BOOK CRAFTS: Book Canvas Art!

BOOK CRAFTS: Book Canvas Art!

hello everyone my name is Yara and
today i am coming at you with something a little bit different than usual still
book related so don’t click out of the video yet and it has to do with these
lovely paintings / artwork / crafts crafts a few months ago I was thinking
about ways that I can decorate my room and I really like doing crafts so I was
researching a bunch of stuff that I could do especially with book pages
because I just I like that aesthetic and I don’t actually know where I got this
idea if it was completely original I might have been influenced by something I saw
on Pinterest but I’ve been looking and I can’t find anything that resembles like
what I did so maybe I am just original who knows
but anyway it centered around having book pages on a canvas and having a
silhouette of something book related or whatever pop culture reference related
that you like I obviously did around books cuz I love books and I figured
that since it’s a very book related craft and maybe a lot of people would
like to learn how to do it and it’s so easy I figured I would make a tutorial
about it and show you what I did just as the disclaimer this video is a mess I
had so many technological issues around the time that I was making this video my
phone kept saying that its memory was full even though it wasn’t so we just
kept stopping recording in the middle of me trying to record a video so they are
a bunch of clips where it kind of just stops abruptly because I did this three
different times I did have enough footage to show you exactly what you
need to do and all the steps however I flip around between which one I’m doing
so at one moment you’ll see the trident symbol some moment you’ll see the snitch
choose some moment you’ll see the crow I think these two are fairly obvious what
they are but the crow is actually six of crows I know it looks like a Mockingjay
I’ve gotten that comment before but I meant it to be Six of Crows but also I
don’t really care if it’s a Mockingjay either ambiguity so yeah this was super
easy to do anybody can do it it’s also very affordable you don’t need
to spend a lot of money and it takes around maybe one to two hours to do one
if you’re really efficient so that’s all I have please enjoy the video
hi again I am back in voiceover mode so first we’re gonna start with methods and
materials Wow the stem major really came out of me right then pretty much what
you need to do these canvas art so first we’re gonna need a canvas the size is
your preference I’m using a 10 by 10 inch canvas which is funnily enough not
the one shown because I forgot to take a picture of the unmade canvas before I
started gluing stuff on to it the one here I think is 8 by 8 inches I believe
these do not have to be expensive I got mine on sale at Michael’s and you can
also find them at Walmart I’m pretty sure the next most important thing you
need to get is Mod Podge which is pretty much a glue-like substance that is going
to be the basis on how we actually get these pages onto the canvas um I prefer
the matte finish but again that’s preference and you can also get this at
any local craft store I got mine at Walmart next you’ll need a disposable
sponge brush and a few regular and small size paintbrushes
you’ll also need black paint for the silhouette painting on the canvas and
I’m using an acrylic paint that I’ve had for years that I’ve also got from
Michaels you’ll also need a book that you aren’t scared over ripping apart I
know I know it’s sacrilege to rip pages out of a book but just don’t use a book
that you care about then you’ll need a stencil of the thing that you want to
paint on the canvas I did three of these and the one that’s shown here is a
try to the symbol from Percy Jackson for obvious reasons but I also did the
snitch and a crow for Six of Crows these are really easy to make I just printed
them out from pictures I found on the internet and cut them out even this step
is not even necessary if you are pretty talented with art you can go straight on
ahead onto the canvas and just draw but I wanted to make the process as fast as
possible and minimize the amount of errors I could make so I decided to go
with the stencil here’s a quick tip for figuring out how to make sure the
stencil is the right size for your canvas pretty much what I did was I went
to Adobe Illustrator but you can also do this on PowerPoint so I’m going to show
it on PowerPoint cuz that’s a little bit more accessible anyway I made a box that
was 10 by 10 inches which was supposed to mimic the size of the actual canvas
and then I copied and pasted the picture that I wanted to use as the stencil and
