back to my channel my name is Alyssa today’s video is going to be all
about my breastfeeding journey I’m currently breastfeeding my two year old
little girl baby and she breastfeeds all day long
she’s currently night weaned I trained her around 18 months and what
that means is basically I stopped feeding her through the night so that
happened around 18 months but she does breastfeed all day long on demand still
and she just turned 2 about a month ago so it’s been a long two years and since
its World Breastfeeding week I thought it would be a good idea to kind of film
are breast feeding journey since you know it’s still going on and she’s two
years old so I had a V naturally at a birth center
and breastfeeding did not come naturally to say the least um I remember before I
had her during pregnancy I knew I was going to have her naturally so a lot of
my research involved natural furs and I didn’t really research breastfeeding as
much ice as much as I think I should have I did research though and there
were a ton of videos I watched having to do with positioning and latching and I
feel like if I would have watched more videos on women’s experiences I think I
would have been a little more prepared but from the start I knew I wanted to
breastfeed and I knew it was something that wasn’t gonna come super easy that I
was gonna have to work for it but I knew that I wanted to do it so as soon as she
was born I tried to put her to my boob and I just remember I was so exhausted
she was so heavy and my boobs were so huge I remember I just tried and tried
to put her see my boob hold up my boob and hold her and it was just exhausting
and I was tired and I didn’t want to do it and she wasn’t latching she wasn’t
able to get a good latch and I had midwife assistant midwife I had my doula
and my birth to tog refer in both my doula and my birth to tog refer
breastfed their children and so they were trying to help me kind of figure it
out and AV my daughter she would kind tried to suck and it was like she would
get freshened and so she would start crying and I remember my assistant
midwife came to me and was like you know she’s not eating from your brush you’re
really gonna have to like express and give it to her a different way and I
remember just being so frustrated with that I’m just being like give me a
chance to do this like do you know like we need a little more time thankfully
when you give birth at a birth center like I did you can go home pretty early
and so we didn’t spend the night there we spent around six hours there and then
we were able to go home so once we got home and I was in the comfort of my own
home in my own bed I decided to try a lay
down feed so I didn’t have to carry her I didn’t have to hold my boob up I laid
down on my side and I popped my book in her mouth and that worked out
beautifully and she was able to eat I was able to relax and I pretty much
still breastfeed her in that same way of course there are other positions but
that’s still one of the positions we currently to this day still use and
probably my favorite position and we co slept till 18 months and that’s how I
fed her all night long for the first 18 months of her life so if you’re not
familiar with that breastfeeding position definitely look it up on how to
do it correctly there are certain ways that you want to do it to make sure that
their air flow isn’t blocked and all of that so there are tons of videos on
YouTube about that so definitely look that up that was the first position that
we successfully used and successfully did well so that made
me really happy but of course I there were times where I wanted to sit up on
the couch or like you know be with my family they were coming to visit us and
I would have to breastfeed her and so I obviously learned other positions but in
those first few hours and even that first day when I was just so exhausted
and so tired that wasn’t the best position so yeah now moving on to my
first mistake breastfeeding and that was me using the hakka if you haven’t heard
of the haka it is this little suctioned milk cup thing that collects milk so
when you start breastfeeding and you put baby to your boob and you start eating
on one boob accept specially in those first few months your other boob will
start to leak quite a bit and as a mom who’s trying to collect milk you want
every drop like you want every single drop so you use for your baby so in that
very beginning in the very beginning when I would breastfeed her on one side
I would put the hakka on the other side and I thought it was so awesome and I
need to think twice about it I was collecting so much milk I had
already collected you know I don’t even know how many ounces maybe 20 30 ounces
just from that hakka and I didn’t have to pump and I was just so excited about
it until I realized it was giving me oversupply
and when you hear the word oversupply you think oh isn’t that a good thing
like you know most people aren’t producing enough and why wouldn’t you
want over slide well the reason you don’t want oversupply is because it
creates acid reflux like symptoms for your baby and that’s what I thought avy
had I thought she had acid reflux for a little while because she would throw up
all of her food she would she would poop a lot she would she was starting to have
like greenish groups instead of the normal yellow breastfed poop and it was
kind of freaking me out and I remember she would whenever I would put her to my
boob first of all I was so engorged and they weren’t going down because I had
oversupply that my breasts and my nipples hurt so bad it was just like
these two huge rocks hanging on my chest and it was just the worst I remember
just being so uncomfortable and thinking it was completely normal which in the
beginning it is normal for your boobs to be like that first certain amount of
time but for me it lasted way longer than it should have because I was had so
much oversupply just that pain and that engorgement when she would go to latch
which first of all hurt me but then she couldn’t get a good launch because my
boobs were so full that she could never get a good latch and no matter how much
I tried to like Express before she went on it was like they were still just too
big too full for her to ever get like a good laugh when she would latch it would
just come out so fast that she would like gag on
as she was drinking because it was just coming out so much and so fast and so
all these problems and then on top of that because I was so English because I
had so much milk I was leaking like crazy and what that
created was the rush the rush is like the worst thing you could have besides a
clogged duct or mastitis when you’re breastfeeding
it’s basically yeast and I first noticed it when AV had a diaper rash I think she
was like maybe a month old she was not very old at all and she had a really bad
diaper rash and none of the creams I was using was working I was just really
confused and I remember I asked my doula like what is this and she kind of told
me like it could be thrush it could be ease it you know if regular diaper rash
creams aren’t taking it away it could be thrush and so I decided to
kind of do my own little research I was looking it up and seeing the symptoms
and one of the symptoms is like your nipples hurt really bad when they eat
and that was definitely happening it was like when I would put her to my boob
like needles were shooting out of my nipples like and I this is my first time
rest feeding so I think this is normal like oh this is just how it’s supposed
to feel turned out that’s not how it’s supposed to feel definitely not normal
that was a symptom her rash is a symptom and there is white all over her tongue
and when I took her to her first like checkup and I asked the doctor like is
her white tongue normal it could be thrush could also be milk residue on her
tongue you have to take the washcloth and try to take off that whites up on
her tongue if it doesn’t come off then it’s the rush so that was kind of like a
weird thing too because we would do it and it would kind of come off but not
really and so just my motherly instinct told me this is thrush like I know this
