Basic Dungeon Tiles For D&D Tutorial (Episode 011)

Basic Dungeon Tiles For D&D Tutorial (Episode 011)

today we’re going back to basics the very foundation of DM crafting modular dungeon tiles I first started this channel I didn’t think it was necessary to do a video on basic dungeon piles guys like Scottie why lock dmg and even hankerin already had that area covered and covered well lo and behold after a few videos messages the comments started coming in how do you make your dungeon tiles and eventually I thought okay we’ve got to get this out of the way got to show you guys how I roll with my tiles I make mine at a half inch extruded polystyrene insulation foam the same thing I make most of my projects out of my set uses a one-inch grid and I have a whole bunch of pieces that are 3×3 few that are two by six a couple that are six by six and two that are twelve by twelve this is an excellent project for those of you just starting in on the craft game I mean whip up a batch of basic dungeon tiles make some cool scatter terrain pieces throw down some minis and you’re ready to play in 3d this project also utilizes most of the styrofoam techniques that I use when working on more elaborate projects like my 3d buildings so by watching this one you will see some of those techniques and when we move on to more elaborate on the channel you’ll already have the basics covered so that’s enough rambling let’s go over to the workbench and make a set of badass dungeon ties okay start by pre-cutting your tiles out of the half-inch insulation foam amount and sizes of tiles needed will vary from person to person after building my initial set I found that I needed more three inch by three inch tiles so I’m making more of those here what you want to do is draw out a 1-inch grid on your piece with a ballpoint pen I find the tiles look more interesting if you continue the lines down the sides next take an exacto knife and make a small cut about an eighth of an inch or less deep along all of your grid lines and continue that cut down the sides as well now ignoring the one crack I started to draw when I accidentally jumped ahead in the process take your ballpoint pen and push and pull it through your knife cuts to slightly bevel the edges and enhance the grooves all right now you can go ahead and add some flavor by drawing in a few cracks personally I think people sometimes overdo it when adding elements like this so I try and only add them to a little more than half of the squares changing it a bit from tile to tile it really doesn’t make sense that every single stone in a floor would be cracked but hey crack to taste again I like to continue these cracks down the sides of the tiles at various angles now to add some weathering to the stones I take my exacto knife and start breaking out some random chunks from the edges and the corners of the tiles again don’t overdo it with this sometimes less is more you can also look good if you take your knife and break out a few small chunks from the surface of the tiles texture take a ball of rolled-up tinfoil and use it to give the whole surface a rough stone look you can do this by hitting or rolling it but just make sure to randomly change which part of the tinfoil you’re using to avoid getting any sort of obvious patterns in the markings and don’t forget to use the tinfoil on the sides of the tile at this point your tile should look something like this and you can go ahead and paint them out in black don’t spray-paint them unless you adequately seal them first check out my video on stealing styrofoam projects for more info on how I personally deal with this stage of a project after the black I give my tiles a good coat of dark grey because I’ll be doing a black wash later I do this foot coat fairly wet not like a dry brush and I allow the paint to get into some of the cracks and crevices I’ll next give the tiles of dry brush with a lighter shade of grey because I was matching a set of tiles I had built previously I only did this once but you can do several dry brushes lightening the gray and reducing the coverage each time the more you do the more depth your tiles will have don’t be afraid to make the highlight stand out too much as it will all be toned down with the black wash later I finished my paint job by doing a very liberal black wash this is just a simple wash I make using watered-down black acrylic craft paint with a tiny bit of brown and green added for grime I put in a tiny drop of dish soap to help it flow there are more refined ways of making washes but this is a cheap and effective way to make up a large quantity of black wash for big projects like this cover the entire tiles and don’t wipe off any excess you when the wash is completely dried I finish the pieces with a few coats of satin minnow acts polyurethane to make transporting outdoors and spraying easier I pin the tiles from behind to a piece of styrofoam covered with newspaper you need to take a lot of caution when spraying styrofoam with any sort of aerosol or when using any product that may have a component that can cause the styrofoam to melt I covered the topic in much more detail in the sealing styrofoam episode I mentioned earlier alright guys now you have the skills and the techniques to make yourself a set of sweet dungeon tiles you can stop messaging me asking me how I make mine but don’t stop messaging me about other stuff I love getting messages from you guys on that same note check the link in the description below it’ll take you over to the Blackmagic craft Facebook page there I am constantly posting pictures and little short videos of stuff that I’m working on it’s also a great place to ask me questions and if you’re not already a subscriber please go below hit that subscribe button smash the like button until next time peace

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  1. Is this able to be used? Seems very tough to imprint.

