Bayswater Mural

My name’s Gavin Catto. I work on the Bayswater Level Crossing Removal
Project. And we’re here today at the open shared
use path, and the public art that we’ve placed underneath the Mountain Highway Bridge. We are working with students from Bayswater
Secondary School. And we’re running a mentoring program to
paint this space, make it more beautiful and inviting for the general public, as they welcome
themselves into the station. The students feel tremendous ownership of
this project. They’ve been involved right from the beginning
artistically. They’ve seen the evolution of the stories
and understand the reason for all of the images. They’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about indigenous culture and so they’re absolutely thrilled to be here working with professionals and they’re smashing it out. We’re also working in conjunction with three
Coolum Nations tribes. What we’re doing is incorporating all of
their artworks into one overall mural to try and represent everyone in the area. Everything about this project’s been fun
for us. It’s really good for the whole community
to see these kids doing something really positive. Yeah, I’m really proud to say that I helped out
with all of this. It’s something that I’m really looking
forward to telling people about. Getting the community involved allows them
to have a sense of ownership with the project. And at the end of the day they’re the end
users. So, they are the people that are going to be using
the bike path, getting to the station, we want them to own the project and be a part
of Bayswater. Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury
Place, Melbourne

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