marriage… …either you or this man? Come of tell me. Make it happen. Go away Kanchana. Go away. Thank you Baba, I’m fine now. Hodhod Baba. I have become alright. Greetings Baba. Our Yabba has recovered. Come out and I will tell you. Thank you Baba. I got a fever it was your duty… …to take to hospital. You brought me here. You nonsense.
Lets go. Vehicle is running smooth. When did you steal this? Whose this? I lift from RajeshBhai. Do you lift from him?
-Yes. Stop stop. I remembered some work. I have seen one great house. Tonight we had to carry out work there. You’re right, time has come
to pay orphanage. That is what I was saying. Ok, I will pick you at 9:30. With this theft, will be done
for two months. Look there. It’s locked. That means nobody’s at home. If we had done with this house… …we will be on holiday for six months. We can have Bangkok tour. Can you see our bags. This is enough for us. Now we don’t need it. You started talking to me again. Who made you thief? Listen to me what I say. We got a good chance. Come on. Let’s go that side. What are you doing? Let’s take this. Are you gone mad, how can we take this?
Be quite. Yabba, did you got anything? Got this one. What to do with this, keep it back. I’ll keep this. Don’t be mad, keep it back. We have done with the entire house,
what to do with this? We will take him also to Bangkok. Don’t be crazy. We have done with the entire house,
what to do with this? Keep him here. Whatever is your age, I have got
more experience than that. When I was five years old… Troubles me, with his dialogues. Now I’ll tell who is Yabba. Will have good times in Bangkok. Tell me, how will we go there,
by bus or by train. There, no bus no train… …only plane goes. Who is this? Yabba, did we reach Bangkok? No idea. This place looks familiar. Not possible Yabba. Look that side, Bangkok beach. Waves… Somebody’s coming by cutting waves… Foreigners are coming to us. Just watch. See big foreigner has come for our welcome. Did you get to know? Whose house you robbed? He is asking us? Sir, we are not thieves. Yabba, are they like us. Hey! Why are you beating us? Look at Yabba’s age, is like
your elder brother. Stop, Khan! In uniform, even dog also becomes Tiger. If you dare, remove your belt
and uniform then come. Then will tell you, who is Yabba & Khan. Good, you guys reminded me of the belt. Keep quit, he has removed belt. Lovely mind, lovely body. Lovely mind, lovely body. Looking at your body seems like…. …to both God is calling! What is that? Master Key? Sir, its not master key. Some times Yabba get fits… …that time we use this. Sir she is not thief but female thief. She has stolen our Yabba’s heart. When did you remember where did you rob? Oh yes, so what, if he is CM.
What will he do. CM or anybody else,
what about it. If it would have been CM’s house,
you might be spared… You know Ex-MLA Tiger? This is his son’s house. Now for you, it’s not just difficult to
escape, but impossible. Yes… Talk. Bihar’s son has come on place. It means your job is done. Let it be Tiger or Lion. I am bigger animal than him. You may not be aware this land
belongs to our boss. I am giving you 5 minutes time, you will go on
own or your guys have to take you. Hey, you petty MLA… …I have 30 lands and 25 murders
on my head. MLA like you, I keep them as my agent. Tell me how much you need. Do you want 10% or 20%. 100 percent. I don’t have habit to listen more…. …nor to talk. Hope you got now in your head. If not understood then… …in the grave. Hello, Sir.
-One minute, Sir CI’s phone. They did not agree. Yes sir. I have cleared them. And you also clear these body’s. Sir, I want to tell you one more thing… …the guys rob from your house… …Sir we got them. Fine I’m coming there. Greetings Sir. There are those thieves. First and last question… …where are the items? I don’t know sir. Don’t hit me on stomach, already holding
my urine from long time. You tell me. I don’t know sir. Father… Mother… who are these. Mother. Oh God….father. Don’t on same place. Oh God…don’t on stomach. Father…
-Tiger sir. I tell you all. Leave us.
