Biggest Origami Spider Graffiti Mural in the World – ( PART 2 )

Biggest Origami Spider Graffiti Mural in the World – ( PART 2 )

And here we are last day. Day 3 bad
news to start with. Unfortunately you won’t see the finished piece on video
because the scaffold won’t be coming down for the next week or so
which is a pity cause… yeah… let’s do this Come down and do some work, will you! Good morning Pristina He’s a nutter! And this is the last
element at this height. Once I’m done with this part I don’t need to be this high
anymore which I’m pleased about because I’m scorched. Let me know, ok? I always have my reference with me
because when I’m painting this 3D model becomes 2D. And when it’s at an
angle some layers are less easy to see so having a model on your hand allows me
to see exactly what I did. How the layers align And how they overlap This feels great. Last folds it’s actually
happening Are you done? Almost done! Can you explain who is the model behind the mural? The model is the person I love the most She’s my wife. That’s the model. My wife. My partner. My heart. Everything. My
assistant. I find it funny because. I bring to my murals my origami, right? as a reference model. And you bring your wife as a model for
your murals. Are you pleased to be on such a large scale in Kosovo on such a big mural? Yes, of course. The origami spider is finished. 3 days of solid work. 10 hours, 13 hours and 10
hours again. That’s what it took me to complete this. What I’m going to take
away from this event is that I can actually pull off such a scale in three
days time. All right I think this is it as you can see it’s a deluge, torrential rain so I need to leave it as it is It might have few imperfections I think this is it! This is it! The nature just says okay it’s done.
Stop it! It’s been a pleasure to have you here in Kosovo. It’s my pleasure. It was amazing, brilliant to work together. And I will see you in Sao Paulo. Thank you. See you in London! This is it! It’s following morning. I’m on the way to
the airport. My flight to London leaves in about two hours. I came here this
morning hoping the scaffold would be down. Of course it is not I’m not going to
see the piece without this obstruction without the scaffold, the awful shadows
which is a bitter sweet symphony. because I put so much time and effort
into it. My largest piece. Is it my best one? What you think let me know in the
comments Mos Kosovo thank you for having me yet again. Thank you for trusting me
with the folds. Thank you EDMX for the wonderful collaboration we did. It’s been
great meeting you I’m sorry I have no videos to show you of the finished piece
in its glory. Unfortunately I have nothing to show you guys apart from this No wait! I’m going to work something out. So see
these pictures here: So these pictures were taken for me when
I was already in London Few days after the festival. Hopefully they suffice! Please like, comment, share, subscribe Double Tap that notification button. And as always
Origami Riots folding three days, one model… every day… Erm… I don’t know… And as always Origami
Riots folding all day, every day. And I’m out! Kosovo thank you for having me. Origami spider like this like that. I don’t know. Anyway I’m out!

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  1. It’s really amazing 😍 and the pictures! YES also the transition it was almost s match. Would have been great to see in real life

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