Boy George’s “little sister” in The Voice | Journey #64

Boy George’s “little sister” in The Voice | Journey #64

What’s your name? Cody, I’m 17 and I’m from a little
town called Burnley in Lancashire. My name is Cody Frost,
I’m 17and I’m from Lancashire. I’m live at home with my
mum and my little sister. Cody is the best sister ever! It’s a mad house.
Everyone is just so loud. My dad still sees me as daddy’s
little princess sometimes. But like I really don’t look like
a princess at the moment… and I don’t think I ever will. Cody, it’s lovely to meet you.
– Thank you. You look amazing!
– Thank you! How would you describe
your look today? Uhm, failed punk
– Failed punk? (laughing) I like to be different because that’s
how you get your voice heard. That’s how you can make a change
as apposed to staying the same… getting a job, having some kids. That’s just boring like why would
you want to do that? I’ve been looking into the coaches’ star signs
a little bit because… I’m a bit of an astrology nerd. I’m a Capricorn and I found out that
they pretty much mix with mine. Particularly Paloma, because
my best friend is a Cancer. And so is Paloma. And maybe our stars will allign. This is by far the biggest thing
I’ve done in my life. I’ve been pushed down
quite a lot when I was younger. Now I’ve got the confidence to do it,
so why not do it now? I think I’m ready for a stage this big. I think you’re so cool!
– Yeah, your style is fresh! Thank you.
– You look amazing. What are you in to?
Besides dressing fresh. Really angry music. Like what?
– Like…you know, metal. But you’re not singing metal, it’s quite
emotional what you just sang. You know it’s kind off…
– Emo! Yeah. That’s one of the most emotional
performances we’ve had so far. Yeah, I feel so moved. (mumbling) I mean, 90 seconds it’s really
hard to get to know someone in that time. But I feel like we really got to know you,
quite quickly. – Thank you. And hopefully you’ll come on my team. If you’re gonna start, start early. Ok? I think we can carry on and get to
know you better and make it… so that you have the carreer that you want. There’s a little bit of an 80’s vibe
going on in the look. Yes. So there’s really only one place for
you to go honey child. I just thought I always go
for misfits right. Here I am. And I love it. I was just sitting there and
I really felt emotional listening to you. And I felt like we really heard like your
heart. and I feel like that’s really… really special. And I hundred percent
believe that you should be… massive in the music industry
cause that was so beautiful. Paloma just used the word Misfit.
I’m the queen of misfits Yeah that was a beautiful…
– Well you know I used to be a man right? No I’m joking. I thought we were going to
keep that a secret. Yeah, there was a beautiful
vulnerability and also… the song choice because at
first I wasn’t sure what you were singing. I was like Ok, Abba.
A sort of Goth take on Abba. It was kinda beautiful and brave I’m gonna go with Boy George. I’m so happy! My last pairing is…
Cody. Cody has like an ocean of vulnerability.
That was a big thing with Cody. Cody was like a mini-me. The way she
was dressed the makeup. I like to be different because
that’s how you get your voice heard. That’s how you can make a change. I feel like I understand her completely. And Cody will be up against…
Heather. Heather was very talented
she has kind of quirky quality about her… which I completely love. You’re both pretty young. So you’re both
fresh out of school what was that like? I didn’t really enjoy school I did a year
of a-levels. and got U’s on all of them.
– I’m still at school I’m doing four a levels… at the moment which is really tough.
– We’ve got a brainy one, and one more like me. We’re kind of like different ends
of the spectrum. She does pretty… make up and wears pretty dresses.
I feel like I look like a bad influence. Should we have a little listen
to your interpretation? Cody’s got massive potential
I think she’s got something… very unique about her she knows
how to place things emotionally. It’s quite scary singing against Cody. When she sings I get goosebumps
and I want to try and have the same… effect that she does on Boy George. It’s gonna be really hard.
It will literally be down to: Who do I believe?
It’s gonna be that cold. George that was amazing.
How are you feeling? It was beautiful. It was exactly
what I thought it was gonna be. But better, yeah it was beautiful. Ok, Heather you brought so much emotion
to that song and you made it effortless. You brought me to tears it was amazing
and I don’t cry at many things. SEC Tax bills. But you know, you’re 17. And you have a massive future
in front of you and I kind of just feel… like this is gonna end well, whatever
happens. But because I fought so hard to… get Cody, you just remind me so much of
myself when I was your age and so… I’m going to take you through. From the moment I heard Cody singing in
the Blind Auditions, I knew she was unique. I think she’s the real deal
and everything that she’s done in this… competition has only confirmed that. As you can see I’m a little
bit in love with Cody. I’m gonna sing Another Brick in the Wall
by Pink Floyd because it’s rebellious. My biggest challenge with this song would
probably be not to get too excited and scream. I think Cody thinks of herself as being
quite rebellious but I think underneath… all that is a very sensitive
compassionate person. Once you kind of do that
‘Cody thing’ I don’t know what it is. try to balance it because you know