-Don’t hit me on the stomach. Hey stop, kid is saying he will share,
why are you beating? Sir, there is Hanuman temple galli… …behind Alma theatre,
next to transformer… …there are 2 bags Sir. Red is yours black is ours. Take the red one. Leave the black one, why because,
it has our inner wears. Sir should we leave them. Movie is still remaining my friend. What you did man? In idea of long holidays… …our hands and legs made long. Each & every injury is paining… …each beating every injury is paining… …what is the beating will come
to know in the lockup. Hello… Police uncle… Police uncle… I’m getting urine. It’s too urgent. If you don’t believe,
you also come along. Do you think I am your wife
to listen to you? God bless to your sister, mother! Koyal says cuckoo… Mynah says hoo… Koyal says cuckoo… Maina says hoo… Your birth chart world says, bad. Yabba, what a beauty! There is obsession on head,
to make you mine… I want to say, make me
bad habit of yours… There is obsession on head,
to make you mine… Get up, see she removed the jacket. You know, we got beaten… …police had sent her to make us relax. Yabba, what a aroma she has. She coming here. She is coming this side. You were in need to urination,
you go. Who is the leader? I am the leader. Seeing the girl, leadership changed. Yabba, is the leader.
-Here. Okay… Present leader is him, earlier I was…
-You… You rob in my house. God… Don’t beat me. Ho…no… God…. Mother…. Tell me, the stuff which you
steal from my house… …where is it? Sometime ago MLA Sir had come… …we have told him the address,
he has gone. Say something man. Yes Madam, one MLA had come… …he has taken our stuff as well. And our…
-Your…. Talk with respect. He’s my brother. I have checked all items. One item is missing.
-What is missing? Bag had all things. Now what is missing? Don’t know? My toy is missing. Toy… Do not hide now. You only took that toy. Don’t hit on stomach, since
long time I’m holding. Yabba, I remember. Yabba, just bow down. Madam, take your toy. Sorry Madam. For stealing your toy.
-Shetty. Yes, Madam.
-You got it now. Leave was now. You guys…. I will not leave you guys. What is this nonsense. What does this damn. Yabba, she beat us so much for her toy… …if kiss her how much she will beat. They are getting beated. This guy making so much noise. What are you doing? Forget him… …already we’re tired. Now don’t take on him. Madam, can you take them to hospital. I’m not getting satisfaction. Do one thing, put both of them in my jeep. Hey, lets go. Baldy, where are we going.? Are you foolish? These big people, first beat… …then take to home. They will treat well, give money
and leave us. Yabba, still we got time, should we jump? Hey, whatever is your age, I got
more experience than that. When I was five years old… Yabba, don’t want your dialogues. When go with them. Hey, what are you guys talking? We can talk, this is our personal matter. Forget it. What is this nonsense. What is going on?
-Not able to understand. Ramu uncle! Madam. You take a holiday for six months. Every month money will receive at your home. From today onwards, all your work
will be done by these guys. Okay Madam. Rani, your mother was not feeling well? Do one thing, you also take the leave. Okay Madam. From today, all servants
will be on holiday. From now, each and every
work of this house… …these two mischief’s will do. What is this Yabba, you said big people… …will treat well give money & leave us. But she is putting us for work. Looks like these are not big people. You guys carry theft in my house. Do me that broom, I will show…. Sister-in-law… How did you fall. Sister-in-law get up. Sister-in-law get up. Why did you lift so early. Come on get back to work. I don’t want to see a
small piece of dirt here. Go… Go, otherwise, she will beat us.
-You… Hey, all of you listen. If these guys tried to run… …break their legs.
-Yes Madam. Yabba… …whose house she will destroy. She is soft from top, stiff from inside. Did you try? No…! I mean her hands, listen… …I picked pocket of that bald fat guy. After so much beating, you still did this? Let’s go. Cold breeze, starry beautiful… …my heart, sing something…
-Who is there? Life is big path…. Hey. Your… Hey… These guys are behind us. We got stuck badly here. Khan… You got scared. Why did you scared me? My back is paining. Stuck here. This one. Diaper! They want to wash this as well. Just for namesake you are big people. You… Hey, what are you doing here? Don’t you see I’m washing the clothes.
-Is it? Wash this also. What is this. Such a big T-shirt. Is the T-shirt or the sack. Half a dozen people can fit inside. What did you say? No man, I’m washing.
