BRIDAL SHOWER HAUL | Home decor & registry items! ✨

BRIDAL SHOWER HAUL | Home decor & registry items! ✨

Hell friends! It’s Allison I hope you’re having a super happy day so far today
I’m super excited to film this wedding related video I am still not married but
it’s so soon it is our wedding this so soon and I’m so super excited this past
weekend we just had our bridal shower and I had my bunch Bachelorette weekend
I just got home from it a couple hours ago and it was a total dream I am so
thankful for these amazing memories and all of our family and friends who are
just celebrating us so sweetly um so I wanted to do before I’m hackery thing I
wanted to do a little what we got or a bridal shower hall um and just share
some things that we put on our wedding registry I know I watched so many of
these videos as I was preparing and after I got engaged I thought it could
be fun to thumb one myself um lots of these things are really practical for
the home and some not some practical that are just really cute and fun to
create a cozy home space for you in New York
your roommate your fiance your husband whoever um there’s just so many cute
things that I’m excited to share so some of the things we have already in our
apartment kind of set up and some we’re a little too big to put in pivotal
filming space so I’m going to show you mostly everything and then later on I’ll
just take you through a little walkthrough to show you some other
goodies we received so where should I start I can start with this big pot we
got this huge pot we put it on our registry Brendan has been wanting it for
so long we may have to actually return it earth change it though for a smaller
pot so big we didn’t realize it was so big but it’s so beautiful I kind of want
to keep it but we I feel like we should keep it for when we have a bigger
because we’ll need to cook things like in a much bigger portion but right now
it’s pretty big but this is from my sweet aunt Bev and she watches the
videos too high up that’s and she also gave us these mugs that are so cute
they’re customized they say I do and this one says me too with our wedding
date so fun and then we have this Italian love pasta that she also gave us
it is adorable because it’s heart pasta their little heart shape is the cutest
thing and then we have this beautiful dish towel from my friend fief it says
to the happy couple yeah it does say that I’m just
second-guessing myself I believe this is for me at their apology – it’s so pretty
I love it I’m gonna put it on her oven rack right after this so beep and then
my aunt five also gave us these heart-shaped marshmallows which I love
super super kick anything heart-shaped it’s fun having our wedding it’s so
close to Valentine’s Day because everything is all like love me and if
you go into target everything is just so pink and adorable and just gets you in
the mood for a wedding you know okay another thing we got is this hand held
mixer I’ve already used this a lot of times because when you get married and
like you start many people sweating sometimes people send you gifts before
him so that’s happened a lot and so we’ve
been able to use a lot of it gets already even though we’re not married
yet so that’s been cool and I love this thing I was debating if we should put a
KitchenAid wine on their industry like one of those big mixers but I’m glad we
just slipped with the handheld one because it’s honestly a lot easier just
to get out and pretty much does the same thing so and it goes good call
I mean my friend faith also gave us this beautiful candle with a bee on it cuz
our Brandon fluffiness vicars shot so that’s real
cute this sounds amazing sparkling grapefruit yummy
and we also received this pie dish from my sister-in-law and this is from Target
it’s the hearth and hand Magnolia connect collection how do you mean is
that collection guys so good so I will have to make some fun things with this
and then we also received this super cute mr. and mrs. little plate and forks
I think that is just so adorable that’ll be really cute to have like a piece of
cake on cuz we’re getting a little to go box with wedding cake we should put it
on here then be so cute oh and then we got this beautiful this is a Valentine’s
Day decoration but I mean it is timeless you can use it all year round but it is
a heart wreath with these beautiful hearts I mean flowers on them and I
think it is stunning it’s from Target it’s the oval house collection which is
my favorite collection at Target and it is so pretty so I love this for
Valentine’s Day I’m gonna put it on our door but also just as a decoration
honestly I might even bring it to the wedding to use as a decoration because
it’s so beautiful oh and then we got this funny gift from my three Emmys she
gave us a a gift card to do a cooking class which will be so fun Brandon and I
love to cook so that’ll be a really fun date night and something we can do
together so I’m looking forward to that I was a cute little gift idea and then
we have this which also goes with the leaf it’s a garland and it’s from the
Omaha collection again from Target but I thought this would look so lovely over
our fireplace as well so I just so fun to have and again I might bring
this to the wedding because this will look really pretty on the sweethearts
table or or anywhere really so if we have enough room where are you breathing
a lot like this neon sign behind me already bringing so much but hopefully I
can bring this to because it’s so super fun okay next thing we have a roller a
rolling pin and it is so heavy it’s a marble rolling pin can you tell my life
learned ball I don’t know I mean I think I like marble not quite sure but yes I
love so much and this rolling pin is so beautiful it’s to see wings like five
pounds you can use it to work out if you didn’t get it for it can be a
multi-purpose rolling pin but um I love this so if we make homie Keith’s a
listen it’s a gel or just some cookies definitely gonna be using this and it
comes with a nice stand as well which is super convenient and stuff so fun and
then we also got these nice hand towels just nice and white ones and this super
cute little all you need is love the way my smell she gave me this basket full of
