Beginner Acrylic Tutorial Abstract Butterfly Painting

Beginner Acrylic Tutorial Abstract Butterfly Painting

Please Stand By (children counting down)
Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One (butterfly wings fluttering & children laughing)
♪♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♪♪♪♫♫♫♪♪ ♪♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♪♪♪♫♫♫♪♪ Hey everybody. It’s Cinnamon Cooney. Your Art Sherpa. On the mic today is my husband John. *John: Hi guys. *Cinnamon: Sherpa tracking. What we mean by that, if you’re brand new here, is we have several cameras and he follows me around on the switcher to make sure you are right up on the action, and you don’t miss any part of the painting. So you really understand what we’re doing. So essentially, you can do it at home. Because this isn’t me showing you how I can paint. This is me showing you how you can paint. Which is the whole point of a tutorial, is you being able to do this. And today I’m so excited to be showing you guys how to do this abstract butterfly. With pallet knives! Actually, probably not that pallet knife. Probably one more like this! (both laughing) With pallet knives. We’re going to be doing this today. Woo woo woo… On a 16 by 20 pre-gessoed canvas. I’m using one of the economy canvases. You know. The ones you get in the packs? The packs o’ canvas o’ cheap. Um, sometimes they give us some trouble, these cheaper canvases, and it may take a coat of gesso to, uh, make it where they take paint. It’s a weird new development in the art world. That we’re all kind of getting used to. Um, but mostly I haven’t had any problems with them. They’re just, you know. they’re just economy canvases and it’s good to save some money sometimes. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You know. Especially if you’re painting three times a week on a, on a live YouTube show. (both laugh) It’s a good place to do that. I’m gonna say hi to everybody who came to the live show. How are you guys doing in there? *John: Their doing pretty good. They’re worried about you. How are you doing? *Cinnamon: Okay, so yes, I did pull a rib muscle. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: That did happen. Um, I did not follow my own rules about being seated in your art space. And good art body positioning. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: This may actually become an art quest later. (both laughing) *Cinnamon: Because I was in a rush to do a bunch of projects, and I got kind of lazy, and I didn’t set up my space. And I didn’t hold it. And therefore, I was bent over my work too far. And pulled a rib muscle. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So that’s awesome. And I smell like Ben-gay right now.
[John laugh] *Cinnamon: And in our family, for my husband, I might as well be covered in radioactive dust. (both laughing) *Cinnamon: He really hates Ben-gay. *John: It just like maces me. *Cinnamon: He just hates it so much. But I right now am loving it. Um, this is not a sponsored program for Ben-gay. (both laughing) *Cinnamon: It’s just so good when you’re hurt. Umm… So today’s materials. Ooh! I’m so excited! So we have….I’m going to use a brush to paint the canvas. *John: You are? *Cinnamon: It’s undercoat… Yeah. The colors today, very small pallet today. It’s titanium white, phthalo blue, cad yellow, and yellow ocher. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Right. And, umm, you can- Sometimes called yellow oxide. The ocher is a little more transparent than the oxide. And then I’ve got this set of pallet knives by System 3 that my mom gave me. They’re just assorted pallet knives. We’re going to be using just simple diamond knives. I’ve got some other examples. I know my mom will find me and get me later, but hey, plastic knives will work on this. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And creative knives. This is the Bob Ross knife, will work on this. More information on all of that in the description below including a link to my Pinterest page. On my Pinterest there is a board, um… hART pARTy full images. And then there are I guess it’s Art Sherpa just full of images. Full images! *John: Full of images. *Cinnamon: And traceables. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: No traceable for this. *John: No? *Cinnamon: No because no drawing. *John: Yeah. There’s really no drawing. *Cinnamon: There’s no drawing.
*John: There’s just strokes. *Cinnamon: It’s just expression. This is so easy. It couldn’t be easier, for anybody to do. Um, the big brush that you see there, you can use any size brush to paint this in. This is just my big Pro-Stroke from Powercryl. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: It’s just cause I don’t wanna spend a whole long time painting on my canvas. Cause, I have a limited run this ibuprofen and Ben-gay is gonna work. *John: Ooh! Real quick I’m gonna say cause I saw we have one one one. In- A hundred and eleven people with us right now. So I’m gonna say big hugs to all of our hundred and eleven- *Cinnamon: Hundred and eleven?!? *John: A hundred and eleven people. *Cinnamon: Ok, so this is a big thing. I’m gonna go right to wishes. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Right? Because one of my wishes today, I- And then he saw a hundred and eleven. And that’s like [hums twilight zone theme] *John: Oh. We’re past that now. Just- [chuckles] *Cinnamon: But it was there and you saw it. And that’s all that counts. I’m one of these people, and this makes John crazy, I believe in signs. *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: Right. So if you see like a bunch of butterflies or a bunch of numbers in a row, or any of that, I’m- I feel like I’m in a constant conversation with the universe. And it’s talking back, and John knows to point out, like, repeat numbers for me, and butterflies are a big one for me. So I thought I would put a wish in for all of you guys today. In the canvas that all that are seeking signs, if you’re looking for a sign from the universe, I really wish you get one. Cause I get them all the time. I do and I love it and it makes me feel like I’m in a friendly kind, planned universe and I really enjoy that. If it’s not your thing, don’t worry about it. *John: [chuckles] Right? *Cinnamon: It’s my thing. It’s not- Is it your thing that much? *John: No, I love it.
