Beginners Drippy Rainbow Lips Acrylic Painting on Canvas #LisaFrankInspired

Beginners Drippy Rainbow Lips  Acrylic Painting on Canvas  #LisaFrankInspired

Everybody. Doing Today I am sure but you’re not sure. I’m going to show you how to do these fun exciting and easy for new painter drippy lips on the mike is my husband John. Hi guys. We’re filming this live but if you’re here on the replay I’m so glad you can join us you’re going to love painting these two to everyone who came live. How are you guys doing. Oh they’re doing great. They hit those thumbs up. Oh gosh so many thumbs up thumbs before we started so I guess you guys let go ramble with her thumbs up already. Just just thank you guys for everything. Barry Burien is yours. Thanks guys. We’re coming to join us today. The beautiful painting. We’re going to paint these gorgeous Lisa Frank inspired lips. This is part of a club organized by Shea 2 0 6. Hopefully she’s here in the chat. She’s You guys probably know O’Shay there’s information in the description below. There’s a playlist if you search the hashtag you’ll find Olisa Frank inspired art. And of course the really exciting Kickstarter for them which is what sparked all of this which I think is super exciting so I will put this to this. You’re going to love doing all these drips and all these splatters it’s going to be so wonderful. Of course there’s a traceable if you go to the Web site the archer column you’ll find a traceable no need to have to draw to paint. So I’ve got a 9 by 12 canvas board. We’re going to put wishes on in a second but I just want to talk about the materials real quick. I have titanium white had red medium kad yellow medium Thaler green fellow Blue Dogs in purple and I mixed versions of these paints ahead of time and put them in little cups for splattering. My tip is to get the orange do a lot of yellow and just a drop of red and should do the green do a lot of yellow and just a drop of blue and I added a little white to my blue and purple to brighten them. You can use any rainbow colors you have though guys. These are just the colors I’m using. Well what did you use to thin those water. Just some water. I just stirred the water. I love that you can use up to a 30 percent water solution on your curly paint and not have under binding. So also I have black just so you can use black paint. And. Of course you can use black paint. I like just so it gives me some truth. And I have a spider brush you can use a tooth brush which I’ll show you. Also put out some black paint for when I paint over the canvas black. But first let’s put some wishes and let’s put some magic in let’s put some love in. I already have an April 1st birthday wish for Sophia who feels like April 1st has been punching her for a while about whether she’d like to see that change. Our very own Adi’s aunt is going through some stuff and I’d like to send her strength and healing during her current battle. And then Sue is sending out a wish and she just really wanted to put out there like personally cure for lymphoma and then strength for her brother in law who’s fighting that. Do we have any wishes in the audience today. Yes we have four for our daughter four wishes daughter Corinne’s well-being who has lupus. Oh definitely. That you know I wish there was a greater understanding for all autoimmune disease and personally for Corinne. And let’s see here for four healthy wishes for healthy relationships. Oh that’s a good wish. Yes. There’s several of those that are coming in there good. This is a good one for healthy relationships. This I think is is a art piece about love and acceptance in healthy relationships so I would want a good one for a Paulines clean son and and to find a new job and move on say Moon. All right. I’m using like a chalk pencil that’s going to disappear into my just so it’s not going to show up. I’m in the grab just a big wide brush. I think I’m looking for one inch or I’ll just use this one inch right here. So what I have here is a pretty wide braid. This happens to be a number 30 braid on a short handle short handle sometimes bigger but you know just economic. And he went inch wide brush just to paint your canvas black and it’s pretty fun to paint it black. You don’t have to be that crazy you’re going to just try and cover all the canvas. All you’re doing now we’re going to have so many wishes that have been coming in and want to say thank you to everybody and especially to our lightkeeper’s and our lake keepers or anybody who grabs those wishes and puts them on their own canvas to try to help carry those wishes forward for us. We always appreciate you can always go by our forum if you have an important wish you want to see on a show. Again put that wish there would try to get by the every every time beforehand. You know we try we try to check that up every time for the broadcast to try to get those in there. There’s some pretty cool projects in this collab John. Oh yeah. Couple people that started out being community members like they you know and I think even Chad I think you know there’s some people there’s