placed it wherever I wanted it to be actually placed on the
canvas that way I could get a feeling of how big I wanted the picture to be then
I just made note of the dimensions that the picture ended up being and I copied
and pasted that that onto a word doc and printed that out I’m sure there is
probably more efficient ways to do this or you could just eyeball it but I
wanted there to be some uniformity in the canvases so I wanted to make sure
they were all relatively the same size alrighty now that we’ve established what
we need time to begin so because we were working with paint and glue I wanted to
make sure I didn’t make a mess so I put a cardboard box on the floor now what
I’m doing first is I’m pretty much just estimating and planning out where I’m
gonna put all the pieces of paper and making sure that I have a decent plan
going through my mind and after I decide where I’m gonna put the paper I lay out
a layer of the Mod Podge onto the canvas where I’m gonna put that on paper I’m
also gonna put a layer of Mod Podge on the paper itself and this is just to
reinforce and make sure that there is enough glue on every part of the paper so
that it stays on it smoothly laid out onto the canvas you really want to make
sure you have a thick enough layer of Mod Podge or else it’s not gonna stick
and it’s going to get a little bumpy make sure you put glue on the sides as
well because these can end up flapping out later on I also made sure to pinch
the corner so we get a pretty nice and straight corner and later on we’re gonna
fix this to make it a little more nice so we’re just gonna repeat that by first
laying down where the paper is gonna go and then adding the Mod Podge and
sticking it down [Music]
if you find that there’s parts of the paper that are not sticking to the
canvas feel free to add more Mod Podge this is probably gonna happen a lot on
the sides so just make sure you have a good enough layer and press it down so
now fast-forwarding to the end for these last pieces that are going to go over
the edge you don’t need to worry about the flap that’s gonna end up falling
over we’re gonna get rid of that later and fix that the most important thing is
to make sure that all parts of the cameras are covered and if you have a
lot laying over that’s totally fine [Music]
so now we’re going to take some scissors and flip over the canvas and we’re going
to cut off all those extra pieces that are just flapping over on the back of it
be careful not to cut the actual canvas here it can get pretty close sometimes
and I apologize that this part is not in frame but we’re also going to cut the
corners to make them have a clean end now you’re gonna take your stencil and
start tracing the pattern onto the canvas
make sure to hold the stencil down pretty firmly or else your design will
get ruined if it moves around a lot [Music]
And once you have the basic design drawn onto the canvas you can start painting
[Music] now for this step make sure you take
your time with this I spend almost half an hour on one design it takes a lot of
time and the more attention to detail that you do the better the outcome will
turn out however for the sake of this video not being a million hours long I’m
gonna fast-forward through it [Music]
[Music] this is what I meant when I said my
camera stopped recording so now we’re onto the crow but once you let your
painting dry you want to modpodge the entire canvas all over again and this
will seal everything together and make sure that your canvas will last long now
you’ll notice there’s going to be a white cast on the black paint but don’t
worry about that at all it’ll dry clear [Music]
you’re also gonna want to flip over the canvas and make sure any of those loose
flaps that we tried to cut off are also pinned down with the Mod Podge
[Music] and once that dries you have your
completed canvas I’m really happy with the way these turned out I think they
look really cool on my wall and they’re awesome for booktube backgrounds I
really hope you enjoyed watching this video and please let me know if you want
more videos like this and I’ll see you later bye

7 thoughts on “BOOK CRAFTS: Book Canvas Art!

  1. Oh Dam they’re made out of book pages!?!? Niiiice. Ya storage being full has hated me in the past as well, it’s rough. This is really cool. RIP Lord of the Flies. I’m envious of your artisticness. I’m super impressed you made these yourself. I thought u bought em somewhere or something. Very nice👌👌👌

  2. Mockingjay of a crow!! Both both is good!!😂 “just don’t use a book you care about” yesss the Trident one turned out so well!!

    Girrrrll you could sell these on Etsy or something I would buy one!!🙌🏻

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