[Cinnamon laughs] *John: I, you know- Cause whenever- Whenever I see- I like seeing numbers. Like when I see one one one or two two two, I love seeing that. *Cinnamon: Yeah. I’m not sure he’s like, “Oh No! The car’s covered in crows!” Call all the family members! [both laugh] *John: I see it went one two three, and then it went to one two eight. I like seeing one two three in the numbers too. *Cinnamon: Yeah. I like that too. We also wanna wish that Millie has a great day at the dentist. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And that all her paperwork that she needed miraculously comes in. So we’re sending light and love to her and her mom. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And we’re wishing that all the people who have family members who are ill right now, that their caregivers have strength. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: This is a wish to go to the caregivers of family members that are ill. That you guys have the strength support and help that you need. And now I’m gonna put out the paint. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: I’m so sorry. I know signs. You see- You did the one.
*John: I know. I love it. *Cinnamon: One thing John. *John: I, you know, I think it’s awesome. You know, there’s a lot of birthdays happening out there? *Cinnamon: Oh! Let’s do some!
*John: Drama Queen…. *Cinnamon: While I’m putting out paint let’s wish out some birthdays. *John: Yeah. Nem- Namia? *Cinnamon: Nam- [laughs] John and names. *John: Good Reya. Well, luckily- See now We’re getting- They help me, because they phonetically spell it out in the chat. So- *Cinnamon: Cause they’ve met you. [chuckles] *John: Cause they- Well, yeah, they know. So we’ve got little brushes like Reya and Stefan. *Cinnamon: Happy Birthday Reya and Stefan. Putting out- Squeezing out my little bit of paint here. Losing caps. Hate these caps! [groans] Oh, the caps! Alright. This is what I’m putting out. Cause I’m gonna do a green undercoat. *John: Lots of hugs. *Cinnamon: Lots of hugs, and birthday wishes. I’m gonna get my big brush wet. But not soaking. Just damp. And I’m gonna take a little small amount of my blue over to my yellow. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Cause I’m trying to make a very bright green. Trying to make a very bright, bright green. To go under… My yellow ochre. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I’m adding a little white to it. *John: Can you push that forward just a little- *Cinnamon: And I’m just gonna paint in this canvas. Hmm? *John: Well, can you push your- your palette just a little bit forward there? Oh, perfect! Now they can see it! *Cinnamon: Alright! *John: And I wanna just send a big hug to Chely. She’s having a- This is a big day for her, so. *Cinnamon: Oh, big hugs, Chely. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Big happy day or big hard day? *John: It’s just a- She’s working- You know, this is one of those days where she’s gotta sore- A… A loss that she’s dealing with. It was a long time ago, but she’s *Cinnamon: Awe… *John: She seems to be in a good place. As much as anyone could. Some big hugs. *Cinnamon: As much- Well I hope she gets a sign that helps her get through this day. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I hope she finds a sign. I’m wondering how many- Like I’m wondering if I’m alone in this. How many sign seekers do we have? *John: Well, there’s a sign. Dottie Gin is in the room. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: It’s a sign! *John: [laughing] It’s a sign of something! [both laugh] *Cinnamon: Dottie’s like, “Hey!” I just showed up! *John: I just showed up and you guys are hassling me already? Yes. Yes. You show up, and we hassle you. *Cinnamon: I’m just getting this paint in real quick. If you’re very new to painting you’ll notice that I’m just covering the canvas. I’m letting it streak. I’m not that worried about it. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Another thing you’re gonna notice if you’re very new to painting, you can be painting with a smaller brush than what I have here. I’m just again, conserving energy. And so I’m using a bigger brush. Cause, obviously, bigger brushes cover the canvas quicker. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Um, I’m not that worried about it. I’m mixing from the outside of my paint plops. I’m not scooping the middles. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: Right? And I’m not worried about this coating because this is going to be almost completely covered by the yellow ochre on the palette knife. This just makes sure that my piece looks very finished. I don’t know if you can see this here. *John: Hold on.
*Cinnamon: See this pitting? John: Hold on. I can zoom in on it. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Just wanna talk about the pitting a little bit. *John: I can…. baaaaarely see. There! There we go. I can see. *Cinnamon: Can you see that pitting? *John: Yeah. What is that from? *Cinnamon: That is the coating is resisting the paint a little bit. And this brush is not as stiff as it can be. Some of the reasons I’m- *John: You can see it more over here on the edge of the… *Cinnamon: Right here? Yeah. Here you can see some of it too. So, this is a slightly softer bristle brush. It’s not too soft cause it’s Power Stroke, but it’s still softer than, um, the Simply Simmons firm filaments. *John: Uh-huh. *Cinnamon: And so now it’s just about, does the canvas take the paint? These coatings are a little weird. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: This is my technical term for it. These coatings are a little bit weird.