Amanda there’s some people in there that you guys might want to check out. You might recognize some people you know you’re just putting an even coating of just so good to go. So this is essentially Mars black with a little bit of chalk grit in it. And what’s nice about this is it’s going to dry real flat which helps me pop my lips. Let me draw it so I can sketch out my lips. It’s what she’s doing and I will say thank you everybody for cable and hanging out. Of course. I love seeing you guys all here today with us it’s so nice to see all you guys and chat and to come hang out. And you know we do all the social things like comments subscribe and share it. It is a little like button and you’re asking what I’m drinking today I’m having I’m having a treat because I’m having black tea which has caffeine in it. I don’t get that very often but I’m having black tea with you having black vanilla and Magnolia flowers. You are. Yes. That’s what I’m having today. Oh that’s nice. I’m put out my paint just real fast before sketching any red you have right because this is a rainbow. And this particular one you know use the colors that you have. I just tell you what I use put all of this it’s so much of it. You know if you want to use exactly the colors but you want to save money. Student paints will help save money and any time it says whew. It will be more economical. Add a call now and it’s now not all manufacturers make all colors and hues. That’s right. So sometimes you may look for other colors that are similar. Exactly like there’s some there some like Parel red roses similar Yep Napp Thall red Hansa yellows very yellow card yellow Windsor blue is basically below blue. So these all have some very. We’re going to have a whole thing on how to read to paint so you don’t even need to know the names to find out what colors inside the two. That’s a pretty fun. Can you review these. Which ones you have out there because I know where I shop. Yeah absolutely. I’ll go over it again. Oh yes you did earlier. But really since you put them out there and we know which ones are because that purple looks a lot like that they can it’s had red medium yellow medium yellow green. They are little blue dogs purple titanium white and a little bit of black. OK. So yeah. So I’m going to sketch these in. We’re going to of course have upcoming how to draw lips and everything. So there’s going to be lots lots of information if you Bigart Quest you’re excited about that right now. I’m not sure how to draw him in but if you’re not a drawer that’s ok twice or more I’m not a dollar not a dollar so how many come in and I’m going to come at the top of my lip and I’m going to make a nice little round sketch. I like making lips. They give me great joy. Little mound are coming down. I like it when I come underneath here. I like it. It makes me happy. I also like Mark this down under here. I like to kind of make a pillow. These are full lips. These are 1980. Pretty lip injection naturally food come around here giving myself lots and lots of room for splatters and drips. I would say these qualifies Lamborghini lips or Lamborghini lips. Yeah. All right. So place that kind of central there to this right here. It’s pretty darn good. Happy happy happy. All right. So once I know where that is it’s pretty easy to paint this and I’m going to grab a medium kind of braid. I’m going to get. This is a number six right. You can find the size on a brush right here in the typewrite there and I’m going to do my rainbow. Rainbows always begin red but my first color. I want it to be not as bright as the pure pigment. So you see how I took a little black there. Yeah. I’m just. You don’t want to do much black. Be light with this. You get dark with it. You’re not going to love your the rainbow on your lip. You don’t use much red or green much black and when you know this is b be mellow. Now I’ve got. I’m coming in and I’m painting a little strip of this rain here just like a little strip. Think what was the rainbow stripe gum. You remember that gum. Oh yeah. Fruity fruity something. So I’m going to come under here. Which is Cubas is this. This is a 9 by 12. It’s a small little canvas. You can print out the traceable from your printer. That was the point of this canvas. It was just it being small and reasonable. Now I’m going to rinse that out a bit. And then I’m going to take a smidge of my read over to my yellow and I’m going to make an orange. Now this orange is pretty dark actually. So interestingly enough I won’t need to add black to it. Interesting. And I’m going to blend these two together. And you’re kind of letting the translucence ness of it play in your favor there. Yes I am. I like to do that just don’t want to have to work crazy hard for it. Just make my rainbow and where the two paints are wet so they blend together fairly well. Now I’m going to let you know I know you’re in the middle of painting the Rainbow Rainbow. I think that you know we’ve broken Sherpa like broken sir. Buried it. We’re on our way right up to 400 right. Oh my goodness. Now I don’t see how what I added a little