Boiling 48 Bottles of Nail Polish

Boiling 48 Bottles of Nail Polish

[Captions by Y Translator]
In this video, we’re going to look
at what happens if you gather together a whole lot of nail polish
and throw it on a stove. [Music] We’ve tried something
similar to this twice before, once with superglue,
and once with whiteout correction fluid and we had different results. Those were both flammable liquids,
but they didn’t react the same way. So, maybe today we’ll find out
if the nail polish reacts more like the super glue
or more like the white out. The plan is simple,
we’re going to empty all 48 of these bottles into our pot, turn on the heat,
and watch what happens. Now, these do have
a warning on them. They’re flammable. How flammable we’re talking here,
we’ve got a rock and we’ve got some nail polish, heat some on,
and hit it with a torch. Oh, your fingernails look
just lovely today, Mr. Rock. I don’t know what
girls talk about on they’re getting the nails done. [Music] Well, didn’t do a whole lot. Looked like it may be caught
on fire for a second there, then just went out. Try and puddle up a little
bit more of it this time. [Music] All right. There we go. Now that’s burning on its own. [Music] And it went out. I would say that is less flammable
than the white out, but still flammable, clearly. So, it is flammable,
and I think we need to see what happens if we try and get rid
of all of the solvents and liquids in that by heating them up on this pot. So now, we get to empty 48 bottles
of nail polish into this pot. There’s not a lot
in each one of these. But, there is a small metal ball
used for mixing the nail polish up. I’m not going to dig
those out with my finger. So we’re just going to have a pot
full of a lot of nail polish and probably 48 small metal beads. [Music] We’ve got our pot
full of nail polish and it’s not all the way full, but that is the most
full of nail polish I have ever seen anything. Going to set that down
on our burner. Light it up. We’re going to start on low. See what happens. [Music] That is on low,
can’t really see it but… See, that does light
this grass on. Now, we see what the heat does
to the nail polish. [Music] I think we’re starting
to get a couple of bubbles. Bubbling around the edges as well. [Music] Does have a little bit
of a skin on top of it. Maybe not quite so much
as the whiteout did but some. [Music] Pull more of the skin back
because I really like seeing the bubbling action. And how its kind
of mixing the colors everywhere there’s not a skin. All of these colors around the edge
are getting a little bit muddled and darker and slightly muddy colored, and I don’t know if that’s
because they’re mixing with other colors as they boil, or something about the chemical
process of being heated up is actually causing
them to change colors. Got a skin forming again. I just got a whiff
of that that’s potent. Never liked the smell
of nail polish. [Music] The fumes are invisible. [Music] I’m going to try turning up
the heat a little bit. We actually now have a pretty
uniformly boiling substance here. There’s bubbles coming
up all through it. It’s not really got much
of a film anymore. I think the heat may have made
that all breakup, and our color is becoming more
and more uniform all the way through, it’s not there yet, we’ve still definitely
got a pinker bit over here, some bluer over here, little bit of orange tint there,
and pretty muddled in the middle, and then there’s
these little bits on top. I think that’s just sort
of the remnants of the skin, and some other colors that
aren’t mixing quite as much. Ooh, sticking the stick down
onto the bottom, there’s some thicker gunky substance
that’s already formed down there. [Music] Doesn’t look like anything
because it gets coated on its way up. But, up here very much liquid. And some down on the bottom,
it’s got like, a skin. [Music] It’s on fire. [Music] Well, we’ve seen this reaction
before we hit a flash point. It just got so hot
that it ignited. It’s possible
that some fumes did make it. I don’t know how
it would go down. But you know, they might have
gone over the side and sort of acted as a channel from the flames
underneath up onto the top. [Music] Hmm… [Music] Well… That didn’t work so great. [Music] That’s some kind
of vapor right there. [Music] It does reignite easily,
quite easily. Now the surface
of it is just burning. [Music] Apparently, the vapors
coming off are flammable. Nifty. [Music] Random helpful tip: Coating the bottom of metal containers
in your shower with nail polish can help prevent them from
leaving rust marks in your shower. [Music] There we go. [Music] Well, there you go. This is nail polish. Pretty much, all of the
liquid burned right out of it, and it just a solid biscuit left over. [Music] I gotta say, I do not recommend boiling
and lighting on fire large batches of nail polish at once. That’s just a bad plan. Don’t do it. Wow, there’s so much left like,
very little actually burned away. I feel like we have
almost the same mass. Obviously something was lost. But it looks like we have
quite a bit left here. All of the bright vibrant nail
polish colors are gone. It’s just charcoal colored. It’s what happens
when you burn stuff. There’s some of the bright
vibrant colors left over, just on my hand. That is some of the coolest
looking trash I’ve ever seen. All right guys, time
for more question and answer. We’ve got some good questions
that you guys have sent in. We’ll see if we can give
you some answers for them. Preston Hawkins @fat2slow
wants to know, is there a myth you would try
with @Donttrythis. Now, that’s Adam Savage
from MythBusters. That’s his Twitter handle. So, he’s asking if there are
any myths we would like to try with Adam Savage. The answer is that,
we’d be happy to try out anything with him. We’ve got some fun larger scale
experiments that we’d like to do, maybe some explosions. I imagine he’s still got some contacts
in that part of the world. He is an extremely busy person, so getting on his schedule
might be kind of difficult. But if you would like
to see us do something with Adam Savage formerly of Mythbusters, currently of the YouTube channel,
tested, where they do some really cool amazing stuff,
you should check them out. You can let them know,
leave some comments, maybe tweet at him and if you would
like to see us work together. Then, maybe you guys
can make that happen, and I’m sure we can come up
with a lot of really cool fun experiments to try. There are always more myths
in the world that need testing and busting. That’s it for today,
but the fun is not over. That box at the top will take you
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