BERSIH BERSIH RUMAH | Rutinitas Bebersih Harian & Bulanan | HOUSE TOUR INDONESIA

BERSIH BERSIH RUMAH | Rutinitas Bebersih Harian & Bulanan | HOUSE TOUR INDONESIA

Assalamualaikum, Hallo Moms, Hallo Everyone This time, I want to clean and tidy up my house again My routine activities in the morning but this time, I added some clean activities that I used to do every month What activities are those? Watch my video and please subscribe to my channel to reach 1000 subs and turn on the notification bell The activity that I did first is do the laundry activities When it rains, I usually dry my clothes in the house, in my tiny laundry room OK, the laundry are done Now I want to tidy up my kid’s toys not too messy I will sort the toys that are still good or have been damaged Then I clean the sofa in the living room Sofa cover made of leather, so I think it is enough to wipe with a wet fabric Monthly clean activities I used to vacuum this carpet Daily activity, I clean up the carpet with a broom stick to get rid of dirt and dust If the carpet is very dirty, I call the carpet and sofa cleaning service to wash and dry it in a few hours Wall decorations in living room area,
not cleaned every day It depends on how dirty it is Another monthly clean activity is vacuuming the sofa but, it depends on the dirty conditions Dining table area small Workspace / work desk area Another monthly clean activities There are daily and monthly cleaning activities its depends on the conditions and situations of each home I always bring lunch for my husband the last cleaning activities today is clean up my kitchen and this is the moment I like the most Capture the situation when the house is clean and tidy Rewards and motivation for ourselves this is the condition of my house when it is clean and neat just a minute neat, toys back in a mess hahaha No problem to get messy because i makes the home clean and comfortable, all for my kids

21 thoughts on “BERSIH BERSIH RUMAH | Rutinitas Bebersih Harian & Bulanan | HOUSE TOUR INDONESIA

  1. Wa'alaikumssalam
    Maaf umi terlambat soalnya hp aku hilang 😔😔
    Waw umi bersih bersih rumah 😍
    Hasilnya jadi bersih dan rapi 😍

  2. Super duper rajin banget mommy satu ini deh. Aku ingin menirumu tapi sampai sekarang masih belum bisa T_T. Kayaknya butuh motivasi lebih banyak nih haha

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