black to my show it just barely takes any. Wow. Just like you did it. So I really really I want it to be great. Just a smidge not like a lot. Otherwise it won’t feel like the rainbow that I’m looking for. I’m going to come on under this flip and I’m an arc. This line out here in ARC this line out here for this part of it. And again we’re going to be coming back with bright bright yellow and a little yellow and white to brighten it up. Be as cautious as you can be with that black and we’re going to come back with our black paint to clean up around our lips too. So even if we have a little chalk overages or little paint overages are going to be cleaning them up. This is really one of these very forgiving paintings to do. Now this yellow notebook brush this down. It almost looks greenish in the in the rowboat can well believe it or not. When you’re quite accomplished painting you can use black to make green with your yellow Really. And there are landscape painters that will absolutely do that. Yeah I guess that’s probably in part that the that you know we have two different cameras so he probably sees the yellow slightly different but the eye does too. Hmm. That’s good to know. So I wouldn’t it’s for a very specific type of landscape paintings I wouldn’t do it in general and if you’re a colorist I wouldn’t do it at all. Now if you had a black canvas to start with would you have to paint it again black or is it OK to just use it just use the black that you got. You don’t got to worry about it. Now I’m going to mix the yellow into that orange I had earlier so making a very bright orange so that I have a nice transition of a very light orange scene that’s not quite the yellow we need to just make light on lie lie lie lie on little more orange and that it’s just about finding that balance. We get there. All right. There we go. Just trying to get the blends between these two spaces so that you know we’re seeing that it’s going from this orange into the yellow space is what we’re trying to say. Mr. Cooney blended and happy and we’re going to the spiders are going to happen and then we’re going to paint in our details. Pretty good stuff. You think getting ready to dance. I bet you could you can dance now. I could dance. Yes sure. Because we because we just buried the needle on this like. I’m so ready to. Celebrate that we’re arning. Well thank you guys. I want to go ahead and say they’re here. And it’s of course I of course I chose the slow build music right. But I want to say thank you everyone who’s come to join us today because we have already almost 400 people right now. Three hundred seventy people three and seventy five people just gone up and up. So he likes hugs and art awesome. Thank you guys for the comments and the joy in coming and being with us. Don’t forget to share your paintings with us and we’ll show them to us. And if you’re at home wiggle your fingers or wiggle your toes and don’t forget to dance with us and do all the celebrate. No I’m taking a little over to my grave. Keep celebrating keep loving life keep it up keep living keep living. So the green itself is a little transparent and dark. I didn’t need any add Darkon in any way. No it was super easy. Now it’s from the fun things about coming alive is that we do like to do these things while we celebrate. We are Sherpa. We have all everybody here in the room because it’s just a lot of fun to have all of her friends chat with us and you know I enjoy having you guys with us. Thank you for joining us. Those of you at home who have joined us live. Now let’s try a little bit as well was a little bit worried I’m going to come back all green and yellow to create a black. Oh well see that’s a that’s a that’s a good thing. What might happen to somebody at home because they have got this light just a little bit. So even nice transition because we want a nice transition from our rinse out my brush and I’m going to get my blue again which is pretty dark so probably doesn’t need to be dark and much more. Yeah. Was painting in my nice tracing just enjoying it. Now this is a 9 by 12. Right nine by 12. OK. And so the blue can be really hard to tell from the purple when you’re in actually can be hard for me. I can hardly hardly tell sometimes. And again the purples quite dark so its base is pretty much almost black. I almost have to add a little white to it to even get it’s dark value to show me. I mean I want to be bright because we still need to come in with a bright color. But we want it to show up as purple. It’s just fading right into your rate. Is it fading. It is really. It’s almost the same color. Well that’s so funny. Paint that you we’re just covering the canvas having a good time. You do. Now one thing that you can do right now is you can go right back into your black just so and your lips are to tighten that line up. You can clean up that line. Now if you get rid of that chalk you judicial Chuck could you just erase that. Well you could. But on the just so it actually is better to paint out because the just really pulls the chocking cause of the tooth. Oh that’s good