goodies and she presented it so cutely and I love this this is so cute and
perfect for the Valentine’s Day and honestly I should bring this to the
wedding too that’s so fun oh and this is one of my favorites this is a butter
dish and it says butter me up so fun see like lots of these things are
necessities in life but I’m telling all my friends who do engage like yeah you
might not need a marble rolling pin and you may not need a heart Garland
but people love to get you this kind of thing for your wedding because it’s such
a special occasion you know so as we were building our bridges should Brandon
like me like go a little crazy just because I thought it’s just such a
unique time in your life or people just are really wanting to give you those
things where you can create your first home together because it’s just such a
special sweet time so it was really fun and exciting to kind of get these things
that I would never really buy for myself but now we’re able to have them so
that’s so cool and this this one will just make me smile whenever I get a
little butter so those think that’s so cute and then we have these cute
salt and pepper shakers that go really well with the butter me up dish and
these are the fresh whole whole line from Target oh sorry I should have told
you where we registered we registered at Target and West Elm so that’s where most
of our stuff is from ok and then we also have this soap dish from turn it as well
and it’s marble there’s nothing here so I think this looks really pretty and
we’ll just have to put some soap in here sometimes these get really clogged I’ve
noticed so I’m hoping this one works well and it goes really perfectly with
our toothbrush holder right now there’s just like ooh right now there’s just
like a plastic cup in the bathroom because Brandon’s
super chill with that kind of thing but I’ve had
something’s ass but I’m keeping it pretty masculine with this marble right
and my aunt Janelle also got movies adorable months they say hubby and wifey
and they’re just so cute rabbit and also this is going to be so convenient how
this storage great because always needing to organize especially when I
movie because I still have so much stuff to move in okay
now into this back we have this cute apron from my M Feb and it’s it’s the
recipe for a happy marriage and it’s so cute it’s customized it says all these
cute adorable things that just make a happy marriage one cup of consideration
two cups of praise one small pinch I’m trying to read it backwards one small
pinch of in-laws 1 teaspoon of contentment one gallon of patience two
tablespoons of flattery one cup of encouragement adapt a dash of faith and
trust in fixes and then it says blend well sweeten with generous portions of
love keep warm with a steady flame of passion serves two so cute from the
kitchen of Brandon and Allison that is so fun I haven’t even shared brain and
not yet he’s gonna think that’s adorable ok and then we have some bath towels
these are fancy bath towels these are like the cute ones that you put on
display but also they’re really soft so we can use them also then we have this
nice little storage thing that we put on our registry as well I would recommend
always putting like a couple little storage things because you’re gonna want
them for a short and then we have towels for days so many gel
yes there’s more there’s more number 80 Wow I’m covered um we just put a bunch
of white towels these are all from threshold from Target they’re so soft so
nice I love White House because they just yeah you’re like oh it’s white so
it’s not gonna be clean but you just leach it and then it’s clean so it’s
super nice and I just they just seem so like fresh oh it’s so I love my towels
and I’m super happy with these and that’s it I mean we are so thankful for
all the sweet gifts and just all the people most of all like you know it is
definitely not about the gifts at all just like Christmas a wedding is not
about the gifts at all but it she’s so sweet to just feel so loved by all our
family and friends and you guys you all have been so encouraging and sweet with
the wedding coming up and I’m just so thankful for all the love being poured
into our lives and I hope you enjoyed I’m gonna show you a couple more things
around the apartment but it guys are watching I can’t wait to talk to you
soon and maybe next time I talk to you I will be a married woman who knows
bye guys got was this beautiful round mirror from targets sort of the project
62 collection hey guys and I love it you’re probably just gonna put it right
on our dresser across from our bed another fun thing is this Smeg toaster
from West Elm it’s like a fun blue color and it’s so dreamy and retro looking one
of my favorite gifts is our fireplace I actually have it on right now and it is
so cozy we put it on their registry for Target and our sweet friends the
Karstens gave it to us and I am obsessed Brandon did not want it at first but we
got it and he loves it too and I just think it’s so cozy thank you guys so
much for watching I will see you very soon bye

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  2. You are glowing! ✨ So happy for you, the fireplace is so cozy and adorable! It looks like a great place to snuggle up with some hot cocoa and a good book! 💖

  3. HAPPY ALMOST WEDDING DAY!!! Enjoy every last second of it, it
    Goes by so incredibly fast. I flip through my wedding pictures almost daily and mine was 4 months ago! It is going to be the best day of your life😍❤️

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  6. I work at target & after your wedding you will get a coupon for whatever is left on your registry. One for online & one for in store, so that is something to keep in mind!! Congats on the wedding- sending so much love & so much positivity to the both of you <3

  7. Was so depressed from seeing all the sad stories on the internet and flipped to your channel. You’re like a ray of sunshine in a dark world. Thank you for bringing happy. 😊♥️👏🏼 —A fellow Bride-To-Be

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  9. That’s so funny! I was trying to buy that heart wreath from Target for decor for my wedding but it’s sold out everywhere! I want it so badly 🥺

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