Will wash & give now. That is what I want. Such a big face! Is it the face or… Barber might be getting tired
of shaving him. Ho no… We are damn tired. They are taking all kind of services. Services, mean Yabba. Tomorrow if she had kid… We just had to wash clothes. I can’t wash those. What is going on there? You guys are tired? Yes Madam. Who will do massage for me? I have not tired, he’s tired. You said you got tired. You go into room, I will give
massage and come. Not you… …you come on. Okay. Whether Chili’s small or big…. ….madam, it will burn the mouth! Madam it’s done. Hey Khan… Think of something to get out of this. These people are exploiting us. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know about you, but if this continues,
our dead bodies will go from here. Got it. I can’t work anymore. Yabba, what kind of work are these. Someone is telling to cook… …asking to wash… …saying to dry. Height is, she asked to massage. Well, if it would have been me,
would not have been so bad. But what is this going on,
how long this will go. We rob this house at bad times. Yabba, you are talking about one day… …will plan for tonight itself. When all people go to sleep,
that time we will escape. Why are you talking in low voice,
nobody’s here to listen. Yabba, walls have ears. Where are walls here? Anytime you think of comedy Yabba. Get up, let’s plan it. Run fast. Will go this side.
-No will go the side. Will go this side man.
-I’m going this side, you that side. You mad. Now we had to change the city.
-You’re right. I will take you to Bangkok. I’m thirsty, I need water. Look there. Ice cream shop. Let’s go. But we don’t have money. Have we ever given money to anyone! After having ice cream,
we will run half Km more. Lets go.
-Come. Hey, give 2 cones. What is this he is taking so long,
to come till here. Take this Sir. Got it. Feels better now. What happened to your legs? You are handicapped? Yes, I don’t have even hands. Don’t have hands?
What happened? That’s too long story Sir. Long story… …like short movie make it short story. Nearby there is a house of MLA Tiger…. …I used to work there. One day I tried to escape and
run over the wall. So her sister caught me…. …One day chop my hands and legs, Sir. Yes, sir.
-Then who gave you this stall? She only helped, whenever she wants
to eat ice cream she comes. This is her time to come now.
Maybe on the way. Arrival time! Run… Where are you running crooks? Shetty, it’s fortunate we are returning
after the movie show. Otherwise, this two would have escaped. You are right Sanju. Else, these two fellows would have escaped. We caught had them on time. Otherwise, Madam would have buried us live. Brother don’t tell, please let us go man. Don’t tell Madam man. And I pray for you, to get hairs
on your head. Hey, I don’t know anything. I will hand over to Madam. Madam will be very happy.
-What should I say to you. You got us. Unnecessary your madam… …She will beat us, man.
-She will take work from us. What can you do for me? We will wash your clothes,
will wash your utensils. Also will wash your inner wears. Not just inner wears… …You have to massage my body as well.
-Will do that. Not just massage, we will muzzle you. Now I will pamper him.
-That’s fine. Okay, which film you saw. Same, Bajirao Mastani. I heard Ranveer Singh has done a good job. Ranveer Singh! He is just a kid.
-Is it. What nonsense, what acting he has done. He has act badly. Sanjay called so many times… …Shetty do the film, you only
can do this film. Nobody else can do it, he said
a number of times. Forget Sanjay, Dipika… …continuously whatApp, Facebook… …Twits on twitter. Was too much bothering. Since Dipika said, I was also disturbed. I asked Madam, should I do this film? Madam said, no Shetty… …your level is not of Bollywood… …but of Hollywood! Due to this, I step back. Did you heard, seems slept. No, we are awake, what where
are you saying? What did Dipika Padokudi said? Not Dipika Padokudi… Say Dipika Padokuni. What are you looking at, do your job? Hereafter should not even see such dreams. Saved. Uncle. Started early morning, uncle, uncle, Where are we stuck. I got an idea. Should we put poison in their food and go? Seems you are not liking good life,
want to go to prison. What are you doing crooks? What are we doing. Can’t you see we are washing utensils?
-Fine. I want to shave… …someone from you come and shave. Come on. I’m coming.
-After shaving, I can have good sleep. I will go. Yabba, shaving is a big job I will do it. Is it, shaving is a big job,
do I look a fool. You go towards madam,
I will shave him go. Go now. I’m coming in five minutes, you go.