to know. Good to know. And even though it looks really shiny and like it’s standing out it’s really not doesn’t take a lot to clean it back up to touch up. Yeah. But it does make a difference when you do show another cool thing then I’m going to do is I mean I come inside the mouth and clean this up and here and when I come to the corner of my lips when I create a shadow almost to the crease can you see that shadow happening between those two values being important stuff because it makes it really pop. I can’t wait to get to the drips and splatters there. My favorite part. Yo. Now I have three jars of water three three because when I get to my rainbow colors I want clean water. That’s a lot of water to do this. Or you could go out get the water three times you just want to keep your water clean so that your colors don’t gray out and stay bright because this is going to be about the bright colors when we put them on. Now I was asking why didn’t you paint the lips white first. I actually liked how the black helped me create the value set. So you kind of like the total darkness of the yeah. And I found I had to do a lot more darkening in the colors to get the result I wanted. I used to quote a little bit in one of my favorite kinds of quilts were black and braids. Yeah. Anywhere you’ve had a little pop of a white pop through your canvas you can clean that up. I’m going to come on this side of my little mouth and we will all agree that oh yeah it was very lippie doesn’t it. The crease in the mouth there. Now that was pretty fun stuff. Pretty fun stuff. So I’m going to get my spider brush and you see this where I thin this with just water over there so that you see sort of the consistency of it the glitter get in there and it’s in there. So I always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer because when I get my splatter brush but I’ll show you a tooth brush to and I’m going to splatter. You just went right to my canvas rinsed out my brush dry out my brush. That’s awesome just like I’m going to keep these inside because these are also where I get my drips from. Oh you’re Triana that way the drips are really colorful and well defined. Next when you do this with. I’ve got yellow now. I’m going to follow my Raymore and I can you put it down a little more so we could see you load it in. Yeah. That way you can see you put it down all there. I’m drying this out there a perfect and this is just you’ve watered this. You just you just I have then this as the manufacturer’s instructions it takes a little but I made my Ornge and then I found it with like no more than 30 percent water. OK cool. It was my orange. It doesn’t really take much at all just dust now cause you’re doing a lot of different colors in there. Yeah. And I’m going to come back with bright colors and but I really like to the sort of late 80s early 90s splatter paint effect I thought it really worked for the peace. Get some green I think we need some green don’t we can’t be rainbow without green. Now when I get to the green. I’m going to kind of come over to the right hand side. I’m sort of following that rainbow transition. Like you do like you do like you do now. Could you do this with a toothbrush. Yes you could. Like if all I had was a toothbrush I could flick it to get. It just gets a little different spray pattern just slightly different. There’s lots of ways to flick paint on. They’re all good. A lot of people have a tooth brush. A lot of people love flicking a stiff brush kind of over here on the corner with my blue. Last one on a rainbow is purple. Do you believe Roy G BIV words you big Reggie. All right. Make sure that’s integrated. That was the dude who lived up on the Hill who knew all that rain those words. Do I have Rainbow freckles now. I don’t know. Let me see. Yes I do. Oh yes you do. Yeah I’m sure my camera does too. Yeah. It’s a messy messy project but it’s super fun. I’m going to take now a number for break. OK. And I’m going to come get just my pure cadmium paint and in the center I’m going to just do this little streak. I’m not going to take out my shadow or anything is going to streak it. And then re here just these little lip shaped streaks yeah. Mmm mmm it might be a good idea to drive this so that the colors that you Spider don’t get in your paint. OK. Will she do that. I’ll tell you guys you guys were asking about a lot of materials that we’re using here you can find all that in the description below or if you go out to the chauffeured dot com out there that one place you can find out more about this or any of our other projects and we have all the materials listed there all the pains all the brushes all that stuff that we’ve got we used in this video there. You also find links to shopped out there which are for that comment we have all of our mugs T-shirts all that kind of cool stuff where you guys can get out there and of course we love for you to share your pictures. I want to see all those lips and stuff. You know we got over 400 people hanging out with us here. Thank you guys have to say always. Thank you thank you thank you for