Beautiful DIY Paper Quilling Flower Wall Hanging | Home Decor Craft | StylEnrich

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich How to Make Quilling Flower Wall Hanging Things You Need… Quilling strips, Pins, Pencil, Adhesive, Scissors, Quilling Needle, Pearls, Glue Gun & Stick. Thermocol, Cardboards, White Paper Take the quilling paper and paste it to one another as shown. Take a thermocol and place cardboard on it. Draw a heart shape design as shown. Now attach the pins to this design. Now take the quilling strips, paste one end of it using glue and make the patterns as shown. We get a perfect heart shape petals. Now remove the pins from it. We will make several such quilling petals using different color quilling strips. Now let us make a coil as shown. Use a quilling needle to make the coil and seal the end with glue. Now take a piece of cardboard and paste a white sheet on it. Now let us arrange and paste the petals as shown. Now decorate the sheet using quilling strips as shown. To decorate the flower, paste the golden beads as shown. Paste a quilling strip on the back of the cardboard so that it can be hanged on the wall. Your beautiful quilling flower wall hanging room decor craft is now ready! Thanks for watching and happy crafting!

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