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hi guys in this video I’ll be showing
you some more of my home decor that I really really love I made another video
of this kind before so if you’re interested it will be linked in the
description below and also at the end of this video so you can you can go ahead
and watch it after you watch this one also if you’re new to my channel hello
this is my channel a beautiful happy life here I talk about my journey
towards creating a beautiful happy life for my family and myself and if your
dream is also to create a beautiful happy life for you and your family then
please subscribe to my channel and let’s get started so before we begin I want to
tell you that yes my home needs a paint job and we have to have a lot of things
done in our home we have been living here for 10 years now and it needs a lot
of work done so yes I am aware of that and I’m sorry that I haven’t been able
to do that before I fill in this video but yes we’ll get that done in the
future and let’s get started this is the first piece of furniture which I wanted
to show you and it is this beautiful pearl finished TV unit now when I wanted
a TV unit I did not want something which was very huge something that could
overpower the room I wanted something small and sleek and that is why I went
for this TV unit mmm I bought it from home center which belongs to the
lifestyle part of in-orbit mall people always warned me about buying
white furniture but really a white TV unit is fine if you do not have really
messy kids my kid literally never comes near this TV unit he’s not interested in
it so yeah it has survived for over two years and I’m hoping it would survive
many more years in the future it appears to be a piece of white furniture in this
video but it’s actually a creamy pearl finish this gives you more of an idea of
the glossiness of the surface and yes it is
it is two years old so it has a couple of scratches on it I am on a drive to
reduce the amount of furniture in my home I want a nice clean minimalistic
look I like flowers but I still like the nice clean easy to maintain minimalistic
look and this goes perfectly with that theme I have decorated it with this with
a statue and then there is this beautiful VARs with some blue and some
cream color accessories and then I have two watches over here a tall one which
was a gift and this small one which I am in love with I think this is a beautiful
vintage looking van I love the rose flowers on it
and the little bit of writing and the tiny little butterfly I’m sorry if you
can hear drums in the background but our marriage is happening like always when
I’m filming some of the other manages happening outside of my home one thing I
don’t like about this setup is the wires which are visible like all these wires
that are visible over here I am NOT a fan of them so yeah we will probably
come up with a backdrop for this TV so that all the wires hang behind that
backdrop so that is something which we will definitely go for when we go for a
renovation of our home so this cabinet over here I use it like a shoe rack I
keep my son’s shoes over here and then over here I keep some of my nice shoes
and some of my husband’s shoes and over here we put our music system which I
will show you in a minute and these two plastic baskets actually hold Sox’s
which is really weird but this is the most accessible place believe me for
storing socks is because my husband always sits in a chair nearby and wears
a shoe so he can get his socks from here and sock says maybe the wrong thing sock
sells is that wrong English tell me in comments below and yeah so this these
are my husband socks and this is where I store my son socks oh this is how mommy
does things and then over here I can show you this
drawer because it has all of our music system and some other stuff the DVD
player things we don’t use that often and then this there is this tiny drawer
over here where I have my monthly planner and I have my pen so anything
important that needs to be noted down like things about the milk delivery and stuff like that I put it in my monthly
planner so the second thing which I wanted to show you was this beautiful
black wrought iron coat hanger rack but I actually don’t use it to hang coats
because I live in Hyderabad it’s never cold here I hand closed on this one but
it goes amazingly well with my light colored wall and it looks really nice
and elegant and vintage II and elegant vintage is my kind of look as far as the
home goes so yes I’m in love with this and you can hang because the hooks are
quite huge in size you can hang larger size clothing also directly on the hooks
but I prefer to hang my clothes on these hangers over here so two of my tops are
already hanging over here so guys this is the third and final part of my home
that I wanted to show you it’s really feminine and vintage II and that’s what
I like I like flowers I like these nice China statues I like
this nice vintage clock then these are some coasters which are actually made of
metal I like how they are shiny coppery kind
that is the color I like the most and I bought them from Victor I buy from the
home center known by them hometown yes I’m in love with these set of copper
metallic finish accessories this kitchen roll holder and these two coasters this
these two were a set of six the rest four I keep it on the dining table and
then this glass holder all three of them I bought
from Hometowne in the in orbit mall and then also this vintage looking clock I
bought it from hometown at the mall and then this vintage looking tray I’ll give
you a close-up of this in a moment so this is what the tray looks like it’s
really really pretty and it has nice flowers on it and I bought this from
market 99 at the Forum mall in kukatpalli and it cost me around 400
rupees so yes I just immediately fell in love with the way it looked and then
this china doll with the dog it’s really really pretty and I bought this like
almost 10 years ago and I don’t remember when I bought this from in the
background are these two pictures which I bought from home center a part of
lifestyle and this smaller picture at the top I bought it again from market 99
so if you would like to know have a look at my market 99 haul I will link it
somewhere over here you can go and have a look after you watch this video it
will always it will also be in the description below this part of my home
it really reflects my tastes in home decor because that my taste is very
feminine and flowery and then china figures and vintage clocks and
everything and my husband’s tastes are very very minimalistic clean modern
lines black and white and sharp corners and things like that which is very
opposite to what I love so all of our house we have to reach a compromise of
taste but kitchen is totally mine so I make it as flowery and as feminine as
possible said that that was going to be the last part of my home which I was
going to show you but no this is another part of my home which I really love and
please I’m really sorry about these sticking things actually stuck one
picture using this double-sided tape and then somehow the tape is not strong
enough the picture fell down but I was unable to remove these tapes and I’ll
only be able to do so I think when I get the home painted and the painters
are going to remove them so yes that’s how it is and yes we really really need
a renovation but such as it is I love this corner the love thing at the top I
got from market 99 it was really really affordable also this welcome sign I got
it from market 99 again market 99 Hall will be linked in the description below
and then I have these two oven mittens which I got from lifestyle home center
so yes guys those were some of my favorite parts of my home really sorry
about the cafe but I’ve been sick the past couple of days and fever and
whatnot but I am fine now I know that I promised you guys that I’d be filming a
kitchen tool but then I become really conscious about my walls in which
dampness has gotten into because we live on the top floor of our apartment
building and because of the rain and everything the paint has bubbled so the
walls of my kitchen are in a really bad way and I felt shy about showing you
them but then I realized it’s fine it’s like what are a few bubbled was between
friends so yes I am going to be doing a kitchen tour video which will be coming
up soon why we are also showing you all the things I bought during my stay in
Lucknow please go ahead and subscribe to my channel and also if you’re interested
in other homely sort of videos then I have one on my spice arrangement and
another one about the home decor which I filmed before this one go ahead and
watch those videos and I will see you my soul till then stay happy love yourself

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