[John chuckles] *Cinnamon: And, you know, If you’re getting from a company that’s a known company, the coating should just take the paint. But lately there’s been just a lot more of this going on, I find, in the art world. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Right? And I think that’s probably something to do with manufacturer. And all kinds of things that I’m not aware of yet. *John: Now, which- *Cinnamon: But I’m gonna get familiar. I’m gonna find out. I’m gonna get all Nancy Drew on this canvas mystery. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: And we’re gonna learn what is up with the canvases. I’ll go on a fact finding mission. Like an inve- Like Geraldo. [Cinnamon chuckles] *John: Now, you were- What yellow are you using there? *Cinnamon: I’m using the cadmium yellow. The phthalo blue and the titanium white. And I’m just taking a little of my blue over to my yellow. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: You know, if I had ultramarine blue right here with this cad yellow, I wouldn’t be getting a green. I’d be getting kind of a grayish green. *John: Oh! *Cinnamon: You know, cause those are complements in- They’re complements on their undertones on the color wheel. *John: I didn’t know that. *Cinnamon: Yes you do. You did the big art quest. *John: Well, just- Not like off hand, I don’t. I mean like, if- *Cinnamon: WHOA! *John: If one were to give me an open book test and say what happens if you mix these two colors? *Cinnamon: Depends on what book that I- What if I gave you the, um, the artist handbook? [Cinnamon laughs] *John: I would be doomed. [Both laugh]
*Cinnamon: You would be doomed. *John: I mean like it needs cliff notes just to understand that book. *Cinnamon: It- Well, yeah. *John: I took a quick look at it, and I was like, NO! *Cinnamon: I’m really enjoying it, though. There’s some things in there that are just cracking me up. *John: I mean like-
*Cinnamon: Cracking me up, John. *John: I love reading technical manuals of like how camera’s work-
*Cinnamon: That’s beyond a technical manual. *John: And stuff, but no it’s like, you’d have, like, I guess if you were… *Cinnamon: When art nerds geek out, it’s on another level. I put out a lot more paint than I really needed here. You know. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And that’s ok. That’s not important. Cause I was just- I’m changing brush directions, cause again, this is this undercoating. If this were, um, my background, my brush stroke direction would be super important. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And because this is just this undercoat, it’s not important. I’m just coating the canvas so that there’s green. Making sure the pits are all gone. *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: And there’s just this nice coat of paint. For the palette work. And guess what I get to do now. Your favorite thing. Hair dry. *John: Oh yeah? *Cinnamon: Quick note on hairdrying. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Right? Is try to keep it six to eight inches away from your canvas. Heat can really affect student paints and craft paints. And cause a thing called color shift, which means your color- You’ll get a perfect color and then it’ll darken on you as it dries. And that’s a frustrating thing for new painters, and a lot of times they’ll think that reflects on them or their understanding, and it doesn’t. It’s just the nature of those paints. The higher quality paint you get, the less color shift you get, but you know you gotta- You gotta respect your budget. As well- You know, it’s important. It’s the balance of, I wanna have a painting experience but I also want to be happy, you know, in my budget. So… Happy wallet, happy painting experience. Find that balance. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Alright. Here’s- Drying canvas. *John: Ok. [chuckles] So, while she’s doing that, I wanna say big hugs out there to Chely and Ghost. You know, I know you guys have a whole lot going on. So, big hugs, and thank you for coming out and hanging out with us, and everybody else! You know, Wow! Thank you, guys. HUGE room! We’ve got like over two hundred and sixty people here. Um, we like- The room’s just blown up, so, thank you guys. We really appreciate the likes, comments and subscribes. If you do subscribe then it he- Then you can get reminders to know when we’re going live and all the shenanigans. We’re going to be doing more and more live as we- As things are going on. Yes yes yes. I know. We’re supposed to subscribe. And share, and comment. Yeah, those two things. Sharing and commenting. That’s really helpful for us, so it lets YouTube know that you guys like what you see and that we should keep doing it. So, and you know, it helps get the word out to other people, so we have a bigger room, and more pictures, and more stuff, so. Yeah. Please share, and post comments and stuff. So, that definitely helps. And thank you guys for being here with us. You know, it’s awesome. So… *Cinnamon: Ow!
