BAZZI INTERIOR DECORATION – Interview with Umberto Bazzi

This year, we decided on a completely new presentation, a new concept for our clients, bestowing the atmosphere of a house, or an apartment, somewhere our clients can recognise as their own home. The new concept of the Bazzi firm is aimed at the creation of turnkey projects, giving the client the option to customise everything in the home. Quite a difficult path, one on which we have been engaged for two years but which now allows us, at this edition of the Milan trade fair, to demonstrate to clients the very high degree of personalisation and elegance that the Bazzi firm has been pursuing for these last two years. The proof is that, in the first two days of the Salone this year, we exceeded last year’s number of visitors. We have been seeking out new materials. This year, our stand displays marble inlays with semi-precious stones, lots of lapis lazuli in youthful colours, without neglecting the classicism that is one of our fundamental characteristics. It is important that the client immediately understands that, with us, he or she can realise their dreams of a unique house, created from the starting point those dreams. This is vital nowadays in order to increase the demand for our product which, while remaining classic, must be able to change and develop in order to attract, above all, the younger person, who is not very familiar with the classic; they are, in fact, more aimed at the modern. We therefore have to combine modernity and classicism and I believe that, this year, we have been entirely successful.

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