-Make it fast. After shaving in five minutes… …I will sleep nicely. You have seen Maggis two minutes ad,
same way… …Shaving in just two minutes. Is it. I will see that, start. Shetty Sir.. …this blade is broken, can I leave. There are half a dozen blade
in the drawer… …bring them & start. New blade. New blade. One more blade. One more. Last…blade.. Shetty Sir, these are your
hairs or jungle bushes. Entire cream is finished. Such a big area, its taking me half an hour to
reach from one side to other. What are you saying? Nothing… Do proper shaving. Okay fine. If I get a small cut… …I will cut you. Your shaving is done. Its done? Our Shetty Sir… …you are not sitting in saloon… …nor I am a barber by birth. For God’s sake… …leave me. That’s fine, see you tomorrow. Die till tomorrow. What are you thinking?
-Nothing. From last 2-3 days there is
no sleep for eyes. I will give & you toys amount. Every time you become stubborn. If you don’t want to give mine fine,
but don’t say anything about the toy. Understood, while dying her
mother handed over to her. Toy is more than life for her. What crisis we brought on us. Will she complained her husband,
that I was looking at her? Is it. You have not eaten anything since morning. Drink something. Okay fine. Hello, yes Sir.. Hold one minutes sir. Sir it’s CM online. Tell me CM Sir, what reminds me. I always remember you. Just one small job is with you. I will do it just for you CM Sir. Head of village is making noise. Number of times warned him,
but he doesn’t listen. Sir, your job will be done. Be careful he’s senior head of the village. Should not be any problem.
-Sir, when this lion attacks with paws… …it will just finish. Your remain in peace. You will not feel absence of Dad. Okay Sir. MLA Sir, just Thakkur got murdered. You are saying the truth. I just saw the dead body on the road. I was thinking to give him more time… …but looks like his death is today. Now even God cannot save them. His death will be such a death… …someone before lifting hand on our guy,
have to think thousand times. Brother I’m going for shopping. Not today, go tomorrow. Brother, no I want to go today only. Each time don’t be stubborn like kid. Now you are not a kid. It’s your marriage age. Each time don’t bring up marriage talks. Why not, how many proposals came for you. Everybody’s liking you, you are
not liking anybody. Why not, you are bringing
proposals from far away. Sometimes from Dubai, sometimes from America.
I don’t want to leave you and go. Next time which your proposal comes,
I will fix it. I’m not going to listen to
your likes and dislikes. You also…. Bring the vehicle. Listen, don’t feel bad about
whats your brother says. He’s right, it’s your age of marriage. But I don’t want to leave you guys and go. I don’t want to get married to a person,
who leaves me. I want marry to a person, who will
save me from hoodlums. You leave me if alone now,
my mood is disturbed. Sayed. Call those two crooks. Hey Khan, what are you eating? Today I did one new mischief . Early morning made the mood. I teased MLA’s wife. I’m watching you, from
the time you are here… …you are targeting her. Be careful, else we are broken. Come on Madam is calling you. Did she complained? I will take care don’t worry. Uncle, Yabba got lose motions. I will come. His face looks fresh, doesn’t
look like loose motions. Doing drama, come on. Come. Hey, madam’s mood is off. I need back-to-back entertainment. We are saved. Washing clothes & utensils is not enough. Do you think, we are entertainers? Shetty. Move crooks, change your wardrobe. What is behind bodice… What is behind bodice… What is below scarves… Oh…its my heart behind bodice… Its my heart behind bodice… Its my heart behind bodice… Its my heart below scarves… I will give heart to my beloved… Next. I’m a modern girl from a foreign land… For people with manhood
I’ve left Washington… Stop. I don’t want Telugu. Only Hindi. These streets & places,
don’t come here again… These streets & places,
don’t come here again… I have become outsider,
nobody is here for you now.. Stop! I want old but only Disco. I’m a Disco dancer… I’m a Disco dancer… I’m a Disco dancer… My life is song…. I’m crazy about it… Then move, dance, come
with for sing & dance… I’m a Disco dancer… I’m a Disco dancer… Sorry Madam. He pushed me. Madam, I’m sorry for yesterday. This is your coffee. Is this coffee or dication? Sorry Madam, I just bring sugar. Hello, Khan.