  2. At 4:40, you say they are already black…did you paint them black?? Just trying to catch what you did before you started with grey.

  3. I have the proxxon and for the life of me I cant get straight cuts. It is so frustrating. I honestly do not know what Im doing wrong. I measure measure measure….have the carpenter square….but cuts just keep being wrong. Im so frustrated.

    P.s. love your channel sir!

  4. I need to get off my butt and just make me a set of dungeon tile that are like this. I end up making just one custom tile, it goes with my story but I need a few more that are more versatile.

  5. You should make a vid in the future of making a sample dungeon with your tiles to show how to use them to a great effect.

  6. Dude your vids help me a lot I just started my campaign with my family and they don't imagine it as much so I thought why not show it to them so I watched your video and here I am I found a vid about making dungeon tiles that does not bore me thx very much

  7. Hey man quick question. I just made a large batch of your style tiles, i put a coat of black mod podge on them and i can still slightly see pink on them. I believe its just a translucent part of the black mod podge. Can i just ignore that and start the dark grey painting or should i do a light coat of black paint first?

  8. Great video! Two questions: 1) Can I use the same technique to make stone walls? 2) I tried using rolled up aluminum foil on a piece of foam core a few days ago, but it made it bent a bit which isn't very good and it didn't create texture. Does this technique work only on insulation foam? Thanks!

  9. Hey man! awesome video, I'm a little late to the party as this was posted a while ago and I'm just getting started myself in doing these kinds of projects.
    Curious how you handle keeping the tiles from moving all over the place if they or the table gets bumped?
    I've definitely subscribed!

  10. Dude, thanks to you, I started making my own dungeon tiles with this video, started few months ago. I've been a dungeon master since high school and now my game table looks awesome. I even did the cave lake tile with epoxy resin. Now I'm really looking forward to reach the weekend so I can build your new rock golem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Tredont know if you will see this but I recently took your advice on mixing mod podge and black paint for general washes…would you use that heat for the first coat?

  12. I tried this and the first layer of paint rubbed off when i tried to add the second layer… what am i doing wrong?

  13. I'm making a series of dungeon tiles using your technique to recreate the Tomb of Horrors. I had a question on texture/painting what would be the best way to show that a stone slab has been dragged across a tile. Paint lighter colors only to show scaring? How would you create that texture to recreate that effect? Reference false entrance room in module.

  14. Where have your videos been all my life! โ™กโ™กโ™ก this is amazing and I'm definitely going to make a bunch of tiles for my upcoming campaign.

  15. Thanks for doing these videos. I've been obsessing of these for it feels like at least a year now. I just started GMing the last few months for Star Wars, but looking to do Pathfinder soon, so I'll be putting these to test soon. I would say that if you ever run out of things to make, that making some scifi terrain for people the play Star Wars, Starfinder, etc would be GREATLY appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh, and i just bought the foam cutter from your site link! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK

  16. Literally just got into D&D about a month ago. This is awesome. Definitely subscribing and watching all your videos. Thanks for the info brotha! Your customs look sick!

  17. Hey great video. Couple of quick questions if you don't mind. Firstly, how are you cutting the tiles in the first place? Secondly, can you list the paints you use…types etc…oh finally, in this video it jumps to the tiles already being black…have you simply painted them black at that point or something else. Thanks!

