Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover From Lowe’s

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover From Lowe’s

So you want to add to your kitchen but don’t have the budget for a full
remodel? How about some easy updates? Not a lot of time, not a lot
of cash. Start with what’s free! Clear the clutter, lean off the counter tops and purge your
cabinets of the things you never use. Tidy work areas make your kitchen feel
larger. Next, add paint. A gallon for the walls delivers a fresh new look. Take off a
set of cabinet doors to create a display shelf and paint the back wall with the
color that pops. Breathe life into tired cabinets with
crown molding. And change the feel of your entire
kitchen by painting your cabinets. Add shine with new hardware. And let
there be light. Three sets of puck lights eliminate work
areas and create warmth. While rope light around the kick plate adds
visual dimension and doubles as a nightlight. Minimum
effort, Maximum impact all for less than five
hundred dollars. Have a little more money in your budget
let take it up a notch. A new faucet adds a modern touch while
a peal-and-stick backsplash makes a reflective statement. If we stop
now we’re still under one thousand dollars.
But, let’s keep going. For the big finish, update with
contemporary laminate countertops. All this for just a little time and
money. Do one or do them all. Your grand total is about twelve hundred dollars. Kitchen
updates are easier than you think and Lowe’s is here to help. Inspired by our
kitchen refresh? Find other projects at Lowes.com/howto

36 thoughts on “Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover From Lowe’s

  1. Totally agreed with Lowes. We often tell our customers that if you remove clutter you can find a new home underneath.ย 

  2. #DIY Kitchen Refresh: 10 easy updates that'll give your outdated kitchen a fresh new look!ย 

  3. Cody? Flooring? Home Depot? Did you see the video? Maybe the problem is not Lowe's but some that doesn't follow directions.

  4. hi guys. this is grace. from Philippines. hoping u can help me to improve my kitchen in a budget. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Every person I see who has painted their cabinetry, regrets it because the paint chips off easily and they're left with a mess.

  6. Man this looks easy to do, I want a more modern home but only have 2500$ saved so far. Would love to start with my kitchen.

  7. Lowes, please give details on the reflective back splash. I went on your website and it is not listed, not that I could see. I would love to purchase that, so please let me know.

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