BoH 1 – Land Drainage and Irrigation Repair

BoH 1 – Land Drainage and Irrigation Repair

[Music] you [Music] [Music] hey guys welcome to day one going right now to the construction site we have to irrigation or land drainage underground irrigation systems to be replaced before we put in the road to our construction site the first episode in a series of videos will be documenting our construction different aspects of it so can she on the screen so today is a pretty miserable day for construction it’s been raining all night the certain degrees Celsius and it’s the beginning of May I just hope the the water levels not to hide burning work [Music] we are that’s my crew it’s time excavator everything [Music] we [Music] [Music] Uschi [Music] so you can see behind me is the wettest piece of our land and we expect this is due to irrigation I got plugged and the idea is to pump all this water out excavate see the irrigation and maybe unplug it with some specialty wire come on let’s go so right here is the piece that we excavated last year to start building the road but we haven’t finished it before the year ended due to weather and the situation is how you see it now it’s just after a little bit of rain it’s full of water so we need to get this irrigation or line drainage system up and running so here we are at the ditch that I was talking about and the guys they have dug out the collection pipe you can see all the water coming out of the collection fight and the squirrels are just underwater [Music] as you can so the excavator is running you’re looking for allegation pipe [Music] [Music] yes remove your [Music] [Music] without it so after a few minutes of digging we found a pipe it’s 914 so the guys are here for about an hour good job [Music] so this is the wire we’re going to use to unplug the fight [Music] [Music] yes [Music] thank you [Music] No [Music] so these pipes were put in the 70s or 60s they’re made out of ceramic and they’re just tightly pressed together no super fittings so right now we’re going to use the wire and [Music] get it [Music] Irish young people Wow [Music] [Music] you can see the water bucking up from the main pipe main collection pipe and now we’re splicing in a piece of new irrigation pipe like a modern one into the old system just to connect it back because one of our ceramic pieces broke [Music] so there’s Kavita has pill in this hole and now we’re going to take a second 120 meters down [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] market song effective whereas Tanya VHB so these are the roots of this little willow tree Oh drama party easy I will film all five fully crossing [Music] so now we are at the location of the exit of the main pipe the collecting pipe we’re just trying to get this sorted out you got your water flows more easily out okay guys so the crew has left and the consensus is that the willow tree behind me is the bane of our existence basically it’s roots have grown into the pipe and clogged it up so the only way is to rip the tree out of the ground and replace the piece of pipe it’s with a new one so that water can flow through there otherwise it’s just dripping very slowly so we can’t do it today because the water level is too high as you could see in the videos the when we dug up the pile the water would come in from all the sides and just float it up so it was really difficult and to have this system working properly you need the right angle of the center for the water to flow so we will just wait a little bit and see how it goes thanks for watching and subscribe to the channel for more future updates practicing [Applause] you

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  1. Nie bardzo rozumiem po kiego grzyba nagrywasz to po angielsku. Że niby jest bardziej cool i więcej osób zasubskrybuje ten kanał niż "Piotr i pszczoły"? Jeśli tak myślisz to jesteś w tzw. mylnym błędzie. Nie mam problemu z angielskim, ale suba nie daję i czekam na filmy na Twoim "pierwotnym" kanale. Pozdrawiam.

  2. Hello Dear PolymathPete, Thank you very much for your attempt to transfer your experience to others. It is so valuable action.
    Mohammadreza Ghassabzadeh, Civil Engineer.
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