  18. What specific foam do you use? ( please send the link if possible ) Even better, is this it?

  19. After many years without foam since no one near me sells it, I finally got a huge scrap piece and these dungeon tiles were the first thing I made and it was so much easier and way better looking to throw these on the table instead drawing and redrawing maps in D&D

  20. Me and my best friend have been fans of The Adventure Zone and, more recently, Critical Role, for some time and have finally managed to get a group of friends together to play with us. We've only just finished our fourth ever session, but you can bet that we all go "Is it Saturday yet?" as soon as we finish, because it's a blast. Because my friend (the DM) is already pretty preoccupied with the story and everything, she often gets stressed out when she is forced to make maps even though she thinks it's fun. So, since I love drawing and crafting and could use the practice, I've started a project to make her 2D map tiles (they're 2 by 2 squares for now, I may ajust that if it's too small) on which draw and copy many different corridors, ground textures and layouts and then double-sided tape them onto 2mm cardboard and cut out the squares, so she can pick and choose the best tiles for every encounter map and combine them like a puzzle. I am really tempted to do something 3D like this, but that's a whoooole different project that I'm not sure I can afford the time for at the moment, sadly. Because I know that once I start with something like this, I get obsessively excessive and won't be able to get anything else done anymore. These videos are an amazing source of inspiration though, and hopefully one day I'll have the time to do such a project.

  21. I've been following you for a long time probably since this video or maybe a little earlier. But now that I have a group to play with even though its once or twice a month ( damn adulting sucks ) I finally get to make these and my group supports it. They went out with me when we got the xps and other stuff.

  22. I am looking to get into your tile creation style, origionally I used the official D&D reincarnated dungeon tiles. As I'm used to 4×4, 2×2, and 8×8 tiles I notice you use 3×3 and 6×6 tiles. Is there any reason one would be preferable to another? I'm hving trouble seeing the pros and cons of each and am having trouble deciding.

  23. Man, that polystyrene is far more plyable than id have imagined…might have to give this a go ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the rad videos!

  24. THIS IS A VERY OLD EARLY EPISODE. I have done a few hundred more since and I suggest you check some of those out. My techniques and videos have progressed considerably since this early effort. What is the foam and where do you get it:
    ๐Ÿ“ Tools & Supplies I Recommend:
    โš”๏ธJoin the "Fellowship" on Patreon:

  25. Just a quick question. See, i build my tiles and buildings out of wood. I don't use styrofoam because i feel like it will or can break or dent in very easily. Is that the case or im i just crazy?

  26. I went to the hardware store today to get some xps foam, and I expected it to be cheaper in big sheets (because you warned me) but since i have a small car i figured i could just eat the cost difference for the convenience of a smaller sheet… but the difference in cost blew my mind. The 8×4 sheets were 62c (usd) per square foot, and the small 2×2 sheets were 1.79$a foot!
    smash cut to me drop kicking a huge foam sheet in the parking lot so it'll fit into my prius

  27. So followed your instructions for making the tile, and did not like how long it was taking me to mark out the grid on them. So I went into cad and built this to make a grid impression. Saves time if anyone is interested, and has a 3d printer.

  28. Had to subscribe! This is exactly what I've been searching for! Been searching on how to make my own 3D D&D set. Awesome!

  29. Awesome video, thanks for putting this out there! This is probably a noob question but you say you paint them black. What kind of paint is that? You did not spray paint them so what did you use? Primer? Many thanks in advance! Btw anyone else here that can answer this question please do ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Another absolutely amazing video. I am new to your channel but love what you do ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿพ

  31. Although an old video this technique still holds up especially with dollar store foam. I will show pictures when I am done thank you for your videos. This may be the first tutorial I actually have done from a youtube video that's how easy it is. I also got most if not all my supplies from the dollar tree here in the US.

  32. I can only find 1/8th inch XPS foam locally. I've made a bunch of super thin tiles. The only drawback is that they're fragile and very lightweight

  33. Hello Friend! I am Brazilian, I follow your videos, in this model, which type of Styrofoam you use, if you have name, nomatura, thickness, and can pass me I thank you to try to search in Brazil.

  34. Nice video!
    I made a tutorial about tiles with XPS too but a better version will come out! Check my channel, I'd appreciate it โค

  35. Out of curiosity do you Have an experienced based opinion on weather or not using a hair dryer to dry product faster has any negative effect? I personally done a few little projects side by side and haven't noticed a difference but they've all been really small pieces and I don't know about long term.

    I guess I just get a little bit impatient lol

  36. Out of curiosity do you Have an experienced based opinion on weather or not using a hair dryer to dry product faster has any negative effect? I personally done a few little projects side by side and haven't noticed a difference but they've all been really small pieces and I don't know about long term.

    I guess I just get a little bit impatient lol

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