Berkeley College | Interior Design

>>An Interior Design degree from Berkeley College is your first step towards achieving your personal goals. If you have an eye for detail and a natural love of hands-on learning, Berkeley College
may be for you.>>I opened up the newspaper and I saw this huge ad about Berkeley
College’s Interior Design program, and I — you know — said to my husband, “Oh my gosh. Look at this. I’m doing it.”>>Going into Berkeley College, I had no experience in Interior Design whatsoever. I didn’t understand CAD. I never really did hand
renderings or sketches. So to go from A to Z has been such a great experience.>>We started out very small, very slow, but by the end of our third drafting class, we were designing the interiors of homes.>>Berkeley really develops that whole
business feel. And I love that about that school, too, because it’s not just — you
know — design, it’s the business behind it all.>>To find out more about the Interior
Design program at Berkeley College, visit

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