100 thoughts on “BALI HAUL: Summer Clothes, Home Decor, & Food!

  1. joan! hope you are resting and taking care of your health! your voice sounded a bit shaky, hope you feel better soon 🙁♥️

  2. Glad go see you feeling better!! Hope you had a lot of fun in Bali also the lifestyle haul was to dir for!!!

  3. Why are you trying to promote “ethical” and “eco friendly” clothes while holding a Chanel bag? You are an oxymoron. If you really want to promote ethical and eco friendly fashion, you need to take some time to introspect into your own conspicuous consumption.

  4. I dont know why, but watching your chanel i feel like we know each other…the way you talk is so humble, so friendly..and i found i smile while i watching your video joan, hope to see you in Indonesia one day 🙂

  5. I miss you soooooo much and hope one day you will visit Cambodia and do a vlog at Angkor Wat temple 🙈💕

  6. I’m sure you read the comments on your previous vids and decided to go eco friendly… personally i think some of those comments were harsh.. but I’m glad you’re making change regardless! Climate change is so important and the fact that you can influence your audience for the better is amazing!!
    Take care of yourself Joan <3 eat your meals and get rest

  7. Joan! I have watched you for some time! And your videos are always so so lovely! I really love them! Your personality is so nice and lovely! I always look forward to seeing your videos! I would love if you did another video of the Q&A type video like the one you did with your friend on friendship and talking about work and stuff

  8. so glad that you have a great time in Bali! hopefully you’ll recover soon and didn’t get sick the next time you visit Bali 🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Did you ever get eyeliner tattoos like permanent makeup? If so, can you please share you’re experience? If not, how do you get you’re eyeliner sooo perfect?!!! Also I love your videos unnie 💛🙃

  10. Yeah~
    That bamboo bag is an IT item in Indonesia right now, a lot of people use that bag, and actually it has a lot of color not only brown, but yeah, you stay with the OG~

  11. OMG!! I am one of your fans from Bali! I always love to watch your travel video and you inspired me a lotttt! Glad you had a great time in Bali, and I wish I could meet you someday! <3

  12. Nice haul Joan! You can check out more summer home decor here https://www.etsy.com/listing/708224007/pineapple-print-summer-wall-decor?ref=shop_home_active_11 if you're interested.

  13. Ohhhhh that wooden cheese board… Wow wow that looks amazing. Loving the marble one too. We have same tastes I guess 😋

  14. Hi Joan. fun fact excelso is just a premium brand from kapal api the indonesian drip coffee that you usually drink LOL so yea.

    try Tanamera Coffee when you’re back in bali, i they have drip coffee too and they are more premium than excelso :)))

    coffee snob 💕

  15. I'm thinking of going to Bali on a trip next year. What's the best time of the year to go? I was thinkin Nov-Dec. The trip I had in mind was Brisbane/Gold Coast -> Bali -> Singapore

  16. Joan i love you but you keep promoting ~sustainable~ and ~eco friendly~ things but still constantly buying from luxurious brands that are obviously not sustainable/eco friendly. :/ idk about s korea but i hope you will look into thrifting or other sustainable method(s)

    Edit: sorry just saw a comment that said the same thing. If youre reading this joan, no one is asking you to be perfect. We just want to see you commit a little :/

  17. I'm living in bali but i saw sunny when i was in jakarta. I've visitted seoul twice but i've never seen you joan, that's how unlucky i am 😂 anw so glad that you enjoyed your stay!

  18. Funny how you want to be sustainable but then say you want to fly back to Bali just to shop and also have a "Chanel" bag. Sooo sustainable…

  19. Im sorry but im so sick of these « instagramable » things like … don’t go somewhere or don’t buy things cuz it’s gonna looks good on your insta …
    i feel like a lot of people do that these days so crazy.

  20. I'm Indonesian but i've never been get a chance to go to Bali. Watching this make me wanna go to Bali as soon as possible 😂

  21. please do a designer bag collection videooooo. would love to see what your most cherished bags are and their purchase stories. big love, joan <33333333

  22. How fascinating… another haul. Is the next video a get ready with me again? Or another skincare routine? Girl you’re really into sustainable fashion! Your Chanel bag is definitely the way to go.

  23. lol Joan! u are a fan of "talenan" hahaa u even bought 2! one wooden, one marble haha
    anyway Excelso coffee is my fave too!! ^^

  24. I'm so happy find the new channel i can subcribe 😊 thanks to sunny eonni for recommend joan eonni channel, i hope i will be stay here forever and love all your content 😊 nice to know you eonni

  25. Even though I am someone who has never subscribed or watched very regularly, I can see why the comments criticizing your vids are upvoted. However, some of them do seem a bit harsh and I think a few people are just having fun mocking you now. Nitpicking every little thing you do. Of course the majority of comments aren't like that, but it's quite visible. Hopefully you can sit down and realllllyyyy think/brainstorm about what your longtime viewers want, also to reflect on yourself as well. A creator should have the ability to create new things and continue to intrigue and entertain. Those in the comments being kinda mean: Don't be too mean 🙁 Have a blessed day Joan and everyone. Let us be good people to each other.

  26. Love the Bali haul Joan ❤ Indonesia seems like a worthwhile place to travel to! Great to see all the eco sustainable brands and how conscious the country is of the environment 💕

  27. 왜 이렇게 오랜만에 만나는 죠안같죠 ㅎㅎ 자주자주 만나요!!! 오랜만에 영상보니깐 너무너무 즐겁고 재밌네요~ 오랜만에 스킵없이 정주행하며 즐겼습니당 👍🏻쵝오

  28. at this point who is stupid enough to trust joan? From all the skincare products that she promoted, to the cream she created but never actually uses anymore, to all these hauls that she was paid to do… yes we all see it… but no need to put her down, I guess it’s just her way of making money. I still watch her just for the heck of it, but definitely do not take any skincare or makeup or any product advice from her. Lol

  29. Regardless of what she has claimed as her stance on environmentalism,  I don't see why she can't be free to talk about it on her channel. You can't deny that she's spreading a positive message with her platform by publicly discussing this topic. I applaud her for being honest about her spendings and not concealing them. I just don't think she deserves hate, at least not  anymore than anyone else.

  30. Wahhhh so beautiful! I wish to know how to tie a head wrap as well. I dream of going to Bali! I love your channel. You are so cool!

  31. it's exactly because of these kind of people that the no one tries to give two shits about the environment. i mean whats the point if people are just going to get dragged for trying, right? she's trying but it seems like everyone doesn't want her to? now that's hypocritical because ya all just acting all exclusive. wtf

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