[both laugh] *John: Don’t wave. *Cinnamon: It’s so annoying today. [Cinnamon sighs in frustration] *Cinnamon: Always, always make sure you always keep good art seating and positioning when you are painting. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So important! I’m gonna put out a bunch of titanium white. I have to go buy a new tube here really soon. And a pretty good amount of yellow ochre. And I’m gonna get my Bob Ross knife. Um, just cause I really like it. *John: Cause you’re feeling the Ross? *Cinnamon: I’m feeling the Bob. I’m gonna invoke the Bob. I’m gonna ask Bob to come paint with us and give us lots of inspiration today. This is the shape. Listen. You could do this with a credit card. Angela Anderson has completely proved on her YouTube channel you can totally interchange a credit card for a palette knife. So, if you don’t want to go out and get a set of knives, you don’t have to. If you do want to get a set of knives, I got links. I really am enjoying these. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: As well. My mom got me these. So, but the plastic ones, inspite her words, are ok. So here’s the deal. We’re gonna- Are we really on camera? *John: We are on camera. *Cinnamon: Alright. So one of the tricks about anything you’re doing with knives. Any sort of these stiff, stick type stools- tools. [laughs] These are stick type tools. Is you’re going to want to load to the direction of your stroke. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: So if I’m…. Stroking from left to right, I’m loading the right side of my knife. *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: So, I’m gonna pull this little bead out. See that? *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna pull this little bead out. *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: Maybe a little more of that bead. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And then what I can do… Is I can get that. *John: Oh! That’s good! *Cinnamon: And this is all it is. Pulling a little bead out. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: This time it’s a little more white. Pull more ochre. And I have a slightly firm pressure. I am pulling the paint along the canvas. It doesn’t matter on this particular one my directionality because I want the background to be really crazy *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Very expressive and abstracted. I could also, if I wanted more of a mix before I came to the canvas… *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I could pull a little bit out. And then scrape it up. See how I kinda did that? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Where I put it down and scrape it back up. Totally doable. And that gives me a more marbled mix before applying to the canvas. *John: Now, was it- *Cinnamon: And I’m just using a bigger knife. *John: Was it Angela or was it Lindsay who did the credit card tutorial? *Cinnamon: Ok. Well… Now, see, here’s the thing. Lindsay may have done one and I wouldn’t know it because Lindsay has done everything. *John: She’s done like twelve, thirteen hundred videos. *Cinnamon: If y’all read Xanth. [both laughing] *John: Yes. The chronicles of Lindsay. *Cinnamon: You know which wizard she is. [both laughing] *Cinnamon: Ya know who she is. She’s Good Magician Humfrey, right? *John: Yeah! *Cinnamon: So, um- I actually named a cat after that. Anyways. So, she might have but what I know is there’s these trees that Angela did and she demonstrated how you could use a, um…. Credit card. Instead of a palette knife. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And, so. If y’all know of a tutorial Lindsay did definitely that is probably true too. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Cause Lindsay does everything. She does a daily upload, guys. *John: Yeah. So Karen said that Angela did birch trees with a credit card. *Cinnamon: Yes. *John: So, you may want to check that out. Cause there was someone who was asking, you know, do you cut the credit cards into the shapes of the knives. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: Oh. You do? *Cinnamon: You can. *John: Oh. Well, cool! *Cinnamon: Yeah. I mean, it’s a stiff plastic thing. I would use a good exacto knife. Please don’t cut off your finger. Use safety. Wear goggles. You know. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: All of those things. *John: Do nothing that PinterFix does. Or Pinter Test. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Do nothing that threadbanger does. If Rob has done it on threadbanger, you don’t do it. Only do what Corinne do. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: Only follow Corinne. I mean, I love Rob. He’s totally entertaining, but Corinne is gonna live. *John: [chuckles] Yes. *Cinnamon: She’s gonna out live him and not just because of that male/female longevity thing. *John: So, I’m gonna- Do we have to hair dry this again? *Cinnamon: We can. We could also do it Alla Prima. Wet into wet. And this is sort of a fun place to kind of think about those different techniques. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Right? So, if you’re feeling unsure…. Right? *John: Uh-huh. *Cinnamon: Definitely hair dry it before you do the next layer. It’s only gonna skin a little bit. If you want to get crazy and thick with the modeling paste like we just learned, I would definitely get a skin going. *John: Mm-hmm. Now, I have a quick question. Are you gonna be doing that all the way down the palette? *Cinnamon: WHOLE canvas! I’m just putting this crazy- Covering the whole thing with this. *John: Excellent. So, I’m gonna ask a- A quick favor. *Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. *John: I need to sneak up there and put an emergency wish in. *Cinnamon: Ok. *John: It’s really an emergency. *Cinnamon: I got chalk. What do we got. *John: We need to wish for housing and safe homes for everyone in our community. For a safe and happy home. So I know that some of our community are concerned about that. I want to make sure that- That’s put to bed. *Cinnamon: It’s in. It’s in. *John: This is a good one. So thank you. *Cinnamon: It’s in. *John: Thank you. *Cinnamon: Always. Look. We have a lot of ability to wish each other well and to make the world a better place. There may be people working very hard. Trying to make it a worse place. But we can do the opposite. We can make it more beautiful. