Book Fold Christmas Decor Tree and Angel Dollar Tree DIY – Christmas Decor 2019

Book Fold Christmas Decor Tree and Angel Dollar Tree DIY – Christmas Decor 2019

in this video I’m going to show you how
to make these adorable and nostalgic Christmas book folding crafts so if you
want to learn how to do it well then follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter the crafts I have for you tonight was inspired by a craft that
I did some time ago that everyone seemed to really really enjoy in fact so many
of you made them I was just overwhelmed one of my fabulous glue dots I think
made like 58 of them so needless to say it’s a great craft the last time it was
a birdcage made out of folded book pages this time in the spirit of the holidays
I’ve made a Christmas tree and an angel so I hope you love them also many of you
mentioned in the comments that this was something you did as a kid using phone
books so it’s kind of a piece of nostalgia coming back okay I really want
to get to this project and show you how to do it but before I do I would really
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fabulous glue dot group on Facebook so all that being said let’s get to this
project let’s do it on this one to get started I bought this
book from Dollar Tree and as a reference for you so you know the size that my
angel comes out this book is about five and a half inches by almost eight and a
quarter inches not that you have to get the same size book but just it’s a
reference for you so the first thing we’re gonna be doing is removing the
cover and I’m so sorry those of you who are readers who are dying right now as I
am destroying this book but you know you’ll have a way of saving this book
forever and ever in a different way than getting other enjoyment from it so bear
with me on that ones are you guys okay I would turn turn the author’s face over
so she’s not upset alright so what we’re gonna be doing to start out you’re gonna
take your first page and fold down now you don’t want to fold all the way to
the spine you want to leave a little bit of space there because otherwise you’re
gonna have a really hard time turning your pages so your first fold it’s gonna
be just like that from the corner down then you’re gonna be taking this part
here and taking it and lining it up again not all the way to the edge of
your book and then you have this little flap piece down below here and you’re
just gonna make a little crease in that and tuck that under and this is your
first fold for your angel so we’re gonna carry on and do that so we’re going to
take it down again not all the way to the spine folding again try and keep
that point as best you can up at the top there and you’re just going to continue around
and keep doing several pages and you’ll see you’re going to start to get this
shape so you can see it’s starting to take its shape and I just want to show
you that as you go you’re gonna it’s gonna get a little harder and harder
because this is going to creep its way out here as you’re folding so you do
want to really press into that spine to make sure that you’re at that Ramy
really able to see that blue area and then slowly slowly as we get going we’re
going to start the more we do we’re going to start to see this whole spine
instead of being flat it will get a curve around it so whether you’re making
the angel or the Christmas tree this is going to be the same way you’re gonna do
both of them what determines what it will be is at the end how we finish it
off okay so if you’re doing the Christmas tree the version that I’m
going to show you up against the flat artwork piece you’re going to make this
into a wall hanging then this should be about enough pages it’s a little over
maybe 95 pages because the first few don’t have numbers on them so if you
want to do the wall one as I said you can stop here in which case what you
would do is go through and cut off your pages on the spine along the part here
and then keep this piece intact I’m gonna continue on here because I’m gonna
start first with the angel and then do the Christmas tree project okay so I
figured out that if you’re gonna do a circle which is 360 degrees about about
a hundred and eighty pages which is half of that is a good amount for depending
on how full you want it if you want it really full if you are doing the picture
one that’s going to be the half circle which is 180 degrees then about ninety
pages I’ll do it so right now I’m at about a hundred and eighty pages and
it’s getting tougher and tougher the more pages you do the tougher it gets
and it also gets a little further away from that center part but now that I’ve
gotten there but going to be doing is from be using the
exacto knife to cut on the spine and remove the parts that I have folded from
the parts that are not folded because I’m going to be using that for another
project go to the backside and find where your folded pages are just get in
there if anything cut closer to the flat pages than to your folded pages because
you do want to make sure that all that work you just did doesn’t go to waste
there we go so I’m gonna be adding a little bit of
hot glue in there to get all of these kind of to come around and to stay
together so when you’re gonna do that you’re gonna put your hot glue in the
