100 thoughts on “Brooklyn’s NEW College ROOM TOUR! | Zippered Bedding, Decor, and MORE!

  1. I had a queen bed throughout my teen years and I always slept in the middle hahah it's so much more spacious than it would be if you stuck to one side! But now I'm married and had to choose my side lol

  2. I think Brooklyn should do a 24 hour ms in Baileys room without her knowing. Or the could do a sisters swap rooms for 24 hours

  3. Wait, wait, wait! Brooklyn, at 1:02 you said it was your FIRST time having a queen bed?! My cousin is 9 and rn she has her own queen bed, and I’m pretty sure she got it when she was like 8

  4. I’m kinda wondering why Brooklyn said “nice spandex” right after Bailey said it at 6:34 even though they were her own spandex she was complementing. That’s just kinda weird, just saying

  5. Brooklyn, I think you sleep on the side closest to your bedroom door, I picked that side bc in your other bedroom your bed was on the left (our left)

  6. I could watch them for hours!!! Seriously just love them so much. Don’t have a favorite, I adore them both incredibly much!!! 💕💕💕

  7. I love you guys sooo much and I am not just saying that you guys are the best give soo much insperation now I think I am going to start my own channel . I have been through alot but you guys have kept me going. You put a smile on my face every time I watch your vids. Love your fashion love your style you guys are so loving and caring and funny I dont even realise all the comotion in my life. I am ten years old and watching your vids has given me a dream that I want to persue God bless you God bless your family your probably not going to read this but if you do just letting you know once more that I love you

  8. I think Brooklyn needs more videos where she gets to talk, because she has the funniest sense of humor and I literally never noticed

  9. I was sitting think ooo I love this room maybe I could get those propagation tubes! Then I looked them up and they cost over $200! Let’s just say I am not in the same tax bracket as them

  10. Is this what being rich feels like?

    When I go to college, I’ll be in the smallest dorm living of vending machine snacks and top ramen

  11. Don't worry I have a twin I am the youngest and I'm the tallest out of my sister pls give a shoutout pls love you guys sooooooooooooooo much

  12. I know y’all showed a glimpse of the wall plants and how to do them— but I would LOVE a shirt DIY video showing step by step !
    Also- y’all have a crazy good eye for style. Would love videos that jus go through all different styles, and how y’all would style them. (That last one may be a lot harder than it sounds lmao)

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