Best Out of Waste Old Bangle Ideas | Easy Matchstick Craft | DIY Wall Hanging

Best Out of Waste Old Bangle Ideas | Easy Matchstick Craft | DIY Wall Hanging

How to Make a Wall Hanging Using Bangles and Match stick This is an easy to make DIY Recycled Wall Decoration craft Things You Need… Adhesive, Scissors, Cutter, Glue Gun Printed Paper, Bangles, Match sticks, Pearls, Cardboard Decorative Beads, Beads Lace, Beads, Golden Beads, Ribbon Take a cardboard and paste the bangles by applying glue on it. Draw the outline of the bangles as shown here. Cut it. Now paste the colored paper on the flower as shown here. Apply glue and paste the bangles on a colored paper like this. Cut out the circle from it as shown along with the bangle. Now arrange the bangles on the flower as shown Decorate the flowers with beads and pearls as shown. Now stick the matchsticks as shown. Similarly complete the other bangles with matchsticks and beads in the pattern shown here. Now decorate the arrangement with decorative beads, pearls and chains as shown here Attach a ribbon on the wall hanging as shown for hanging it on the walls. Now make some hangings using bead chain and pearls as shown here. Do not forget to apply fevicol on the tip of the matchstick to prevent fire hazards. Your beautiful wall hanging is now ready! Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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