having me. We were 400 people hanging out with us here. So I’m going to a rainbow the world and we’ve doubled it because of all shook up. It’s crazy. We’ve got we’ve got 300 likes. You know and I like it too. Guys I would like to make a little bright orange here. The dark the darker orange. It’s orange but it’s still a little more red. Right. Going to make that right here. Oh come on I’m on the edge of my brush. I’m a make some longer streaks what I’m doing is I’m trying to show the shape of the lip and I can take this right up to the edge here. So that’s where the highlight would be but I don’t take the shadow out. I just want to increase it orange ness. Just increase the orange ness that’s where the hair. You’re like what about drips that paint was for they used to come in. They’re still coming. They come right before the white highlights see them just come right here in the center and lip marking my little stroke helps me it helps. Hap’s it applies roundedness doesn’t it does. I’m going to get a little white now and a little yellow to make this brighter orange the blend between the two. The plaid. I don’t want make peach. I still want it to be orange. I just want it to feel like a brighter brighter orange if it’s giving you real grief believe it or not you can grab the fluid paint it then. Oh wow. You just can do just that was just you know I just sit there. If it’s yeah. If you’re just having any trouble and you can just also just use orange. But I just want this to feel like a break. I’m going to go ahead and it’s going to be the drips anyway. Now here it’s going to be right up to the edge pulling it down. I’m just putting this here I want bright lips part it out. Yellow is pretty easy. Yellow is by nature kind of an intense wonderful color. Yeah. So I’m going to come right here a little transparent but for the purposes of this really shockingly fun piece like that that yellow. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s not even hard is this it’s just going right on. I’m coming to the edge of the lip and rounding this up this lip is really created in the reflection. Just so you all know and you can you want to you can define a little bit at the top here. That one’s brain is starting to come out from the world isn’t it. Now I’m going to let a little male stand my brush and come get this green because I want to be a great vibrant green SA come right here. Look going to maybe line that lip a little bit curving the stroke. Now on a scale of one to three hoops How difficult is it how messy not difficult messy curving my stroke down. I mean you can’t really get that off track making a label. It’s just going to make happy in your life pretty much everything you do. I’m going to get a little white out and I’m going to get my blue. I want to make this much brighter. See how bright that is it really pops as blue when it does pop is blue pop that is a little too too white. I offload my paint. It’s interesting because I want it to be real blue but I still want my reflection to show just curving that up. You can blend over a little bit into where the green was you can line if you need to. Come right here. Let’s pull that down. Look at that pop in. Just put it just does doesn’t then explodes. So it’s so rainbow. It’s not hard it’s just you’re just figuring it out. I’m going to take a little white over now. My purple purple is a great purple but it’s very dark so sometimes to read is purple it needs to be lightened a lot to read has to read is purple it’s like a short story book to read is purple the color for a friend is having fun now. See you there. Oh that is happening now. Fine. I like it. So once we have all these we get to do some really fun stuff. I might put a little more in my red. This just screams 80s party. It does doesn’t it. Well I mean who didn’t. Trapper Keeper. You know what. That’s what this is this totally could have been a trapper keeper cover. That’s Lisa Frank. Frank. OK. She was the lady that did all the rainbow kitties and rain rainbow animals and horns on trap. That’s true. That’s right. OK. You know and girls everywhere. She speaks to our hearts. So we’re doing an inspired piece by her. All right. So see we’ve got that in. Now we get to have the fun of repeat the drips. I’m sorry I can’t be brave with your trip so I’m going to go like this and I actually carried a drip from the top lip down and I thought that that was a really nice strip. So I’m just going to let that drip down. And I’m going to come here and make sure there’s a drip there. If you’re not getting enough right and you can always get some clean water this is going to overrun it. But I must show you. Oh. And that’s how you get control of the drips. Trips are all about looking like you have no control when you’ve got a lot of control over what’s happening. That’s really cool. I mean it’s now you get another color to get my my orange here. Oh that’s looking cool. When those two come down here dabbing down I’m not doing drips all at the top. I’m dripping most of these and then depending on how level we have the easel today is about how