is thrush and so I decided to use the grapefruit seed extract so I put that in
some coconut oil and I would put that on her her but I would put that on my
nipples I put that inside of her mouth every single time we nursed it was a
pain in the butt it really did suck there definitely
probably it’s an easier way but I like to lean more towards the natural stuff
and it ended up clearing it out but it it did take some time and it did take
some patience and it did take work to get it done I wanted it so bad and I
wanted to breastfeed her so bad that I was willing to do the work I was willing
to get it done and I also figured out my oversupply so at first when I thought it
was acid reflux symptoms I started googling it and there was a Facebook
group that I found called a Lech a league that I got into and I asked a
question in there I kind of told the situation of you know are what was going
on with her symptoms were and someone commented mentioning oversupply and at
that point I didn’t even know the term oversupply or that it caused any sort of
problems so I saw that and then I looked it up and I found Kelly
her and she heatless a bunch of like breastfeeding stuff and so she had an
article on oversupply and I started reading that how you fix oversupply and
it’s basically block feeding it’s called block feeding so you only feed on one
boob until it’s empty and you can kind of tell by feeling your boob it feels
empty and then then you switch over to the other side so before what I was
doing was I was switching her every time she fed I would switch her those were
first struggles and problems with breastfeeding and I think the other
problem I had was I did get a clogged duct but that was only because I was
breastfeeding her at night and in the middle of the night I would get up and
switch boobs put her on the other boob and I was one night where I was just so
tired that I did not want to do that and I kept feeding her on the same boob so
when I woke up in the morning the other boob was just excruciating it was so
full and so red and so hot and the way I kind of fixed that was I got in the
shower I put it on really hot and I just massaged my boob I expressed with my
hand I never pumped because I didn’t want to create more oversupply so I
massage my boob I hand expressed I kind of like rubbed lavender on my boobs
lavender essential oils and some epson salt and i just kind of like
relaxed and massage it out it hurts like hell to massage that out it really does
but it ended up working and I got the clogged duct out and I never got
mastitis or anything like that after we figured out those first few
problems after that breastfeeding was pretty easy I feel from the moms who
have to go back to work and have to pump you know every single day to be honest I
hated pumping so I’m sorry if that’s you this might not be the video for you but
yeah if you are you know planning on staying home or working from home you
can get there breastfeeding so like I said I’ve leaned her at 19 or at 18
months previous to that for 18 full months she nightly or she night nursed
every two hours till she was 18 months truly I don’t think I slept more than
three hours for the first 18 months of her life like I couldn’t sleep I’m not a
side sleeper I sleep on my stomach and she would wake me up when she wanted to
eat so I was all my stomach she wake me up I’d get up I’d feed her in the
beginning I used to be able to sleep through it as time went on and I was not
able to sleep through it anymore and I would pretty much be awake the
entire time she fed and then as soon as she’d fall asleep I tried to fall back
asleep and for me to get comfortable I’m such a mover she’s a light sleeper it
was just a headache night weaning her was probably one of the best decisions
I’ve ever made if you also Co sleep if you also night nurse then you know like
to put them to bed at night you either also have to go to bed with them at
night or you have to kind of like ninja off the bed
then kind of be scared that they’re on the bed by themselves for us that
solution was to not get a bed frame and so our bed is on our floor
it still is we still haven’t found a bed frame for it but that’s the reason our
bed is on the floor is because we night nursed for so long and we co slept for
so long now I felt safer knowing that like if she fell off the bed it would be
like this much then like an entire you know foot or whatever so yeah we and I’m
just a night person like I like to get my stuff done at night I like to work at
night I like to have the night time to just like unwind and clean and read and
journal like Dyke times for me and so when I didn’t have that for those 18
months was really hard it was just it was hard it was hard not having that
time and I was starting to get really frustrated so when we decided to unite
wean her we went with a very gentle method it was the doctor J Gordon method
Oh cry Co sleeping method so we didn’t really have any intention of putting her
in a crib but we did Knight leaned her and it went really smoothly but she was
still waking up JC was able to put her to bed
he’d go in there he laid down with her and she fall right to sleep
same thing with me I’d go in there and lay down Thursday it’s time for
night-night and she would fall asleep on our bed so finally we just decided to
try out the crib so I went to Ikea we bought the cheapest crib we could find
and we put the crib right next to our bed the very first night that we put her
in there she slept the entire night I mean I’m talking eight hours eight hours
she had never done that before it was nuts
um she just needed her own space she just needed to be somewhere where we
weren’t sitting there moving and you know adjusting and uh and now it’s just
such a breeze it’s so amazing putting her down I just posted her nighttime
routine if you need to see that that was definitely something that was so so
crucial in getting her to sleep through the night – I think was having that
consistent nighttime routine I’m like what we do making sure that happens
making sure it happens at the same time every night so so crucial so doing that
putting it her heart in her own her crib nighttime is so so peaceful for me and I
love it I love it so yeah and we’re still breastfeeding I’m still you know
nursing her multiple times a day I’m trying to kind of lean to like night and
morning aides even like three times a day four times a day would be great
she’s not quite there yet and she drinks other milks she drinks all kinds of nut
milks um she loves water but nursing and it’s just her comfort it’s just
something that like you know she just wants to be close to me she wants to
feel that love and I do too and I love it you know I don’t mind it and I could
still keep going but for the amount she does every day that’s what’s kind of
getting to me so that’s why I kind of want to kind of reel it back to you know
two or three times a day would be super good for me and then we could kind of
like work from there so I figure out any solutions for that
I’ll let you know for now I put apple cider vinegar on my nipples and that’ll
keep her away for like a good 10 to 15 minutes after that she’s she’s like
whatever I don’t care about that anymore so that’s not really working I haven’t
tried the band-aid thing but she’s – if I put a band-aid on she would just take
it off like I don’t think that would work
um she gets really frustrated with me when I tried to like take her off of my
boob like I don’t see any weaning for her like in the near future she’s just
that obsessed with the boob so I’ll keep y’all updated on if we wean her how we
wean her what’s successful for eyes if she decides to wean I mean I just don’t
know so I thought this was a good video to do just because it’s World
Breastfeeding week and I’m super proud of our breastfeeding journey even though
it kind of started off super rocky and crazy up from but now it’s just super
easy and we maybe even do it too much yeah if you have any questions for me
please leave them down below give this video a like if it’s something that you
enjoyed and you want to see more from me yeah catch you guys in the next one