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: More friendly. More hopeful. You can use any paint for this. Any acrylic paint. So you could do this all in student paints. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: You know what I mean? That’s ok. The issue with the student paints… Can be that they, um… Lift during brush-on varnishing but you should never brush-on varnish a palette knife painting, anyways. *John: Uh, why? *Cinnamon: Because it will pool, and cloud, and cause you grief. *John: What if all you have is a brush? I mean like, how else can you do?… Is there- Can you put it in a squirt bottle, or?… *Cinnamon: Ok, so if all- No, no, no. If all you have is a brush… You need- Ok, so here’s the deal. My mom will do it, and she and I get in big riles over it all the time, cause she’ll brush on varnish her palette knife work, and I’m like, “AHHHH!” Cause my job would be to go back through and gently, with a dry, soft brush, scoop out the little pools of collecting varnish. *John: Oh. Oh, yeah. So really the best thing is to buy spray varnish. *Cinnamon: You can, but- If you have no way I still would get spray varnish. *John: Just get spray varnish. *Cinnamon: Just- Yeah. For palette knife work. For any sort of very textural, impasto work. See, I’m just enjoying- Now I could go the opposite way. Like, I’m gonna load the other way. *John: Can you show us those loads. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna show you this. Here it is. Look. I go like that. Look at that. There’s the load. *John: Lift up to the camera. Lift up. It autofocuses. Ooh! Look at that! Ok. *Cinnamon: That’s the load. And now I can go this direction. This pretty much- The- The side of the knife you’re loading on seems to be the first barrier to success with the knife. *John: Ooh. I will say hello to Tris, who’s in from Pakistan. *Cinnamon: Hi! *John: There’s some- I haven’t seen anyone from Pakistan before, so that’s cool. *Cinnamon: I think we actually have. *John: Belfast. I- *Cinnamon: Hard to say. Cause we’re very blessed in that YouTube lets these videos go all over the world. *John: That’s my favorite thing. I love hearing from all of the- All the wonderful places that people are… Are watching from. *Cinnamon: So I get to virtually be all over the world. I feel like I’ve really traveled. I feel really blessed. Like I’ve really gotten to travel even though I haven’t left my studio. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Cause, like, you know how you guys feel like you’re here with me? I feel like I’m there with you. *John: [chuckles] Yeah, that’s really cool. *Cinnamon: It’s the weirdest thing. I’m like, I’m there in Palestine right now. Hanging out with Tris. That’s kinda cool. *John: Pakistan. *Cinnamon: Pakistan. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: Ok. Pakistan.
[John chuckles] *John: And then Ashlyn is from Belfast. *Cinnamon: From Belfast. So I’m there in Belfast. Pakistan. Belfast. I’m traveling so fast. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: I’m getting around. I w- Yeah. I would love to travel like that, in like, face to face and really see the world. It would be just, such a blessing. *John: And- We have some Canadians with us. *Cinnamon: Well, I’ve been to Canada, eh. *John: We have a Canadian in our family. *Cinnamon: We do. *John: Little Luna. *Cinnamon: Luna is Canadian. *John: Our littlest one, Luna, is a Canadian. *Cinnamon: She was born in PoCo. *John: No, she was born in VanCouver. *Cinnamon: Well I guess- Yeah, right. The hospital. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: She was born in VanCouver. *Cinnamon: She was conceived in PoCo? I don’t know. [Both laughing] *Cinnamon: She’s a PoCo baby. [John laughing] *Cinnamon: So I’m just having fun getting this coated. See, this is like this little thing. I’m just coating it up. You can see it’s liking a lot of paint. *John: And I’ll say Melissa, Kansas is exotic if you’re from Pakistan. So… *Cinnamon: That’s right. So, um, there’s this show called Art Expo. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: In New York, and artists come from all over the world. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And actually I had some friends that were artists from Pakistan. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: And it was so crazy cause you get so used to your own thing. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You don’t realize how cool it is to anybody else. *John: Right. Exactly. *Cinnamon: You know. And you’re like, Wow! *John: For us it’s just, you know, saw blades and folk art. And to the rest of the world it’s like, WOW! We ain’t nothing like this over here! *Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s just, you know…. *John: But, you know, that’s… That’s the cool thing about like, getting to understand other people’s, you know… Cultural views. *Cinnamon: Well, I think for artists it’s wonderful because we kind of step outside of that. We’re about the art and the process and this whole experience and we just don’t participate in everybody else’s nonsense. Though we do tend to comment on it artistically. We’ll make big art installations about what we think. But like with each other it’s amazing how we’re more about brotherhood and comradery and…. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Just sharing the process. You know. What is it like to paint? Like, real questions like, well- Like- Humidity. Drying time. It’s really funny, the stuff we get down into. