Best and Worst Gutter Guards from Lowes, Home Depot, Menards

welcome back everyone to our channel my
name is Dmitriy Lipinskiy in today’s video I’m gonna be talking about gutter covers
gutter covers probably one of those products there’s just too much on the
market it’s too many types in this video I decided I’m not gonna talk about any
big brands whether it’s good or bad I simply went to big-box stores around me
Menards Lowe’s and Home Depot and I picked different types I believe we have
seven or eight different products here if you see three of them it means all
three stores were selling them so in this video I’m just gonna describe them
by price by performance and by expectations as homeowner what
expectations can you have do it yourself or if you hire a contractor to do them
for you so let’s get it started so I kind of listed them from best to worst
ear and again I’m not gonna be talking about brands I’m gonna just talk about
concept and what we’ve seen as a contractor for years because I’ve seen
almost all of them fail at some point and it’s a newsflash for all
manufacturers out there who’s trying to convince homeowners that their product
works majority I would say 95% of gutter covers will fail you’re not gonna
believe it but nobody yet invented gutter cover that works hundred-percent
are in their all conditions even if you pay you know ten thousand dollars thirty
forty dollars per lineal foot you know patented trusted company they
still not gonna back it up completely I mean they can back up their warranties
but all gutter covers will fail sooner or later it’s just it’s just a reality
so the best we found between those three stores Lowe’s Home Depot and Menards
sexually micromesh concept I’m not the biggest fan of this I mean this is
alright I do like this leap on the back if you installed you actually can screw
it but the best micromesh on the market I’ve seen will have this slip much
bigger so you can actually screw to the fascia so what it does
it will allows you to install it and make your gutter actually stronger so
the best gutter cover system is where you can install it at the front and
where you can screw it to the back this one here will do the job I do like the
design I do like how much metal it has on the back so it kind of makes it nice
and solid for the shingle part so kind of rest there but again ideal for me in
this situation would be the product where I can
actually screw in the back end a little bit confused with this one because it
does has a leap but I don’t know if it’s safe for me to run a screw to it and if
I do because it’s angle I don’t believe it’s designed for it so the problem with
this is when it’s only at the front you limit the strength of the gutter system
so if you have weight or limb or something it can pull away from from the
fascia if you would reinforce it in the back it would make it one solid piece
with the gutter itself and then will last much longer and would be more
durable everything kind of box it in but so far what we’ve seen in three stores
this probably gonna be my choice it will cost you more money but it will last
many many years to come now next one this one is interesting because it has
this little reapz again the same thing you kind of drop it in underneath your
shingle and pretty much it’s supposed to stop the water I do like that it made
out of metal unlike cheaper option we’re gonna come
next you know plastic ones those gonna have a lot of problems again sooner or
later you’re gonna have a lot of mass here between what we’ve seen this is one
of the best it the greatest kind of big enough so granules from the shingles
will go through and will clog your gutter inside when that happens sooner
or later especially if you have you know hail or wind or you know in let’s say in
ten years you’re gonna lose a lot of granules all of those granules going to
inside your gutter and you’re talking about half an inch of stuff so the water
will be staying there so unlike micromesh it’s not gonna filter those
small Tabriz good design better than other options not the best but good
return on investment because it’s not too expensive you definitely can do it
yourself for what I’ve seen it’s alright now this one here is one of a kind
I believe Menard sells them other distributors not big-box stores but uh
stores were contractors buy from they sell a lot of this type of gutter system
with the holes again it’s it’s alright design what I like about this on what I
was talking earlier but you can’t actually reinforce it all the way to
your fascia so once you do that it’s going to become one solid piece holes
are a little bit bigger than I want them to be so it’s not micromesh so your
granules and stuff will fall right through also pine needles and stuff like
that can can go in and stuck here but overall it will make your gutter pretty
strong overall if I would rate it from one to ten I would give this six seven
it’s not the best it has it flows but it will die it will do the job for you for
years to come but sooner or later you will start having major issues because
you know stuff will be piling up here another thing too every once in a while
you might be you need to go and actually clean it manually what I don’t like
about it is this little leap and because right before got our ends it stops and
it dips back so what’s gonna happen if you have leaves unlike other systems for
example if I would compare to the first one my number one choice today if you
compare two you can see the breeze from this one will fly down in here they’re
gonna stock another option here it’s a bigger mash I believe this comes from
Home Depot let me see it doesn’t really matter they all very
very similar so the same concept one piece so this one here the back goes
under the string the front lips here looks good a little
bit flimsy I mean you can see even here I can do this I can push it in what I
don’t like about it it’s not long enough so a lot of gutter guys they only
installed those brackets every 24 inches so if you have three foot piece not four
not five like right now I can’t even rest it over two brackets so what’s
gonna happen is if anything heavy pulls it falls inside and then if you have
leaves or debris it will pretty much common side so it’s not holding really
well not very impressed to get what you pay for
it’s where a draw the line it’s alright I wouldn’t install it in my house but I
guess if you want to take a chance that’s fine
now everything on this table is absolute garbage I cannot tell you how many
hundreds of houses I’ve seen if not thousands failed I’m gonna start
probably with the worse than this one Lowe’s and Home Depot sells them because
Lowe’s and Home Depot has such a big presence in the United States I would
say stay away from this one I literally seen this product in the gutter where
God has overflown I actually make jokes about it you literally buying crap to