way into this center part here because if you attach your pieces there you’re
going to have two of the pages a little bit too stuck together and everything
else is spread out so we’re gonna actually get in there so 180 pages makes
a pretty good nice density for the tree now of course if you want it more dense
do more and if you want it less dense you just fold a few fewer pages so I am
gonna go ahead and start now with the wings for our little angel here so we’re
going to put this temporarily aside and the wings you have a couple of different
options depending on the look that you would like so you’re gonna take two of
your book pages and tear them out and then if you would like larger wings
you’re gonna fold these the long ways doing the fan fold by accident I pulled
out two pages and they’re stuck together so I’m just gonna fold them together at
the same time that way at least on there that I’ll have this same folds on both
sides of the wings okay so here I’ve got those folded and as I said I have my two
pages here that were stuck together now what you’re going to do is pinch them
both together in the center line them up and you’re going to fold it in half so
that you get equal sized wings on both sides in order to attach these wings I
have my raw edge that I tore out of the book which you
can see right here and because I have two of those sides what I’m going to be
doing is interlinking those two and gluing them together I have one continuous piece now there’s
two options here that you can do you can have your wings just like this
or you can cut the ends at an angle to give a different effect so you see this
one is straight and this one I’ve cut so when you open these wings they have a
little different look to them than the other ones had so either way it’s up to
you the other option is to fold the book pages the short way in your fan fold
then you take your two pages that you glue together and you will have a
smaller set of wings like this so let me show you the difference here in size is
substantial I’ll put it on top so you can see and it’s up to you what look you
want for your angel of what size of wings that you prefer I kind of like the
ones that have the cut end on them so that’s the ones that I’m going to use
for my project so once you get that folded in half and glued together you
are gonna want to add some glue right down there in that center part so you
can keep this folded in that fan bolt I’m just gonna do it this way where I
just run a line across and then just pinch it together there and then the
other side would be for the most part to lower to be glued together you can add a
little bit of glue in there too and glue that as well now we’re going to attach
them to our angels I’m going to show you on the back of mine where my book came
together from the starting page to the end page folds I’m going to be taking my
set of wings and then I’m folding them in half one more time to give them a
good Bend because I want them to be a little more down on one side and up on
the other side kind of like that so it has sort of a more flat side and a
rounded side and then I’m gonna be taking my angel I have it facing the
back is facing to me so I’m going to show you and then I’ll be glue just
gluing those onto this back side here you want to put them down about an inch
from the top there because you do need to have room for the head and then the
next thing I’ll be doing will be to glue on the head now the head was a simple
red ball ornament that I spray-painted white if you’re in
white one great that will be one less step for you and remove the little
plastic end piece you have a flat area on the top here of your angel and that’s
where we’re going to be gluing this part here on so I’m just putting the glue
right onto the top part here and then stick the head on there now you know we
get to do kind of some of the fun part and we’re gonna make her halo so the
next thing I’m gonna do is take this wire mesh I’m gonna measure out what is
the right size and cut that piece off and glue it together and then glue it on
to her head so in order to cover her neck here I’m gonna tie a little bow
using my red ribbon and attach that on now no angel would be complete if she
didn’t have her little hymn book so we’re gonna take some of our pages and
we’re gonna be cutting to make her a little book figure out how big you want
your book and if you have some extra scrap decorative paper that you want to
use you can use that and make a real cute little cover I found some
decorative paper in my stash so I’m going to cut a piece that’s the
size of my little book maybe a tad bit bigger so it looks like a cover and then
we’re gonna need to add a little bit of glue between each of our pages obviously
so that they can stay stuck together it would also be really really cute if you
have some sheet music or something like that or you can print out some sheet
music instead of a book then you have your decorative piece of paper go ahead
and fold that in half and glue that on as the cover to your book and we’re just
going to glue the bottom side of our book to the front of her dress if you’re
enjoying my channel please give me the thumbs up and join the glue top family
by hitting that subscribe button down below if you’d like to also another