when you get angry it’s great. But don’t lose that vulnerability. I mean she’s clearly very creative.
She’s got this kind of artistic side to her. And I think there’s so much
more to come from her. Everything hangs on this performance,
so nothing’s certain. Oh my god, it’s gonnabe tough.
Oh my god, oh my god. We’re all kind of looking for someone
who can be a real artist. That can develop and grow
and become something unique and uhm. I think I’ve definitely found it
in this person. The last person that i’m taking through… is Cody. Team George is just like the Adams family,
with bigger hair. Team George is a cool team. Cody is you know punky, powerhouse when
she sings something beautiful happens. The good thing about being on George’s
team is that, not only is he a coach but… he’s your friend. He’s so cool I
wanna hang out with him all the time. My family has been great.
They’re all so proud of me. They are constantly
watching my performances. The cutest thing was when a little
brother was singing it though. That made me happy
couldn’t ask for a better family. Picking Boy George was an amazing decision
because he’s just perfect for me. I like Cody. I like her energy.
You know she talks 10 to the dozen. It’s almost like she’s not concentrating Cody, come back in the room. We’re just gonna call it Codyness. But when she sings,
something beautiful happens. She just has this thing.
She’s just special. And if we knew why,
we’d be we’d be churning them out. George it’s decision time. George who is getting your fast pass
through to next week’s semi-final? Shhh. Just wanna say you all did an amazing
job, and for whoever doesn’t go through… I hope the public will you know… there’s been lots of comments online I hope
they can turn it in to votes. So that people vote for you. Definitely. Tonight I’m going to be a gentleman
there’s one lady so I’m going to take Cody through. How are you feeling?
– I’m alright. When I saw you last night
you were pretty upset. Yeah… It was the biggest performance
I’ve ever done. I was thinking, this is out of key.
This is out of time. It was the pressure of the live show.
You were kind of out of your comfort zone. It was kind of messy but you
needed to experience that. and I know it’s just going to
make even stronger. It was just an awful night. I gave coded the Fast pass because I
wasn’t gonna just give up on her. I’m gonna take Cody through. Cody is 18 years old. She hit a bum
note in a show. Whatever. It’s nice to know that
he has faith in me. I know what you’re capable of,
that’s why you got through last night. There’s lots of things that
we need to get right. It’s amazing to have
Boy George as a coach. My mom is a fan of Boy George
and she bought me by Boy George records. Thats her sister, best friend. My whole family was really
excited to see George We’re so proud. Obviously. This week is game on because I
want to get back in the place that… I was before and just be
confident with it. I’m probably still gonna be
nervous but like, I’m thinking about it now. and hoping for the best. There’s been tears.
There’s mascara running but… This is your comeback performance ok? My mom says women live longer because they cry,
so carry on crying ok. I really want you to have an amazing
performance next week. And I want to see you go through to the final. Ok? Give me a hug. It was amazing I mean look how happy I look. I was watching you beside the stage.
– I’m the happiest person in Elstree. And all surrounding areas I mean
you nailed it. Amazing. Paloma do you think she’s done enough to
make it through to next week. Has she? I mean like I’ll buy
her album tomorrow. I’ve been telling her that since the beginning. I was upset because I really
wanted her to be on my team and she… still isn’t and I’m just such a big fan.
I’m gushing and I think it was amazing. Well done. Six artists remain but only
two places are left in the final. The public have spoken.
This is it. In no particular order the next person going through to the final is: From Team Boy George it’s Cody! I’ve been missing my family and friends a lot. I just missed that way of life so I
went back home. The first thing I did when I got
home was a radio interview. And that was really fun. Is it good to be back home now? I missed it so much. I went to the bar that I work at.
And I got a massive surprise when I turned up. It was really lovely seeing my siblings,
Jensen’s just turned 3. Can I have a kiss?
I’ve never had a kiss of him. Cody’s fantastic. He just really, really missed me. Cody rocks! She’s a giant. They’re really cute. Team Cody! Knowing that I’ve got so much
support from up North. It’s really lovely and it
definitely spurs me on. I wasn’t expecting that many people. She’s wonderful.
We’re incredibly proud of her. Cody can absolutely win. Team Cody. I’m really excited to just go on stage
and do them proud. Here we go, the public have spoken.
And also staying in the competition is: It’s Kevin! Kevin congratulations. So Lydia and Cody that does mean
that you are out of the competition. Cody can you sum up your time for us,
on The Voice. It’s been really long but
it’s been amazing and worth it. And George this isn’t the end
of the road for Cody is it? No and she doesn’t have to sing the winner single cause she didn’t wanna do it anyway. So we’re pleased about that. Thank you George, you’ve both been
absolutely fantastic. Please make some noise
one more time for Lydia and Cody!

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