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hi guys welcome to another beautiful
house and it’s interiors designed very beautifully and this is Mohamad shape
from crafting TV oh and come on I’ll show you around
and very next to me is a TV on it and in the bottom there are two dryers and in
the center there is a section for DVD player and there are two dryers and two
openable doors and on the Border’s we have a mirror with a frosted design and
it looks very elegant and classy and on the other side of this hull we
have a l-shaped sofa and on the back the these curtains are also selected
according to the matching of colors of walls and designs and here we have all
we also have a false ceiling with designs with the spotlight and in the
center here we have a designer light and roof lights running into end and panel
lights as well and the whole work looks classic and here in the lining we have a
small storage unit with Italian marble as its countertop and here there will be
a wash basin gift to come in future and here we have a simple fall sailing with
rope light and panel lights and this section also looks very beautiful and
here we did a modular kitchen work here with acrylic laminates and all the soft
hinges which closes automatically and here in this section we have a simple
storage and here we have a bountiful out and here sheet plate and plain cutlery
unit and on the top we have a Italian marble here as well as on the bottom and
this top storage you have a storage here and open section for some spike boxes
and here we have a beautiful chimney in with chimney and it is very beautiful in
its design and its look and it looks very classy and on the top we have
provisions for extra storage from end to end with the same acrylic laminate and
these laminate looks very beautiful in the kitchen and it will please the women
working here and here this is the master bedroom here here we did
beautiful work here and first we have a king sized court with the storage below
and a bed lamp storage and glass top on it and on this court where we have a
cushioning on the back and the back paneling here and two pendant lights on
the either sides of this court and this looks very cool in this bedroom and here
we have a full wall wardrobe on either sides and in the center we have a
dressing unit and a small counter top here for any steady stuff and we can do
some work over here and in the below the bottom we have a small mini fridge over
here to keep water bottles or any emergency items and on the top we have
the same X extra storage over here and this laminate selection is a quite
opposite black and white with flowers on it and this master bedroom has come out
very well you and false ceiling in this bedroom is a
design very beautifully which runs from above the bed and it continues through
the ceiling and on the Border’s it has rope lights and some sort of panel
lights and small spotlights and these pendant lights this all these lights
combined in a room it looks very elegant and on this side of this bedroom we have
three square boxes in the fall ceiling which again has rope lights in it and it
looks very beautiful in dim lights in the corridor we have a shoe rack with a
granite countertop on it and on these doors we have holes for a circulation
this paneling work on the main entrance has also come out variable the false
ceiling in the corridor has steps on its borders and has a rope light concealed
inside these steps and has banner lies in it thanks for watching this beautiful
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