Beginners Guide To Diamond Painting Covers | Dreamer DIY Challenge

Beginners Guide To Diamond Painting Covers | Dreamer DIY Challenge

hello again dreamers it’s Anna and
welcome to new their DIY challenge in today’s video I’ll be showing you four
different ways to replace your plastic covering on your doing the design tips
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so I’ve got my 40 by 50 burn belly essence by Gyeonggi a and the last
episode that I did I painted the sites and so now I’m going to replace the
cover so I’m just going to take this off the reason that that people replace the
cover is so it gives them more of an easier work space to work in smaller
sections and the paper isn’t flopping everywhere if you don’t use cover
binders so I’ve got four different options that you can use to replace the
paper or the plastic we just started with alright so I’ve got four different
options to replace the plastic with my first is my first is the paper that you
get with double-sided tape there’s only one side you can use this
is coffee side right here this side you cannot put down on the this side you can
out put down on the glue and it’s easy to tell which side is the right side
because of the writing on the paper so there’s that option
there is also this option right here this is silicon paper and there’s only
one sided you can use for this as well and it’s a glossy side right here and
this is not glossy side to tell the difference good side bad side so you
have to be really careful with this if you put it down on the wrong side it’s
gonna leave some paper on your plume you’re gonna have to use baby wipes and
tweezers to get it all up so I would suggest putting stickers or writing on
the top of this to make sure you don’t put it on the wrong side so there’s that
just by something like this you can search silicon release paper on Google
and mine came in these big pieces like this and I just cut them in fours to
make them smaller the third option is parchment paper and you can use both
sides for this it does not matter which side you use this is something people
used to bake once so you can find these and cupboards pretty easily and you’ll
have to cut them down that’s why this is round like this because it was the big
rolls you can buy them in smaller hamburger size sheets to make it easier
so you don’t have to cut anything and I would suggest buying the good quality
kind like Reynolds nothing cheap like from a dollar store cuz I’ve heard that
they do leave residue and they’re harder to peel off there is I definitely but
option that you’re not supposed to use and it’s this kind of brown paper it
doesn’t necessarily leave anything on your glue but it is
really hard to pull off and it just it does take some glue off of it so I don’t
suggest using this no yes like I said any side will work for this the last
option is double sided galati replacement covers I bought this one off
of diamond drills they have diamond painting accessories
and bulk diamonds and they also have paper and they’re glossy on both sides
so you can use them on both sides so you don’t don’t worry about which end and
they’re thicker than any of these and I’m gonna guess because of the glossy is
that this it’s just a thin paper this ripped easy when you’re trying to pull
them off this is harder to rip so these will last a lot longer if you type in
double-sided glossy paper into Google you’re probably gonna find photo paper
and I don’t think those are gonna work as you can see now that I got the four
different options you cannot see through this you cannot see through this and the
other ones you can really see through the parchment paper and you can’t really
see through the silicone release paper but you can still kind of see something
so if you wanted to do a mystery painting and what that is is someone
buys you a painting and they take off the index so you can’t see what it is
and then you use this so they don’t see what that painting is so if you want to
do something like that this is a really good option and saving all of these is a
really good option Inc I’m gonna stick with days for this one and I really
can’t wait to finish this one because I’m sure it’s gonna turn out so
beautiful especially with the black thank you guys so much for watching this
video let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite and if you
have any of these suggestions that I didn’t mention please let me know as
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next time

6 thoughts on “Beginners Guide To Diamond Painting Covers | Dreamer DIY Challenge

  1. Thanks for the tip about the brown as I was just getting ready to use a pack of brown parchment sheets. I'll keep for baking only. Hope your staying warm in Ia. Here In yankton,SD its extremely windy and negative temps.

  2. Thanks for doing this video! I currently use parchment if I am not using the paper that came on the canvas. Have been wanting to try the silicone release paper and have been hoping that someone would do a video about it. Going to give it a try now. Do you by chance remember where you got it? TYIA 🤗

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