BoConcept interior design case – A stylish London home

BoConcept interior design case – A stylish London home

my name is Clinton Dahl I built this house last year in 2015 just outside London and I live here with my four children I had very specific ideas on what sort of furniture I wanted in the house I wanted like a sharp chic modern not like a hard sort of bright modern which I sort of did in my other house which worked very nicely it was very pleasant in the house have worked with the house but in this house I wanted it slightly different I pinned both concepts to store once in the UK and funny enough once in Spain so I had been a nun knew the product I went in met Justin and and I’ve walked quite a lot of furniture the house from from both concept hi I’m Justin I’m an interior designer in the bow concept store in Kingston London my customer clinton came in to store one day and had a massive project that he needed help with so i hope to miss some interior design advice and styling i mean i have very strong ideas myself about design and the colors and everything i want to do and and i think you do take advice when you come into shops and they have expertise so you know Justin gave me some ideas as well and helped probably reconfirm things that you want to do having a second person so yeah I think that would work I think it just reconfirms it and then you feel you can go go with an idea quite confidently then this really was an exciting and inspiring project to work on in terms of you know the space and of being such a modern design it was almost effortless the way that the the bow kinds of furniture fitted in with the space and I’m really happy with result the furniture that I chose and I’m very very happy with the choice I think it works very well of the house and the surroundings I mean it’s quite important because the house is open to the elements here and nature is almost in and outside the house I just think the furniture with the natural look to it just works very well with the whole thing

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  1. Such a beautiful home…amazing!!! I love BoConcept's furnishings, and I also love the sculpture the homeowner has showcased in this video!!

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