well they’ll drip down and that’s going to be an important thing there is to make sure that you kind of level otherwise they’ll be crickety drips Kirkaldy drips is exactly right. And then it would look like it was a windy kiss you can come back with the yellow into your orange. I might need some fresh clean water. I’ve gone through my water. This is about water right here. I’m just going to keep putting the paint on here and it’s going to see I’m loading it in there drips. I think it will get it now. One way I can control a drip is I can kind of encourage it by pushing it down. There you go. That concerns for instance for insurance rooms. It is amazing how dirty painted green post makes your water just you know. And then we’re going to come back with our white reflections which gives it that pop art realistic feel. So even if you’re getting a little crazy with your with your painting don’t even stress right now because it is really really about that finishing reflection. And we’re almost done. Just so you know. Wow. So I’m going to get some of my green. Exhibit a really fast one. Yeah it is it’s fun. It’s fast. If you’re like oh I need a drip there likes to say you’re like oh man i really need a drip. Guess what you can go back and rinse your brush out. You can read drip. You can read drip you can tactically read drips. I need some down. A tactical drip. Yes. That’s awesome. This can look accidental and be super intentional. You can have a lot more control on your art work than you think even when you’re being playful. So Moxey was like all of my all of my original school work were school supplies were Lisa Frank. OK. So. So like everybody else knew. But I was like this forever. I went to visit that trip looking really isn’t that cool. Don’t fight those moments. Go read to watch just for a minute as it goes. Go with it babies go with the herpes. And if you want to create that intentionally You have to do is contaminate a previous trip with a new color contaminated. Some point gravity gravity works. So. So that’s all I was asking. You know you don’t seem to freak out when the trips are happening. No I’ve dropped a bike in my fine art practice trips were a really key component of what I did I really liked making a piece seem like it was accidentally created and discovered when actually I had I. The reason I’m on this easels it has a controlled tilt and I can take it to a table and John see me do this will Beckham is where I’m like exactly an angle and I’m like lowering it down to slow the drips down and I have pretty good splatter control. You had a you had a robotic easel at one point. It was all powered up and down and down just with feet you just presses all saddle same company fast. You’re the best company has a power one that you just control the whole thing with your feet so you don’t actually have to. Then there’s a slightly more energetic cranky one. Yeah there’s a cranky one. This one is a knob. But is a really nice knob. It’s obviously I’ve loved it a painted on it. Well we’ve done this pretty much what almost We haven’t done the reflection reflections and I’ve got to stand back and start drawing this. Yeah. If I get close to this with my hairdryer it’s going to divert and reroute my drips and I’m not going to love so much start out from far back. Set the skin on the paint and then come in and finish this with. While we watch her. Her drying techniques here of not making the paint run which I think is kind of an interesting game ownership zoom in and see if she actually is doing it. Oh look at that. You can see the easy to paint bubbles wiggle. So. Well guys I do want to say thank you for it and hope to see all of your pink eyeballs or eyeballs. Listen to me your paint lips. I want to see all of them up on our Web site on Facebook and on all the places where we get to see that stuff. And. Don’t forget you know we’re more shows are coming up this week of which I couldn’t tell you any of them because normally I don’t look at the calendar at all. I just build things on the Web site and show up when it’s time to broadcast. So now you know a little bit about what actually happens back here. So Clinton loves access for all I you all day out there on the Web site. And. What else we do we like videos. Oh hey. And it’s. It’s Ethel slash Jane’s birthday tomorrow. I want to say happy birthday to us all a bunch of little brushes in here who we’re hanging out with us. I want to say hi to you guys as well. Good to see all of you guys here with us today. And you can see how we do have lots of groups out there that you can go check out our Facebook group for the official art Sherpa group. And then we have even a button for this one pushes button. And then there’s the big art quest. So if you guys want to go out there we have bigger questions like it’s free. It’s a free art class that covers all the basic things that you would need to know to be competent. It is a beginner artist you know. And we try to do that about once a week and we have a lot of good videos on that. You get more there. I was I was running out of things to say. I