Bath Sink Drain Plug Replacement

Bath Sink Drain Plug Replacement

I recommend using the metal type of popups the plastic ones you can’t have probably little ok and we’ve got these pieces all doped up and pipe dope putting ready to go let’s start putting together the first let’s back up a little ok now let me show you one side is this the inside part stick where this piece go okay okay but we’re gonna have to work with both of them together so we’re gonna have to do is see how this goes in your identity on the other side here in order for the tools were killed this has masculine here you can’t see this but screwing together remember every package you’re going to get up some directions on how to put it together I guess it with this video and the package ok now we’ve got this together okay turn it back around and yeah okay now we’re going to do is take this mounting nut which mounts the pop-up to the sink take the take the washer slide up the bars when you go with it right here first great then kindness 99 ok nice smooth tight just my life took the other part witness what ya dick just not rich I tight enough let’s go out here we will make sure this is facing the right direction k space in the right direction and then straight for this hole right here just will push rod for words come out to up to this again which is the mechanism that operates pop-up look kick his little more terms kinda let’s turn to see the other side i love the party started squeezing losing out through here provide us with a tight seal ok I like to do is take screwdriver to get that makes there’s plenty of it ok back now here we have another part that operates the papa this nation this is like some did it ok here’s the plug itself now these two work together at the same hi this is how that operates it was this decided to pull this up and down just like that so we want to do is take this put on the other side yeah okay sticking here the other side it like so okay see I hold space and back that way ok back to the other side to show you where is coming out it ok now you can see it ok yep ok now this part goes on here which will allow us to control the populace gold over now okay housekeeping on here crackdown right and this particular that you don’t want to crack down too tight because you do you have from patrolling the mechanism its feet I’ll take too much an effort to get it up and down and possibly bend off ok that’s fairly time still operated it’s nice and slow ok now is push the push rod through from the other side okay look here yeah right now I want to catch the other side it ok now we have another mechanism this book to the pushrod at the home of the poppet this piece here to do this piece through here and this nut screw right here is milas to tighten down like to wear grip this rod never going to have another piece in here which will hold the rod in place which hold the rod on yeah so okay will do this piece offers just do one home now this piece on catching any holding we want to 1000 depend on how we want to adjust it ok to get that second to it and hold we’re okay see and hold it together hold it in place that little silver piece ok now what I like to do is pull it down as far as I can officially first of all control this one out back here to pop up down farther can then i go to back the on rod everything at least now we have this basically we want we want to tighten this not here right here this time let where hold it rod and place the one it got to sit this one out ok hell yeah push pull rod look I seems a roll it up just wait okay now we have the pale piece extended therapies extended tailpiece hooks to this in here here’s the extended penalties around my school that in the first before we do that we will put that’s right your pipe over here what as much of the skills we can get you extra water we don’t need not in the sink itself ok we have pic place build and it goes clockwise and this is hand tight is good enough nice typing paper will do is get a rag wipe the axis type notice on

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  1. @missyg2202 I see. The handle is staying on by compression. pull the handle strait out and it should just pope off it may take a little work but that is how you remove it. and the screws are behind that. This is call the overflow on your tub. Good luck. And thanks for stopping by

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