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: You know. Tips. Products. I think that’s important. Color palettes. And I’m just going along, getting through my coat. You can see I’m just- There’s the load. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: See, you can just do this marbling. And then I pick it all up on the knife. I don’t really waste a lot. It all goes on the canvas. *John: You get a lot out of that. *Cinnamon: Yeah. No. It goes on the canvas. I could scrape it out thicker or thinner, depending on how I’m…. You know. Going. And you’ll notice that the green is sort of showing through. You could pick dark brown as an under color. You could pick- You could do this over gold leaf. *John: Mm-hmm. That looks really cool. I like how it has that, you know, that interesting depth to it. *Cinnamon: It does help give it depth. And it lets you be a lot more expressive. To the experience. So I’m just kind of… Making sure it’s how I want it to be, and I’m smoothing. *John: What are you doing? *Cinnamon: I’m just kind of going around. Like, I’m just using my knife, and… I’m not scraping and my pressure is pretty light. Right? But now I am going to scrape in. *John: Oh, you are? *Cinnamon: Yeah, I’m gonna do something kind of crazy. I’m gonna wipe off my knife. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: I can use this knife. I can switch to, you know, a diamond knife. Like, I can get like a diamond tip like this. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And I know that my butterfly kinda comes at a diagonal here. So I’m gonna come over from the halfway point and I’m gonna just make a little diagonal line. Into the wet paint. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Right here. And off of this I’m gonna make two little, umm…. Little antenni. Scraped into the paint. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: There ya go. Doesn’t need to be perfect. Doesn’t need to be anything, but I just want those in there because later that’s my antenni. *John: Gotcha. You just need kinda…. *Cinnamon: Yeah. A lot of people that like subtractive, this is the subtractive method. *John: Mmmm. *Cinnamon: Look at this getting all crazy. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: Now this is a good time, if you wanna dry it and give it a skin, it’s a good time to do it. So you would do the same thing. Get back. Go around. John’s gonna talk to you guys. *John: Ok. I’ll talk to you guys. Hey, guys. I’m back! Hi! Umm….. Hmm…. Oh! So I’ll say thank you. We got a whole bunch of really nice likes and comments and thumbs up out there. So thank you to all of those guys, and to all of our moderators who are out there. I see- I see Janine and and Mona and Bonnie and KimSim. And I see Ghost, and….. I didn’t see Mark out there, but I think he’s around. And all of our- We have a lot of new community members with us today. I see Drama Queen was out here for the first time but she’s chatting up a storm. And Brooklyn, and Marie, and Hi guys! Just like, you know, I’m just gonna say hi cause- Hi Alan. Cause she’s got nothing- She’s gonna leave me here, so I’ll just chat with you guys. So, Hi! And you should comment, like, and subscribe. Whoa! Definitely cause we’re like really close. We have two hundred ninety two, two hundred ninety three people. Like, so definitely like share. And, umm….. And thumbs up, because… It would be awesome if we could get over three hundred. We’re really close. *Cinnamon: Oh my gosh. Are we? *John: Yeah. We’re like one ninety four. Or two ninety four. Sorry. *Cinnamon: Ooh! Ooh! Let’s break three! What are we breaking? *John: Three hundred. Yeah. *Cinnamon: Three hundred. I would love to break three hundred today. That would be amazing. *John: We’ve done it before. Yeah. It would be cool to do it again today. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: There’s lots of people hanging out. *Cinnamon: So I forgot something earlier. *John: What’d you forget? *Cinnamon: I’m gonna be using black paint for the body. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: But it was in the description, so it’s ok. *John: Ok. You just forgot to mention it. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Cause, you know, paint. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: I’m ok guys. Don’t worry. So, I’m gonna put out some blue paint. And again quite a lot of white paint. Normally- If you work a lot in palette knives, a lot of times you work from tubs. You know, just because it’s easier to…. Use this higher quantity of paint. So you would normally go from tubs. You know. Cause if you had these like little two ounce tubes, you’d be like, “My paint be gone!” [Both laugh] *John: We need more paint. *Cinnamon: Now the trick to the butterfly on this is that these upper wings are gonna be lighter and the lower wings are gonna be darker. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna take a little of my blue. Over to my white. And I’m gonna marble it in a little bit. I have loaded it… On…. The left hand…. Side of the knife. *John: Bring that up close to the camera there. *Cinnamon: Alright. Here you go. *John: I wanna say big hugs to MyMedia. Who’s a little brush with us today. *Cinnamon: Is the little brush also palette knife painting? *John: I believe that she is. *Cinnamon: Hi! That’s so cool! Show me your painting. *John: Mm-hmm. Post, post, post. *Cinnamon: Post, post, post. *John: And…. Do you have a sippy sippy today? *Cinnamon: I did not get a sippy sippy today cause I’m taking ibuprofen and I’m just like *John: You’re just water mostly. Yeah. Ok. *Cinnamon: So I’ve got my knife. It’s kind of a weird way I’m holding it in my hand *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Cause I wanna angle here. I could also turn my… Which would really help. I could turn.