-Who is this? I want to talk to Khan, I will call later. Khan has gone out, who are you? I am calling from orphanage. Khan used to send money every month. This month, it has not received yet. In 2-3 days times, food items will perish. Kids will remain empty stomach. Please convey to Khan, there was
a call from the orphanage. I will tell him. Thank you Madam. Yabba. Why are you going behind her,
it’s a good chance let’s escape. Your becoming naughty, you run. I don’t want to break my legs. See how good is shopping mall,
see the clothes. Did you notice. The way time is becoming modern… …cloths are becoming smaller and small. Did you see, small cloths
are very costly here. Whatever you say… …after long time came for a shopping. It feels better. You don’t be so happy. Is she taking you to Joharabai. Hey… Show that. What were you seeing there? That saree was looking nice
so was checking, Madam. Ok. How is this? It’s nothing special Madam. Shetty.
-Yes Mam. You tell how is this. Madam,this is a really good. He don’t have taste Madam. Let’s go. Oh…God! She is looking beautiful! This saree is…from there. Madam, what are you doing here? I want to learn to cook. I’m here, I will bring go. I want to learn myself. If your brother sees you in kitchen,
he will kill me please go. If brother sees me, he will be happy. His sister is making food. The one thing, teach me simplest dish. Which can be made fast. Okay, I will teach you how to boil the water.
-Ok. Hey! I am serious. I will teach you how to make omelet. That should be fine. Take this. Yummy! I haven’t had such a tasty omelet before. I will finish entirely. You are fourteen day moon
or bright source… What is this. You getting bore & boring me as well. Is it necessary to play old songs? What a leisure, relaxing and watching TV. Seems too luxury for you guys. Switch off the TV. Come and massage my body. Got it. It took almost 5 hours to shave him… …if we massage it will take one week. Leave it, anyways we are stuck here. When we be young. Why you’re taking so much time to come. It took time in kitchen. I was cooking rice so was late. That’s fine start massaging. Animals also as massage. What to do of him. Press his neck. Jungle beast. Come up to the knee. Feels nice, by your massage. This bed sheet is kept for drying
in bedroom,will it help. Should put outside. Which one, that. That is not bed sheet, it’s my towel. You don’t focus elsewhere. Whatever job is given finish that.
Keep pressing. Now confirm you are idiot. Bit higher…bit more. What happened?
-How much to massage, our hands are paining. That’s fine before you leave put
that towel on my feet. In the Yabba’s hand… …some magic is there. I can’t take it anymore
torture of these people. Too much is too bad,
it’s too much of these people. I can’t suffer anymore. If this will continue, I’m leaving my
robbery and keep washing utensils. And you keep sweeping floors in houses. We need to plan and run that’s it. Nothing else. Haven’t you seen the condition
of the ice cream guy. One hand and one leg is chopped. He’s not capable of washing
utensils not sweeping floor. If we do same mistake, these people will
treat us in same manner. We both have to beg on
traffic signals then. Instead of dying daily, good to die one day. It’s enough, do something about it,
tried to run. Talk slowly, they will listen. Let them listen, who is afraid of them. If I lose myself, I will not listen
to anyone. Water is very cold, how are you swimming? Where did he came from? Jungle ox. I’m wearing my clothes,
you wear yours. Cheers! Whistle man.. Whistle… He can’t whistle. Superman, Salman’s fan… Can you see he’s going. Superman. He is Superman. He is flying fool. He don’t have any other work. Hey, see Superman has come. Superman has come. Superman has come. Superman has come. Superman has come. Superman has come. Superman has come. Superman has come. Superman fly. Superman fly. I told you I will not fly. Is it, Krishma take this. Superman fly. Fly. Leave me…
-Superman fly. Fly. Hey, no son.
Don’t trouble Superman. Please kids. Try to understand kids.
-Try stopping them. Don’t treat him like this, otherwise
he will not come to the home. It will not come on TV also.
Now his time is finished, son. Superman is going to bed, you
also, go to sleep. Tomorrow morning he will return. Please please.
-Okay. Naughty kids. Since long I’m shouting,
you are coming now. Kids bet me like anything. Come now. I told you, you haven’t listened to me.
