90 thoughts on “Banana Duct Taped To Wall Selling For $120K At Art Basel

  1. As an artist, this offends me. I work hard, put a lot of time, effort, thought into whatever I make, and I struggle for recognition, I struggle even to have my art viewed, much less sold.

    Anyone who assigns any clever meaning or symbolism to this peice is a moron with neither taste nor courage. Were this work to stand on its own, without the fame of its creator, doubtless it would be lambasted as the garbage it literally is.

  2. That's racist , take it down now , where's Al sharpton , someone call Al sharpton .
    Someone wake up Al sharpton and tell him what they are doing behind his back while he sleeping .

  3. Only in 2019 wtf is the world really this dumb? Is the movie idiocracy coming true? Where can I audition for the movie ASS?

  4. Whoever taped up the banana…not calling them an artist but actually a genius because they just proved how ignorant stupid and gullible people are to think this is in any way art or beautiful or amuzing AND proved how easy it is to make money off of stupid rich people who have nothing better to do than waste money on something that wont last AND is really ugly to be honest.

  5. I think modern art is a money laundering scheme. It's simple. You take 2 random objects, make a shitty excuse for it, and sell it for half a million

  6. With all the starvation and poverty that’s out there where most of the people in the world don’t even have at least two quarters to rub together, I wouldn’t want to even know the kind of person who would be crazy or stupid enough to blow 120K for a banana duct taped to a wall. But I sure would LOVE to meet the other guy who sold it to him.

  7. This should be illegal. Anything this stupidly sold for such an outrageous amount of money should be illegal and that persons money taken because its obvious that person doesnt need it.
    And the artist should have to return the money back to the buyer because that's all the money he needs for the rest of his dumbass life. Oh, and the artist should be held accountable in other ways. Public shaming perhaps.

  8. "This IS an insane world, and do NOT underestimate its level of insanity." Jesus Christ speaking through the Holy Spirit in "A COURSE IN MIRACLES." Want to know more? From the simple cure for cancer to the very Meaning of Life in this world? "Seek and ye shall find"……

  9. What kind of ignorant ass would pay that for this ,but then again what ignorant ass calls that art, and people wonder what is wrong with world

  10. Art should take skill and time. Not everyone should be able to do it with 0 effort not even the artist. And yet this is being sold of way to much. If taping a banana to a wall can be worth that much then me staining a shirt with pizza sauce should have the same worth. A pieces worth should be based on the time it takes the materials and what the message is. This is a banana on a wall. If you think this is deep then your a 14 year old girl who cries from looking at “deep” quotes on instagram

  11. There's 3 possibilities:

    1 This is money laundering
    2 this is the proof of ppl are stupid asf to buy "pieces of art" just cuz "x artist" made it.

    3 this is a self promotion strategy (prolly the guy gave $ to someone & that someone expended the money into that crap) this might work too as money laundering

  12. Look how he got the angle between the banana and the tape exactly right! And you can feel the visual tension between the yellow and brown ripe spots and the white wall. How does he do it?

  13. Just to think ‘ if the pope had a shit ‘ he could make a fortune’ because it really would be HOLY SHIT !!! A word used quite frequently “ that’s what I thought when I saw the price tag on this “ 🤔”

  14. This embodies the Left. They ruin everything. Art, sports, 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, religion, literature, gender, Human life…you name it, they’ve ruined it.

  15. Is there any human limit to human dumbness, numbness, dumbhead blockheads?? Who the fucking dumbfuck wasted 85 lakh for a 5 rupee Banana?????
    And people are posing with banana???
    Damn fuckheads go die in a hole

  16. So here I am, learning new techniques to improve my paintings, struggling to give texture, realism, etc.. and here comes this man who wins 120 thousand dollars with his taped banana. How do you think I feel?

  17. I will tape a coconut next time and will put a pricetag of 10 million dollars and will name it " morons of the world" . Some moron will show up and buy it for sure.

  18. I don't know about money laundering but I'm going to say the so called art gallery, the so called artist, the so called buyer and the so called hungry artist were in on it from the beginning. This was all planned.

  19. Once you are established as a sex trafficker…errr…artist…you can do anything to launder your money. Why can't a fucking zombie apocalypse eat these fucking morons.

  20. Luckily there was one sensible hungry artist who ate it. https://youtu.be/9ZqdfUHtkk8 Let’s be clear. There is no art to be seen here, at best it is an insult to Chiquita and Monsanto that there bananas are uneatable and thus good for nothing (except taping it to the wall)

  21. When people started finding "meaning" in the "art" of Jackson Pollock it was a long, but certain road to this crap. This is what happens when pretentious asses are impressing their friends (and themselves) with their "insight." Of course, if you'd like to pay me $50,000 for the jar of pickles in my refrigerator I take it all back.

  22. The bigger story is that Cattelan STOLE the concept from a 22 year old Dutch student called Merel Engelman who did it in 2013! Proof is on her instagram. She even did an interview about the concept back then. https://www.instagram.com/p/B52Qzl3FssG/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

  23. Look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlacUhm5PlU. A painting in a blue background with a white line (Wow, how did you do that?)This happens all the time. Crazy morons will pay anything if it's signed and certified with a brand name and with a motive to bump by their own cumulative cultural quotient. Let's look closer at American modern art for that matter. It's actually a good depiction of how "blind-folded" people can be running behind name brands or celebs without actually scrutinizing their true worth, value, and contribution to the "real world". My 2 cents…

  24. I like the piece called "Epstien didn't kill himself: The Cover Up" it was in the exact same spot as the banana. Lol I think only 14yo girls will get it bwwahahaha!

  25. 6 figures, idiots . Good luck when it rots . The lucky fucker that sold a rotten banana will have money in the bank while the purchaser will have 6 fruit flies in his face. 🤣

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