  1. This is amazing Alyssa! Great video will be sharing it with a few of my friends since they’re still breast feeding! Have a wonderful day amiga!😘

  2. Great video. I've breastfed all my 4 boys. I'm new here and would love to support one another. I've subscribed to your channel 😊

  3. Same it did not know it would not come naturally. I wish I watched some videos. And it honestly was and till date toughest thing I did but the best thing I did for my daughter. It was tiring it was exhausting Thank you so much for sharing this Alyssa. You are one of my favorite mom YouTuber to watch, I always look forward to your videos.

  4. I can’t wait to start breastfeeding again honestly, I miss it. It’s such a wonderful experience and bond with your children. I know it’s going to be different with this next one but this pregnancy has been different too.

  5. When I had my son I was freshly 20 and ignorant to breastfeeding techniques and tricks. I just knew that it was the best option because my body made it. I never thought about it being hard so I just went in and did it.

    In my case ignorance was bliss because I just did what felt natural and it worked, lol

  6. I haven't been able to sleep on my stomach since pregnant! Pumping is too much work on top of dealing with breastfeeding issues. We also have our bed without the frame and ninja my way off the bed lol

  7. Thank you for sharing your journey! I made a similar mistake…I started pumping the 2nd week home and I later learned that I was suppose to wait 4-6 weeks to regulate my milk supply so I too had over supply.
    I weaned my son at 19 months, it was a journey but I was so proud of how far we came and I loved that I was able to stay home with him so I could breastfeed.
    Love watching your videos you have given me a lot of helpful cleaning tips so thank you!

  8. Your birth vlog was beautiful 🥰 The first few hours are definitely the hardest! Being home is always the best spot to start over! I feel like since you were both relaxed she knew you was as well so she latched much better!!

  9. I had a lot of let down on my other boob as well!! I never used the bottle catcher thing (not sure what it’s called) was it still leaking when you stopped??

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