[both chuckle] *Cinnamon: My tool to get a better angle. And when you need to. And I sometimes forget to do that in- Not in my own studio. But in, you know, when I’m teaching you guys sometimes I’ll forget to turn my- My stuff for my ease. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna be stroking from the right to the left so it’s loaded on the left hand side. And then this is going to be- I’m just gonna plant this. And make kind of this light, arching stroke. Let it feather off. I’m not that worried that it’s feathering off. And then here, about one, two, three dabs over I’m gonna come this direction. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Curving it this way. And that’s gonna be the basic shape of my wing. I’m gonna get some more paint. *John: So, why- A lot of people- *Cinnamon: Curving. *John: A lot of people are curious why you painted the background green first. *Cinnamon: I liked it. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: I just really liked it. *John: You like the contrast of the green and the yellow to give that layer? *Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s almost a harmony, but it’s so vibrant that it creates a little color drama. And I was enjoying that. You could do a lot of colors on this. This gives you a lot of options on your colors. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I’m just come here. I’m just stroking this wing out. Right? Picking up some white. Come here. See, I’ve got that there. So, I can put him… Back here. Scrape this off. And I can come reload. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: Reloading. I’m gonna get some more of this white. And come this side. That’s all it is. This is a very abstract butterfly. Essence of butterfly. *John: Essence of butterfly. *Cinnamon: Not anatomical story of butterfly. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: And that’s very important. Right? And I’m just stroking this off here. And you guys, struggling with perfectionism. You’re gonna have to really breath into a bag here. John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Um…. And there’s nothing wrong with how you are. How you’re made is exactly how you should be. Um…. You shouldn’t… You shouldn’t, you know, at all take that away from yourself, but sometimes you’re gonna run into an art skill that because by its very nature is- Is very not orderly. highly messy, and super subjective. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: It’s gonna be a little more of a struggle. Don’t think that it’s that you’re not artistic and you’re not free-spirited or any of those things. It doesn’t mean any of those things. It just means that you have a beautifully divine brain map that gives you a set of skills and sometimes, in certain things, it’ll make you crazy. But, like, for me, Oh my gosh, when I have to do like vehicles. Like, three point perspective on vehicles, I’m dying! *John: Mmmm. *Cinnamon: So, everybody has a space. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Don’t worry about your space I’m gonna wipe off my brush a little bit. *John: Now a lot of people are loving the butterflies cause it’s definitely a sign for lots of people. *Cinnamon: Yeah. I think- I mean, for me, that works for me. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I don’t expect it to work for everybody else. You can see I’ve loaded up on the left side. I’m gonna come here and… Pull this out on the wing here. Kind of like a darker blue mix on this paint. I might come up like this. Even extend this arc. *John: Looks really cool. *Cinnamon: I think I like that so I might grab some blue. Put it out. Load up my knife a little bit. Go ahead and flip my canvas for my angle. And come along and give this darker blue arc right here. Cause I just enjoy it. Yeah? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Now I’m gonna put out blue here, and… I’ve got enough white on here where it’s gonna marble a little bit. And I’m going to come along here. Under here. And curve… That wing. Come along under this wing. Cause this underwing, it’s sort of hidden. Under the top wing. So I’m trying to imply a layering. *John: So, Piece was asking how come you’re only putting out a little bit of paint at a time instead of just putting a bunch out and then just grabbing it as you need it? *Cinnamon: Cause I… Trying to save some paint. [both laugh] *John: You’re just being frugal with your paint? *Cinnamon: I’m trying to be frugal with my paint, cause I can get a little crazy when I’m doing palette knife paintings. Last one I did, I put out way too much paint. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I’m just trying to correct for that this time. *John: Being a little more… *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: Gotcha. *Cinnamon: Now I’m loading up my bead. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: I’m coming on this side. And I’m… Just implying that shape. I’m implying it. I need to move my canvas to get my….. Curve it here. Get a bead. *John: So, I’m- Just because this is fun, ummm, Ashlyn is watching, right now, at home, with the sound off, because her boyfriend’s asleep. And she’s gonna rewatch this later. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: So, this is- *Cinnamon: Hi, Ashlyn! *John: This is a little present for you later on. So you know that this is live. [both laughing] *Cinnamon: I’m gonna come along here and just try to shape out that. Shape out that. Now I’m gonna come back I feel like I’ve lost some of my wing shape. Right? So I’m gonna come back with some white. *John: So what- How many- *Cinnamon: I’ve got this white here. And I’m gonna make sure I just…. And redefine the shape of that upper wing. See how that’s nice, yeah? *John: Oh yeah! So how many hoots do you think this is? *Cinnamon: No hoots. *John: No hoots? *Cinnamon: No hoots. *John: You don’t give a hoot? *Cinnamon: It’s a no hoot painting! Zero hoots. *John: Hootless? *Cinnamon: Well, one, it’s abstract, so what is anyone even gonna say to you about your painting? Right? [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: You could’ve just gone- (pshhh pshhh) It means butterfly to me. And everyone will have to just be like, Oh. Ok. That sounds good. [both laughing] *Cinnamon: So I’ve got these little wings going here. And what I’m gonna now do is get my black, which I talked about earlier. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: And I’m gonna do a diamond. Elongated diamond. Ummm…. Palette knife. And I’ll even show you- I’ll just do it with a plastic. *John: Now there’s many requests for a palette knife quest video. *Cinnamon: Agh! Quest up the knife… *John: They need palette knife tool training. *Cinnamon: And I’m just trying to load up the tip here. See, I’ve got the just tip loaded up? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Cause really essentially what I’m doing is I’m painting with a stick. This part of him…. I’m going to make a little thicker. It’s gonna be…. *John: Ohhh…. *Cinnamon: Just a little thicker. And it’s gonna taper down into his body. *John: Let me see if I can zoom in on that. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna not worry about it. Gonna go, like, across here. See how I’m using implied brush stroke to… *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: Sort of imply his shape? I’m not that worried about him. Coming down here to the second set of the wings. And then… There’s his little- I think it’s called a thorax. Right? Entomologists! [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: On the internet! Scraping it up. I might… Move my canvas for convenience. *John: Hold on. Before you do that, I can’t- Wait, wait! Pause, pause, pause! Say hi to little brush Connor while I move robo cam. *Cinnamon: Hi, little brush Connor. How are you doing today? I hope you’re having fun painting along. *John: Ok. We’ve got it over there. [chuckles] *Cinnamon: This is just- This is just so relaxed, you guys. If you guys decide to change the color, of this butterfly, one, I don’t care. That’s fine. Right? You know. You can kind of start to imply the thorax is coming up.