Sit quietly here. Was it bad. I really told you no, you should listen. That is why sometimes if Junior tells,
seniors should listen. If always prompt of seniority,
you will get this. You sit quietly, now I will plan something. Wait for some time. Yabba, come. Come fast. Climb. Make it fast, someone will come. You are taking so long. It’s two second job.. Now see how I come. Yabba, jump. Yabba, I can’t make it.
I’m scared. Beyond scare there is victory. You jump man.
-If fall on the face… …will come to know victory is after what. Shetty. Uncle. Coming Madam. Here comes Sridevi of Himmatwala. Yabba, jump fast else you are gone.
-What are you doing here? Nothing madam, weather is very pleasant. Enjoying the weather here. Plant feels cold. Jump now. Where is your partner? He’s sleeping inside you haven’t seen him. Is it. Why are you going out late night? Nobody is there, why are you going there? Nobody is there. Madam… …listen to me. Did you listen. He’s here. I thought he is sleeping inside the. Oh shit, madam, it’s you. What is this, there are many
toilets inside the house. Instead of using them, why are you
doing it here. Madam, I like in the open. In the fresh air. Come inside. He’s a kid, excusing,
get inside. If you come out for urination,
I will hit you. God saved us. Saved, missed nice opportunity. Okay guys. Trying to become smart. Hi Pinky.
-Hi. How are you?
-I’m fine. I’m also good. You forgot me, friend.
-What are you saying? Just like that. Was planning for shopping… …Join me. Its being long we had
not gone together for shopping. Not today, I’m bit busy. Not today.
-Okay. You got more important job than me? Today I had to go on date. On date?
-Yes, with my boy friend. Okay fine bye. Date! If I also go somewhere then… Khan. Come, we are going out. Madam,there is lots of work at home. So, take care of that later.
It’s urgent we have to go. She is calling me only, God saved me. Khan.
-Coming madam. Where are you going? Brother, I’m going for Pinkies birthday party. Security.
-He is there. With this crook, if someone pays
him Rs.1000… …he will take that Rs. 1000 and run away. You believe on him. Hey, go with her. Yes sir. Yes tell me Shankar. If he doesn’t listen, shoot him. You guys stop here only. Why Madam. If I take you inside, my prestige
will also go. You come with me. Always she takes us inside. This time why Madam said so. Can see attitude has changed. Madam, you said have to go
for a birthday party. Nothing like that, let’s roam outside. No madam, if your brother sees us
it could be a problem. Listen, Khan, when I was a
kid my mother’s died. After that, I did not get a chance
to go out. In fact, I understand things…. …always there is a bodyguard with me. First time I got opportunity to go out. Please don’t say no. Actually its my mother’s birthday today. I was thinking, at least today
I can roam outside. On which vehicle you want to go? You will steal? Look at this master keys. Let’s go. Never before happened like this,
which is now happening with me… Like, as if you are life, you are
becoming mine… Never before happened like this,
which is now happening with me… Like, as if you are life, you are
becoming mine… Heart beats tell me, I’m living with you… Whatever this world says,
I’m living with you… Never before happened like this,
which is now happening with me… Like, as if you are life, you are
becoming mine… Heart is with you,
keep thinking about you… Staying awake at night in your memories,
just keep watching you… Just be with you all moments,
keep thinking about you… Staying awake at night in your memories,
just keep watching you… Never before happened like this,
which is now happening with me… Oh dear come with me… Oh dear come with me… Oh dear come with me… Oh dear come with me… Time looks better. Should I propose? That looks like Madam. Madam. Madam. Oh..No.
-We got them. Yes, we got.
-Where they came from. Where did you went Madam. Since long we are searching you,
we were worried. Brother was also worried. He looks alone today. There is some magic in your hands. Day before you… …you have tempted me. That Khan was there,
so I did not say anything. Today you are alone. Come to my room. Will enjoy. What will we do? What I want, are you getting? Take a bath… …be prepared. Put perfume and come soon. I’m waiting for you in room. Khan. Listen. I am a man, loves to a man. I am a man, loves to a man. He is here. You came. In last birth, where you dog?