was so definitely. If you’re on the drive you’re going to let it do anything other than air dry. Step back. Yes we watch and do that and then move in on it. The other thing. If you can zoom in there we’re getting some what’s called crazing which is separation where the paint is kind of separating across the canvas. Now the more you water something down the more it’s likely to do that. And also this paint can just graze if you want to thin it and have no crazing protip just in case you’re doing this big and we’re selling it to anybody. Gak. Eight hundred fixes that. Ah so you don’t then it with why you thin it with gak. Right. And then no Crays. So you can do big big pieces with big big plop you drips. Not crazy just saying I made some money right there. That’s a good tip. But for just doing this at home for your own stuff it’s ok. Just use water. Yeah. Because you know there’s. Yeah. Yeah. If you’re just at home doing your own thing use water. I’ve got a number one break here. You could use a number to break. You could use a teeny tiny detail round you’d need a brush that gives you some control over your paint. I’m going to pull out a little of my white loaded on the tip of my brush and I’m going to add some reflections. I’m going to do a little curve line and a dash and then another up curve line Nash these are the reflections of classic lawsuit lips. Maybe I’ll come down in a little zigzag and curve up just using the edge of my brush. One two three here possibly one zigzag there and maybe a bit here letting it catch. Look at how it goes. That looks so cool. Suddenly it looks less hot messy and rusted. You’re just using pure titanium yet. OK. I’m just creating little reflections. I’m following the curve of my laps on the left hand side of the lip. I’m going to curve it with kind of a left hand arc. When I come to the top lip I’m going to make a sort of general connected zigzag reflection I’m going to be up and down I’m sure. Small parts. You go dot dot here. And then it’s going to start curving around to the right as it moves over to the right hand side. To the right to the right to the right hand side oh you know it’s now. Now I can do a dot for reflection like that. Oh yeah I don’t have to play. I can just a little bit here so it doesn’t take a lot for almost. We’ve had some fun just still curving that was a long line try to get dash and then dash dash try to not repeat patterns. That’s really your goal as a new person is to overcome your need to just go zigzag zigzag zigzag zigzag zigzag because that’s not what’s happening. You’re making little thoughtful curved expressions of light hitting very glossy lips. Oh what am I going to do down here. Kind of a similar thing. I’m a try to stay out of my drips because I’ve dried them but they’re probably still got a little wet under the skin. So I’m in a curve too. I’m on the left hand side right curve to the left have it and take that one down big. I hesitate to answer because I don’t always know. Maybe it’s fine. I had no idea I was either right. I want to maybe make this reflection a little bigger and more thoughtful right here. At the fullness of the Lippitt the cushion and then back to just my By the way since I get these white and then we’re signing you’re signing we’re signing. Wow. My advice on this is think about how you’re signing. You know think about where you’re signing because this is a pop art piece and maybe a dash of the can even come on this. That right there maybe even come along that right there just a little bit on the inside of the lip look just a little white lining on the inside of the lips say it’s what tiny sign this baby after you sign that I’m I’m going to let you short somebody real quick but GAC hundred is OK we’re like What is this guy like you can get 800 hopefully in your store definitely you can get it online right before we go all that you just quit. I’m going to turn this over on the side and I’m going to sign along this trip you do not have to sign your name and art Blotz artists don’t. But it does help you figure out who painted it. I think the new labeling physical and new labeling. They realize that their products might be obscure for the user experience. Have you noticed that anyways responding to that. Now things say what they are. So this lets you know who made it golden. What does this product get. I heard low crazing extender for pouring acrylic colors. So if you’re trying to work you know color grazing and you’re trying to pour paint this big jam on the back it tells you a very informative bit of kit. Gotcha. Well thank you. That’s what you know. And if you want to find out about this or any of the other stuff we talked about it sure but I love all the social media on Instagram that Twitter or. Facebook or Pinterest will be pin tested. I hope you guys make tons of Lipps I hope all of your trips I’ll be doing big I hope you do them small. I hope you do them in every size. Be good to yourselves. Be kind to yourselves and to each other and I will see you with these really simplified

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