*John: You keep moving all over the place! *Cinnamon: Just a little bit. *John: I’m chasing you with that camera, man. *Cinnamon: And then just let it go onto the scrape. So there he’s got the little body. One thing that you can do that’s sort of interesting, is you can come get some more white. And just on the top of this, create a little reflection. And that’s just about light pressure. *John: Gotcha. *Cinnamon: And any place you wanna define the wing shape more, you just go in, and you just define it a little bit more. You just- You just look at it and you’re like, the top wings. I want them heavier. I want them fuller. I want them coming out like this. You can just do that. *John: Wow. There’s so many little brushes. So Connor is one, and already a fan of yours. *Cinnamon: Hi Connor! I love that Connor is painting. *John: And Hailey and Madison. Hailey is eight and Madison is five. They’re painting along with us. They love watching you. *Cinnamon: Hi Hailey. Hi Madison. You guys can do this. Just remember to breath. *John: And JC. *Cinnamon: It’s your butterfly. It’s a valid butterfly. I think the hardest part with abstract art is to recognise that what you’re doing is valid. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Just put out that last little bit of paint. For this crazy blue butterfly that we did together. Can we see him? *John: Yeah/ *Cinnamon: He’s a blue butterfly. *John: I love how the color contrasts works. The green, the background with the yellow. With the layers on there, and then the- The- I like how blue it is! *Cinnamon: It’s super fun. *John: Blue’s one of my favorite colors, so I just love that blue. *Cinnamon: And if you want to, you can bead up a little bit of paint, on the edge of the knife. Like this. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: See that? And you can come just… Dabbing… Along the ridge if you like. That’s how you get a line with a palette knife. *John: And I really like how the end of the- The- The butterfly wings are very loose. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: That’s so nice. *Cinnamon: Let the butterfly wings tell their own story. You just reshape them to whatever you want, and remember, just to show you guys, if anything is not pleasing, you can scrape. *John: Oh! *Cinnamon: You can always scrape anything you’re- I’m gonna put it back. But you know what I’m saying? You can scrape it. *John: Interesting. So, then you could- Once you have that lower layer on there you can just? *Cinnamon: Scrape. *John: Interesting. And then just put more layer in. *Cinnamon: Yep. *John: Wow. *Cinnamon: Scrape whatever you need to do. *John: Cool! *Cinnamon: If you do this in red. *John: Yeah? *Cinnamon: Don’t use white. Use yellow. So instead of doing- You know how I did blue and white? If you do purple, you can do purple and white. If you do green, do green and yellow, and if you do red, do red and yellow. If you’re gonna change up the colors of your butterflies. Just weird little things you might not know. Make it easier for you. Abstract butterfly! *John: Ok! Big Hugs! More little brushes. Hunter, Anna, and Logan. Wow! We so like, must have like fifteen, twenty little brushes with us. *Cinnamon: So, definitely gonna try to do a how to draw butterflies, and we’re gonna do a more, um, traditional kind of butterfly. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: But I hope you guys are having fun at this, and having fun with your abstract butterflies. And just jumping off the ledge. And enjoying your painting journey. Look for signs. Hope you get them. *John: So we have like two hundred ninety five people here. They’re all so, like, it’s been wonderful. So thank everybody who’s been hanging out. *Cinnamon: And we’re gonna do a Q & A after this Just [?] and everything to come back. We’ll have it come back up live. So if you had some paint questions. If you have some stuff you’ve been trying to catch up with me and ask me, or haven’t gotten asked in the live, *John: Mm-hmm, *Cinnamon: Just come join us, and I’m here to answer questions for like twenty, thirty minutes. *John: Yeah. We’ll just pop it up in the regular broadcast of lives. So, love you guys. *Cinnamon: See you at the easel really soon. Bye!

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