Brother UK – How to make a photo frame for personalised home decor

Today I’m making a lovely little baby
sampler and you can personalise it to make it completely unique. Here I’ve
pre-prepared a 23 centimeter square frame by backing it with decorative
paper, and marking the central point and rough gridlines – which just helps me put
my tiles where I want them. I’ve got a 50 millimeter roll in my Brother printer
and I’m going to choose ‘new design’ and adjust the label size. Click on ‘art’ and
then ‘baby shower’ and choose a picture Adjust the image to fit the label and
print two – I’m going to use the second one to cut bits off and decoupage onto
the other one for a nice effect Glide to cut and repeat that for any
pictures you want to create decoupage tiles for. While you’re waiting for all
of your designs to print, you can start preparing by peeling the backing off one
of each of the designs and sticking them to one of your gold squares. Then start
to cut out parts of the second copies and use 3D glue to decoupage them over
the top of the first layer. With a nine millimeter role in the Brother printer,
make a couple of chevron flags with the weight and time of birth – making sure
your chosen background doesn’t overpower the text. Take a bit of time to flat glue
the other tiles around it, it’s worth it I promise!
Because it’s so quick and easy to design and print using the Brother Design’n’Craft printer, I can create this baby sample as a gift with baby’s specific
details as soon as they are born. Having themed categories within the app makes
the process so much quicker and easier

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