Black mountains smokery – feeding desires since 1961

Opening scene
Countryside near our Mid Wales holiday cottages Man and Woman walk to a welsh country house
They then survey the countryside from a classic Welsh country lane
An interview starts with the couple Scene driving in the Black Mountains
Entering the Black Mountains smokery [music starts ]
Oak and furnace shown Haddock in the furnace being smoked
Oak for smoking being shown Salmon going into the oven
Salmon – peppered and plain Salmon being sliced by hand
Scene in a shop with all the goods A hamper is being prepared
Bacons and meats go into the hamper A drink is poured
Scene with family around a table Scene with smoked fish in dishes to eat
Scene back on couch talking to Jo and Jonathan Overlay – Feeding desires since 1961
Overlay – and our corporate logo, a Q
Overlay – A special thanks to Jonathan and Jo from The Black Mountains Smokery. A must
visit for all holidaying in Mid Wales. Overlay – For more information visit our blog Overlay – Music produced by CC Mixter. When
tomorrow comes Loveshadow Voiceover:
Jo>>We must have been back here together now for nearly 19 years. We really did want to
bring our children up as country children Jonathan>>Absolutely, and we wanted to live
in the countryside ourselves and you cant get more countryside than this. Its why the
Black Mountains smokery had to be born to give us a living in a place like this. Here
we are outside the Black Mountains smokery. I am Jonathan and this is my Wife Jo – please
come on in and have a look around. It’s smoldering away to a steady smolder. In this
oven here is some smoked haddock and it should be smoking pretty hard. I’m just going to
pull the door open. That’s cold smoking process. It’s not cooking at all. We only
use oak for all our smoking. We are the dustbin man of any oak suppliers around here. We’ve
got some salmon going through and this is what we call the oak roasted salmon. It’s
hot smoked. Some have been peppered and some plain. It has been cured . Ryan and Jack here
are slicing up the salmon – everything is sliced by hand, it gives a much better finish.We’re
putting together a bespoke hamper, perfect for a weekend down here in Wales. Need some
nice bacon to start it off with, smoked back bacon and smoked streaky bacon. It’s also
nice to have some smoked duck and chicken. We’ve got two cheeses, one of our own with
paprika. You have to have a lovely biscuit to go with that cheese. Last but least we
have some delicious salmon and some pepper oaked salmon is my favourite.
Jo>>I thought the other day that we’d done rather a good job when our Daughter came
back from uni with some friends and all they wanted to do was walk to the top of the hill. [music ends]

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