So how much water are we thinking here? What’s the magic the ratio the magic ratio is one part water to two parts cornstarch And we’re gonna crack open the first you beauty cornstarch bag Yeah, no it’s definitely time to go down that way We’re getting into it a bit here, that’s the Oh Blackpool are we the the boys Mixon? I’m filming Everyone’s happy everyone’s having a good time love’s a god. We need more. Dye. It’s getting a bit pinky boys Me socks Disenchant oh yeah, that’s what? I I Mean yeah, look not the contest this way, but what the heck is corn starch used for let us know I want to know that’s just someone out they all know for sure If they don’t just good look contest for this way is How much corn starch Have we put into this pool of Ooblek way, and if you’re the closest or correct answer Derrick? What’s harder making this or climbing the top of the tower; making this the way this stuff is nice if you go in nice and easy Like that I’m down at the bottom. I’m already at the floor But if I come down on it hard Like I can’t get through it it behaves like a solid yeah, it’s super liquidy like super liquidy, but you just It’s amazing I’ve got a fun game I want you to put your hands in the Ooblek to the bottom like this now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna count you down three two one go and the winner is the person who can be fully standing first, okay? You gotta always stand yeah, yeah Three two one go Now Scottie, what are we doing now what we want to see is if we drop a bowling ball on it from different heights Yeah, how will it respond for instance would it bounce or maybe the additional force will just skip right? Yeah? Yeah, will it push through? We’re gonna find out yes wait my prediction is it’s gonna come down It’s just gonna thud and just stick this for the top. Yeah, the very top drop. I’m going that’s gonna count. I’m also going It’s gonna bounce despite. You know I should go a Stanford because it seems to be right All right so next you’re gonna give me bit of a throw up there, right Good oh Good form quickly coo coo coo coo coo retrieval, retrieval! so Oh correct in saying that also didn’t bounce I wanted it to bounce Think it will I think it will bounce eventually well that was a little bit of force, but that up there I think it’s time to go upwards and the next one is gonna be oh it’s gonna be probably I don’t Quarter the way out probably that one there all right first level of the tower I better you gotta give it a little bit of a hioke because I’m not over the pool hoike away; have you got the bell on folks have you got it on Stanford you need the bell on Alright here. We go three two one Yeah Kind of bounced and rolled It did have a little bounce Yeah Definitely had a little bit of a bounce. Yeah, I thought it did alright. You sending me up Yeah, head up mate, stay up there now go onsen. We’re doing the bowling ball today. Yep What should we do next on ooblek? It’s a very good question that one. I think we need some suggestions Hey Yeah, not a nuke We are at the next level, I did go about halfway up the tower still not over it so i’m going to throw that again He’s gonna bounce pretty good stop saying the first one alright Herron. You’ve made your way out there sun’s out mate. Oh. Where are you? No, that’s not you. Hey, I zoomed in on a piece of steel mate. Three two one Strike one now Derek, you know what’s sad for you I’ve got to come get that yeah few more buerries this time Yeah, the thing I need that much, but that since I do now give it berries son I’ll be back, coming Whoo, just gonna let that heart rate drop a little come on Dang it strike three, heyhey Aaron essential to this working is you hitting the pool. I’m very aware. I don’t want to come down again Pop so you did your best to break our pool, then dude you’re a big horse dang it! I’ll see you soon again In fact no if you don’t even hear that we’ll just send you the top anyway here, yeah, three two one oh This is smash I’m thinking he got some on my face. There’s some one that lens here It’s fairly um sunken down there. I feel like it kind of got wedged in the corner, dunno no, I do, I saw it. Did make like that impacting thud like it really stuck in Gee, you alright there? Maybe I can get that out oh Come on might put the back into it, hold it up hold it up over the pool Gloopy! All right time to go to the top well here we go. It’s the big moment Herons get these little keister up to the top using those glutes and quads and calves And we’re gonna hit it in the middle and we well We will we will let’s just not count the chickens before they get hit by a ball and more from the tower Yes Scott. Herron mate here, if Coulson asks me to hit the middle one more time. I’m gonna slap him in the face All right, I’m at the top bowling ball in hand It’s gonna bounce do you reckon we’re gonna get a bounce Stanford. I’m really excited for a bounce Mate, I honestly don’t know the last one was a wedgie Miller, so you’re just hanging Did you just tell me you don’t know you’re the person who educated me about sitting on the fence remember all right? Here you go. It’s not gonna bounce. It’s gonna splash gonna. Go bunk and just sit there That’s what I said at the start might if you had a memory 276 or Zed 76 that’s shocking all right this one. That’s a stinker that must have been you I’ll tell you Yeah, that’s of course Are you chatterboxes good? Boy, there’s our boy. Oh I think it bounced flipping stands. I think I was wrong again I couldn’t have been more right that created like a crater I Was really expecting it to bounce, well you were wrong? When it touched down, I was just like kind of looking is it gonna come up, and it didn’t it Just stuck well. I didn’t know what Scott what I will say though Is that it went in there and it now looks like it never did just looks like a thing of fluid again? well This is this is just it this is ooblek, another day another thing dropped you guys wanted ooblek, you got it remember comment your ideas because we’re gonna do more things I reckon Scott what else do you need to say rattle these out quick because The folks are just over this let’s go. Thanks 44 Club give it a like; quicker subscribe if you haven’t Bell must be on got to be on and Your quick is so slow Lane x-ray yes and see you next week, you thugs

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