-What? I mean… …for this romantic atmosphere… .. why should we disturb by various
other talks. Will you remove your T-shirt? Will you sleep over bed? You have steal my heart… What are you doing this? This is English style. Is it so. Will you turn upside down? Dear you should not change later… Oh…have taken heart,
my heart… Idiot, we are tolerating, it doesn’t
mean we are weak. He is my Yabba, he is my
elder brother and guru. We are not born from same mother. But we are two bodies one life. One life! Two bodies one life. With this dialogue, you made me emotional. Hereafter, in life, whatever you need
I will give you. Except this life. Why because, this life is preserved
for my Johara. I will complain to Madam. Go and tell. My name is Khan. Yabba let’s go. Madam, thieves which we brought… …those two cheated and were running away. I brought them back. I sent to you…. Madam, what should I do now?
– Fine. Call that Khan. We taught big lesson to Shetty. Let him learn. Inviting in room and crossing the limits. That too with my Yabba. That idiot. I complained about you to madam. Madam is calling you. What are you doing? What, let him go? Yabba, it has crossed limits. Don’t we understand. Now they should live or we. Today, this side or that side.
Let’s go. Hey Khan, now don’t fight with him. I’m waiting for you here. Don’t know what he has done,
don’t understand. Ask madam, what you want to ask. Don’t want to ask anything. Why are you closing the door? Save me God. Hey, come out.
-God. Don’t know what’s going on. In my dreams why is he…. He will do something wrong,
a new crisis will come. Looks like will get beating. God excuse. Come come, looks like took lot of efforts. Now you’re health might be fresh. Body also must be relaxed. Tell me one thing, did you receive
the warning or you gave the warning. You saw how was her attitude. I saw Sir, saw your attitude also
and saw her attitude as well. Today I am high, sky is below. Now it’s almost possible that… …our departure program is confirmed. Is he gone crazy. I know. Hello. Tell me Dr.
-Every month you use to come on time. You guys even did not come to your
mother’s birthday as well. Yeah I know Dr. Yesterday it was mother’s birthday. I got stuck in some work,
so could not make it. Okay fine, I’ll try to come early and meet. Okay sir. Bye. Yesterday it was his mother’s
birthday as well. You called me, all is fine? On birthday, where do you go
and what you guys do? Yesterday only I celebrated birthday with
Joharabai,on 20th October. I am asking straight question,
answer me straight. Which birthday, whose birthday,
what birthday, I don’t know anything. Is that so, stop here. Why are you taking efforts. You ask, I will tell you,
stop a minute. The thing is… …when Khan was 7 years old… …his father died in accident. In that trauma, his mother gone mental. Since then he goes to mental hospital. When he was small, they did not
allow him to go to the hospital. After years his mother expired. Then Khan got place in orphanage. Khan grown up in orphanage. So he pays every month to orphanage. And in mental hospital, many patient’s
relatives, don’t come to see them. So Khan goes to see them. Yesterday was his mother’s birthday,
but we could not go. We got stuck in your reign. Khan.
-Yes. Come here. Now what is it now. What Madam. Come with me. Where are you taking me? Come on. Khan, you are not kid that, I have to tell
you everything in details. During last three days, I’m coming
near to you. And I want to share all my happiness
with you. Hereafter lifetime I want to share
with you. My heart says, you also want the same. But you are not coming clean. Even being a girl, I am taking
the step ahead. And I cannot tolerate anymore. I want to say that, I…Love… Khan. I am leaving you both. Don’t say anything to, brother and
sister-in-law. Are you saying the truth. You are saying true! You are saying true! I feel hold you in my lap. I mean with happiness. I will share this news with Khan. Khan, breaking news! Tomorrow morning, we will be released! Are you happy? Anyways… Joharabai, here I come. Hey Khan. Where he has gone this time? Hey Khan. Come fast. What where are you doing so long? Where did they bring us? Hey, enmity with Tiger family! You traitor! Beat his men. Let them fight, we will run.
Good chance, come. Leave it, they will take care,
why should we be party to that. Come on, lets go. Leave me. Leave my hand. Hey you… Your brother kills my people on my soil. You… Now, attack on you is confirm.… You beat my Yabba. You beat to Yabba. They paid me to kill your Yabba.
