Bottled Water NZ – Spring Fresh Water – Naturally Pure NZ

Bottled Water NZ – Spring Fresh Water – Naturally Pure NZ

Bottled Water NZ – Spring Fresh Water – Naturally
Pure NZ Bottled Water | Spring Fresh Water | Naturally
Pure New Zealand has an international reputation
for being pure and clean. That reputation is not only well-deserved, it is fiercely
protected. New Zealand is a small group of islands surrounded by large oceans, with a
small population and low levels of industrialization. That combination ensures that New Zealand
enjoys a number of unique advantages that result in some of the purest waters in the
world. Naturally Pure New Zealand is proud to bring you a taste of this outstanding water. “SpringFresh natural artesian water begins
its life as rainfall on the Southern Alps of New Zealand. It then spends over 70 years
filtering to purity on its way to our deep aquifer at Tai Tapu in Canterbury.
SpringFresh is “Pure waters of New Zealand’s” major retail brand. Bottled at source in 100%
recyclable BPA free PET bottles, the SpringFresh range is available in both Sparkling and Still
versions. The Tai Tapu plant bottles a variety of sizes, from 350ml bottles to the convenient
4 litre pack. SpringFresh can be found in the major supermarket
chains throughout NZ and with the strong NZ theme in the branding, SpringFresh offers
excellent opportunity for international distributors. Taste the difference with SpringFresh.”
PREMIUM & ELITE WATER PRODUCTS: Naturally Pure NZ has spent the last four
years developing a number of retail formats for the delivery of fresh water to world markets.
The Company recognises that while global markets for water in PET plastic bottles continues
to grow, competition and changing customer preferences will demand a more diverse approach
in the future. Naturally Pure NZ’s premium and elite formats include glass bottles, water
in a box and alloy bottles. BULK WATER PRODUCTS:
Naturally Pure NZ has secured access to significant quantities of pure New Zealand water from
sustainable sources that can be exported in a variety of formats including 20,000 litre
flexi tanks and bulk carriers. From a cost perspective, there is no cheaper way to distribute
New Zealand sourced water to global markets than by way of tanker. SOME IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT OUR WATER
The shelf life of our bottled still water is 2 years.
The bottles we use are 100% recyclable and BPA Free and are NZFSA approved.
We bottle our water at source to ensure its natural purity Naturally Pure NZ has recently purchased the
assets of SpringFresh Water (previously owned by Fiji Water Ltd) located inTai Tapu, in
Canterbury. SpringFresh is the supplier of water to Air New Zealand regional services. This plant currently bottles glass and PET
plastic bottles under the SpringFresh brand and contract to fill to a number of NZ water
brands. Naturally Pure NZ will use this facility to pack boxed water as well. The plant has
US military food and beverage certification and is NZ Government certified for food and
beverage production. SpringFresh is Pure Waters Of New Zealand’s
major retail brand. Bottled in PET, the SpringFresh range is available in 350ml to 4L bottles
in both Sparkling and still versions. This brand can be found in the major supermarket
chains in New Zealand and with the strong NZ theme in the branding SpringFresh offers
excellent export potential.

2 thoughts on “Bottled Water NZ – Spring Fresh Water – Naturally Pure NZ

  1. If your Spring Fresh Water is so pure as advertised why are you showing Chemtrails in the sky on your ads? People are becoming aware that chemtrails are spraying us with aluminium, barium and many toxins that are going into our air, water and soil. So if you are advertising chemtrails does that mean your water is toxic and not tested? Why condone them, are you trying to plant them into the subconscious of the masses so they are accepted are normal clouds? Shame on you to pretend to care about health and do this. I WILL NOT BUY YOUR PRODUCTS and let everyone I know, know and to tell everyone they know! 

  2. It appears to me that chemtrails appearing on the label is an Innocent inclusion even the photographer admits he was unaware of chemtrails ,upper atmosphere spraying and weather modification .Labeling that normalizes a crime should be stopped. As awareness of chemtrail spraying grows world wide it would be in the interests of the company to change the label.

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