clog your gutter immediately so what’s happening is all the small stuff leaves
they’re gonna stuck in here the sponge because this is sponge it’s literally
sponge will collect the moisture yes it’s designed to be filter but when you
put a filter inside gutter all it does clogs that gutter and collects more
moisture and more debris on top of it so I call it I mean I don’t know how you
can even advertise that clog your gutter to clog got our more in the future
because that’s exactly what’s gonna happen because he’s black and a sponge
after about two three years this will create a big big smile here so what’s
going to happen it’s going to dry up is going
change its shape so it’s gonna be very dry sponge at the top with a lot of
nasty debris in it because it’s never gonna fly away and it’s gonna catch that
so this is the nastiest product in a gutter market I’ve ever seen and I’m not
talking about it even in the store I mean I don’t like how it looks on the
shelf but I’m talking about cleaning it as a mess installing it is alright but
it’ll never work I guarantee I promise you that I’ve seen hundreds of jobs
failed and save your money save your time if you spent a painting just go the
very next option you have even if you don’t have money spend a little bit more
but please don’t buy this crap because it’s not gonna last
again Lowe’s and Home Depot this one actually seems to me like a little bit
redesigned you can see how less for me it is like much more air inside again I
hate it I hate I didn’t care what kind of form it is it’s bad bad idea
now next option one like this one is as bad you probably have seen big brands
with this concept supposed to be and I’m just explaining I’m not gonna use any
language I need fancy words I’m just gonna tell you how manufacturer you
design it so design works if it’s metal if it’s designed around so you’ll see a
lot of products on the market like leaf guard and it works the water was
supposed to go around and kind of turn around and go inside the problem with
the plastic plastic never installs the same way like actually when we were
installing this got our yesterday I asked my guys to be reasonable and the
problem with the gutters is they never straight you’re supposed to have a peach
they’re always bow and roof lines also rarely straight so you have a lot of
variables so when you add a piece of plastic this is the worst of the worst
idea so the concept is great the principle works the water should be
going inside not outside but with the plastic ones unfortunately
water comes right off the gutter cover because it’s plastic it’s also not
reliable it’s not gonna last long it’s very easy to damage I mean you can see
here kind of I mean I cannot even make it work right now so it’s just it’s just
not gonna last this is the worst idea you can have for your gutters I get it
let me see if in a perfect world it might work but in reality it’s gonna
work only the day you install and then before you know it it’s gonna fail on
you I hate it if you are a believer in a system like this you have to go with
something like live guard and I’m not promoting them I’m not a big fan of live
guard they have a lot of problems but if you were to ask my opinion I would
rather go with leave guard and pay ten times price then I would go with
something like this because live guard at least it’s one piece it will do the
job this one here is it’s pretty much misleading you because you probably read
I’ve seen the concept and you think it’s gonna work and this is just cheaper
solution but unfortunately this cheaper solution it’s not gonna work
and so garbage also garbage and a few more garbage is here so this one here
you see in a lot of stores what I don’t like about it is holes are way too big
the greet actually it’s pretty aggressive so what’s gonna happen is
it’s gonna catch even big leaves the leaves will be stocking in here some you
know I’m not even talking about needles I’m talking about like bigger stuff like
really big stuff because the holes are way too big to be gutter cover again you
don’t have much here you don’t have a string while it’s metal product it’s so
it’s so flimsy it’s so easy to damage you see it all the time it’s so easy to
dent and once branch or something fells down and it does this the leaves not
going to be pushed away I mean it will only keep away like
really really big stuff but majority of the small stuff still gonna end up in
the gutter it will break before you know it I see a lot of it does this and then
chunks of bigger stuff actually clogged there so another waste of money and time
to do it yourself would not put my name on it and would not recommend to anybody
and this three little pieces here pretty much the same concept majority of the
plastic gutter covers they end up I would say in the landfill or in the
garbage in general within 3-4 years they just don’t last so if you like to clean
your gutters every couple of years it’s your choice again I don’t care what
product you use plastic just simply bad idea for gutter covers why because it’s
flimsy because it never lasts because winds rains leaves branches everything
that hits it is going to destroy it and it’s very hard to picture when you stand
let’s say in Home Depot and you’re looking at the shelf you like you know
you can imagine probably leaf coming in and you probably thinking yeah I see how
this would work but what you don’t see is how many small debris is actually
ended up on your gutter system so for sure stuff like this will never do the
job it’s pretty much been dated it’s just bad idea it’s never gonna work on a
long-term so if you do have someone like this or if you’re considering anything
on this table including this guy my recommendation would be this guy right
here might as well buy little strainer to put in your downspout and the way
this works just like it shows in a picture you put it in because when this
products will fail you at least big leaves will not clog your downspout and
water it with some part of your water will keep draining away from your house
not damaging any foundations walls and stuff like that so if you installer or
maybe contractor please let me know what you think let me know if you’ve
installed this which one you think is the worst which one is the best I want
to hear from you if your homeowner and you have some nightmare stories maybe of
paid somebody in premium dollars I know companies like leaf filter is one of
them they are pretty aggressive on their product their product looks like this
it’s micromesh I’m not a big fan of them the problem with the companies likely
filter they charge too much you’re talking about eight nine ten thousand
dollars for the product that should be honestly like one quarter of that amount
so if you’ve experienced something negative about big companies I want to
hear from you comment below let me know if you like our channel don’t forget to
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