Build Your Own Game Boy! — Game LÜT #26

Put that Mega Man E-Mug down on a Marvel Comic
table because I’m Jake and this is episode #26 of Game LUT. Grab your Rapture backpack and take out your
Papers, Please…notebooks and you should probably take out this insane Fallout 3 Laser
Rifle replica. Now you have room for an Attack on Titan lunch box so you can eat snacks while
you 3D print a Game Boy. This DIY project from Adafruit uses a raspberry pi, hacked
super nintendo controller and a custom 3D printed case so you can load emulators onto
it and play any retro game your lil’ heart desires. If you don’t feel like building a game boy,
you could always buy a custom painted Game Boy Advance. Make sure people know these portables
are yours by marking them with an Assassin’s Creed branding lighter attachment. Or stay
at home with your 8bit covered floor, Minecraft wall decals that give of the illusion of being
3 dimensional, lay on a pile of Mega Evolution Pokemon plush toys and play on the Hyperkin
RetroN 5. It plays *clears throat* Famicom, Super Famicom, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game
Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive Games.
After staying at a screen, stare at some awesome prints by The Beast is Back… Before leaving your home make sure all systems
are operational with Faster Than Light pins and unlock your best self using a Hearthstone
arena key or, if you’re old school, use the Konami code…necklace. Now that you’re ready
to rock, get out of that Captain America robe, put on a glow in the dark Hydra shirt, black
mesa bracelet, 4 star dragon ball necklace and Aiden’s coat from Watch Dogs. Or if you
want to be a matching couple grab a Majora’s Mask shirt and a really cool Hyrule Dress
by Koala Art & Design. If you get cold you can throw on this Legend of Zelda hoodie.
If the ladies neck is feeling naked, you can get a TMNT acrylic mask necklace and for the
gentleman there is a Batman bowtie, because bowties are cool. Isn’t that right Doctor
Who…electrical outlet decal? Now slip on your Harley Quinn flats and protect
yourself from Minecraft Skeletons, Squids and Enderman plushes with a Mega Man Blaster
replica. It has built in lights and sounds so you can fire a single shot or, for a little
more power, a charged one. If you find yourself outnumbered use this Ryuko (ree-uko) figure
from KILL la KILL. Or for a less bloody battle try putting on a tanooki suit…mario figure.
After defeating evil, show your strength with some Pokemon Gym Badge prints by Azafran… But if you’re a real BFG then rock this insanely
cool 3D DOOM covert art sculpture… A lot of people asked me on instagram where
I got my Attack on Titan Scouting Legion shirt, Look Human has it and links to all the LUT
can be found in the description below.

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