-You kill Yabba for money. Instead of saving me, why you ran away? You see how big was that bull. To beat him, it needed to have
rode not hands. I went to get rode. Really. I love you. I love you Hold it, don’t miss the chance. You fool. I love you too. To hear this, I was waiting from longtime. See your level is different,
my level is different. You come from big family,
I am a petty thief. Your brother, will never accept
this relation. Hence, I did not propose you. Hey, don’t be afraid of that guy. Talk to me I would have settled. You are worried of this? You don’t know my brother. My brother has never turn down me. I will talk to my brother, you come
with me. Hey, take out Vehicle. Call & tell Sheikh, ask him to
come on spot fast. Okay Sir. Brother, if he would not have been there,your
sister would not be standing in front of you. And he’s not the guy runs with Rs. 1000. I want to share one more thing… …brother, I love Khan very much. He also loves me very much. But looking at your status, he denied. He took the decision to leave me
and go. Brother, I want to marry Khan. And I was looking for the
same kind of person. Whatever my sister is saying is that true? Yes it is true. I also love her. My sister wants to marry. After that there is nothing. If a boy like you stays with us… …I don’t have any tension. Come hug me. Will go inside and talk. Come inside come. Sit here. You had massage from me. You asked me to massage. Asked to shave. Hey come here. Come here. Take me there. In the police station, you hit me
in my stomach? Hey, this wedding will not happen! I’m saying, this wedding will not happen. I am fostering you since
you were this small. I will not approve your wedding. Give him some cold drink. A cold drink, hot drink, I said this
wedding will not happen. That’s it. Yabba. You keep quite, you don’t talk in between. This is my job, let me handle it. Wedding will not happen. Take my vehicles keys. Old vehicle! Even if new vehicle I will not agree. Give me the gun. Congratulations of wedding! Congratulations of wedding! Congratulations of wedding!
Congratulations on wedding! Congratulations of wedding! Sir, everything is fine here. What Sir, in Hyderabad film
also you come late. Hello.
-Now whose calling him. Tell me. Yes Madam. Yes I’m aware. How are the kids there? I’m just coming there. Yabba. Coming. Where are you taking me? In there was a call from orphanage,
will visit and come. We have not paid since last 2-3 months. What is the use of going there,
we don’t have money. Even if we don’t have money,
we just visit and come. Khan, listen, where are you going? I will just return in a while. Come on Yabba. Sorry Madam, last month we couldn’t
pay you and this month also will be delayed. Why are you saying sorry. You are paying every month. I just received the amount. Just now received the money!
Yabba… …we have not given the money? Every month money is getting
deposited by your name. Who is that God’s angel! Who is depositing on our name? Where did you get Mother Teresa like the character?
-From you. From now, whatever belongs to you,
that belongs to me as well. And whatever belongs to me is of yours. Is that okay Now promise me, you will leave robbery. Promise me. Do it Khan. Thank you. Mother Teresa, you go to home. I have some personal work with Khan. We will return home in evening.
-Okay. Okay, I’m leaving bye, take care. Today is our engagement… …don’t forget. Come early. Bye. She has left. Now you come with me. What else Sir. Your become a big man now. That to in shortcut, you got the property
of a brother-in-law. And to that Madam Dipika Padukuni,
you made big promises. We both are one. We make promises, do we fulfill that? We were thieves, we are thieves,
we will remain thieves! Hey! Let’s go. Let the world be our enemy…
Our friendship be safe…. I want to go for leak. Such a good song was going on, at this moment.
-From long time I’m holding. Okay, do it. Hey Khan, come here fast.
-What happened? Is there a snake? Maybe bomb inside? Why will they put bomb here,
we are not PM or CM. It’s the same! Yabba! It has money inside! That bank robbery. 5 Crores!
-See this. This is indeed its 5 Crores! What will we do with this huge money?
-What will we do? 1.5 crores in my account,
1.5 crores in your account. 2 crores in the account of the orphanage.
-Yes! Yabba, now you get married soon
and make me uncle soon. Uncle!
-Come on it’s getting late. Lets go. Run… And Gulu brothers says… …if you we do good work,
it was return good to you man! Almighty is watching all!

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