suggestion you can add a little bit of glitter to the tips of her wings you can
embellish her any way you’d like if you want to add any pearls or anything it is
entirely up to you I’m gonna leave it like this if it were my
full Christmas tree I may decorate it differently but we’re going to work on
the Christmas tree and show you how I would maybe decorate that one I almost
forgot I have this pedestal which I was thinking more of for the Christmas tree
but since I’m not doing a whole Christmas tree and only doing the half
and I’m going to do that with a different kind of design we can also
consider if you’d like your angel to be mounted on top of this stand like this
it’s really cute that way and kind of elevates her and makes a nice little
piece so this is the remainder of the book that I had and I’m gonna do the
Christmas tree I’m gonna do just a half of the number of pages that we did
because we’re not going to be making the full circle around so what I’m doing is
using about 90 pages and I’m giving a good fold I’m gonna try a little
differently this time with this one so we’re gonna try this together and see
how it works and I’m folding in half so I only have the 90 pages I need for this
one as opposed to continuing with the whole book and then trying to cut it
it’s much easier to cut this way that’s for sure
then I’m gonna go through and just fold all of these in the same manner we did
to fold for our angel so before I start folding my book pages I’m gonna use this
sign that I got and you can use any sign you want I happen to like the shape of
this sign you can use either side if you’d like to you can sand this down so
you can get that glitter off of there and then paint it or it can use the
backside I’m gonna go ahead and use this side and paint it white you can just go
ahead and remove this string for now and you can add it on later again or you can
add a different ribbon if you’d like but we’ll get this spray painted while this
dries we can fold our book pages I’ve decided instead of spray-painting my
sign that I’m going to use this Waverly white chalk paint so I’m going to go
ahead and paint this and let it dry while I’m folding my book pages so
here’s my tree about 90 pages and it took under 20 minutes to do so don’t be
intimidated by thinking this will take forever and ever it’s a substantially
full tree like that if you more full than by all means do more
pages so my background piece here is finally dry and now I’m going to kind of
start decorating this piece a little bit before I glue my tree into place I think
it’ll just be easier what I’m going to do for this one now if you want to make
it more rustic you can use other more rustic type things use yarn use nautical
rope or twine I’m going to be using this red ribbon and I’m gonna glue it on my
corners at a diagonal on each side I was originally going to go around the edges
but I realized that could be a problem with these curves so just add a pop of
color to mine I’m going to be going on the diagonal corners so I’m making some
little tiny bows as you can see and I’m going to do about five of them I pinched
the end so it’s even and then I just cut so that it makes that beaut little tail
right there before I go ahead and put my little bows and some of my other
embellishments on there I’m going to glue down the tree so take into
consideration we have our little topper stars so we need to add enough room for
this star and then if you’d like to add a trunk to your tree which I am going to
do you need to take into consideration to allow space for the trunk of the tree
as well down here set your tree in place hold it and then glue down one side at a
time so because once you set that down boy it there is no hoo moving it
alrighty so now I’m going to continue on with my embellishment and my decorations
have you guys hit that like button yet if not get down there and wait and I’m
counting on you and then for the trunk what I’m going to do I cut a piece of
bling wrap I’m gonna leave a link for this if your person who uses bling wrap
a lot Totally Dazzled sells this gigantic roll of bling wrap and it’s
really really reasonably priced and it’s much more economical than buying the
Dollar Tree one so I’ll put the link down below for that the piece that I’m
going to be used to make my trunk is seven-by-twelve and
what I’m going to be doing is gluing that kind of in a half little dome here
so that it gives the effect of a little tree trunk now I’m gonna start adding on
some of my decorations and my embellishments and then what I’m going
to be doing is cutting a piece of red ribbon to finish it off and tie it
through the top here through these holes so that I can hang it with so I’m going
to show you a little bit of the decorating that I’m doing I’m using a
nice long single strand of the bling wrap and I’m going to be gluing that on
like a garland kind of criss crossing around my tree so I don’t really need to
show you how to decorate things so I’m gonna do that and then I will show you
everything altogether sure hope you’re enjoying this video it’s a lot of fun
the last project I had done with book folding I will definitely leave a link
to that because it was also extremely popular so I’m hoping that you’ll guys will love this one just as much.

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