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[Music] Announcer: You’re watching
Nevada Business Chronicles. Take a journey with us to
see the innovative businesses that put Nevada
on the business map. Connecting you with the
businesses, events, and organizations that bring
innovation and prosperity to the Nevada area. Please welcome your host,
Mitch Berney. –If you wanna catch a game,
if you wanna go have a great time and you wanna go to a
sports bar, I’m sure you already know the place to go
is Bully’s, and today, we’re here with Jo Sonner, owner
of Bully’s. Jo, thanks so much for
agreeing to be on our show. –Thank you for being here. This is opening Sunday
football. –What an exciting place to
be and wait until you see the action here at Bully’s. [Cheering] Jo, it looks like a bloody
Mary Sunday weekend recovery here at Bully’s. We should’ve been with them
last night. –We should’ve. –Well, are you excited for
game day? [Cheering] [Music] I’m sure you have to carry
a lot of libations for these football fans. –We do. At this location, we have 24
different beers on tap, and ice cold bottled beer. –Ice cold, literally,
bottled beer. –Yes, and plenty of drink
specials all the time. –Jo, you also have event
rooms for private parties. –We do, at several
locations. –It looks like today we
have a bunch of cheeseheads here. [Cheering] –Here we are at our Carson
City location, and I wanted to show you the Coors Light
super-cold mountain. It pours at 32 degrees
Fahrenheit. It’s a double glycol system,
so it’s, this is definitely the coldest beer you’ll find
in town. –And I looked at this and
thought it was plastic, but this is actually covered in
ice. It’s super cold for real. –It is, yes, it is. We’re one of the only, well,
I believe we might be the only tavern that has it and
we have one at every single one of our locations. We have other refreshing
drinks, too. Let me introduce you to one
of our libation specialists. –What are you gonna make
for us today? –I’m gonna whip out one of
my favorite drinks, the Monster trash can, today. –A Monster trash can? –Yes. –Well, let’s see what goes
in it. –Alright. Alright, so, we’re gonna add
some Long Island mix, we’re gonna do 2 shots of this. And then, I’m gonna add some
blue curacao to make it pretty, just a half shot. –That’s got a little
sweetness to it, too, doesn’t it? –Yeah. And I’m gonna top it off
with our Monster, just let it pour right in there. –And that’s why they call
it the Monster trash can. –Exactly. –Nice way to get your
groove on and be wide awake while you’re doing it. –Absolutely. –Looks like a fun drink. –It is. –What’s your favorite opry
ski, chilly winter night drink? –I would have to say the
snuggler. It makes you feel so warm
inside after a long day of skiing and I highly
recommend it. –What’s in it? –So, we have some hot, hot
chocolate, to start off with, and then, I’m gonna
add a shot of our peppermint schnapps. And then, I’m gonna top it
off with some yummy whipped cream, and then top it off
with a cherry on top, and there you have it. –I understand that Bully’s
has a great rewards program as well. –Mm-hm, it sure does. I think everyone deserves to
be an MVP for Bully’s. Every food, beverage that
you purchase here, you get points towards it, so we
send everybody certificates in the mail for you to get
more food and drinks and if you’re not a member yet,
then we give you $10 free for you to purchase on food
or drink. –Just for signing up? –Just for signing up. –Just for becoming an MVP? –Mm-hm. –I wanna be an MVP. –Everyone should be. –I’m guessing we just met a
lot of thirsty people out there. –I bet we did. And Bully’s is a great place
to quench that thirst. –Which is the first Bully’s
location that you opened? –Bully’s one is on the
corner of Mae Anne and McCarran, it’s the original
Bully’s location, 21 years ago. –We’re here at the original
Bully’s on Mae Anne and McCarran and Jo, people are
gonna be surprised, you’re so much more than a sports
bar. –We are. We have something for kids
of all ages. We have game rooms for the
kids, we have video poker for the adults, we have
great food, we have phenomenal service, we have
patios at some of our locations. Let’s go check it out. [Music] [Music] –I love pack pride. –We have supported the
pack for the last 21 years. We’re also involved in our
community. We support many local
non-profit organizations, as many as we possibly can. –And a lot of the sporting
events for the kids around town, too, high schools and
everything else. –Absolutely. –Jo, it smells so wonderful
in here. I’m starving. –Well, let’s go over to our
Spanish Springs location and have some lunch. –I don’t know about you,
but I am absolutely starving. But first, I can’t believe
the menu. I remember the days of the
newspaper style menu you had. –The old Bully-tin, yes,
yes. –How your menu is evolved,
I mean, the choices here. –Thank you, we’ve really
worked hard at trying to give everybody a little
something on our menu. We have healthy dishes, we
have, of course, the regular pub fair that you’re gonna
find at any sports bar. You know, the good old
traditional chicken wings and that type of a thing,
but we do have a lot of healthy items on our menu as
well. –Well, and I understand you
have, in this location, some pizzas that are fresh made,
right down to the dough. –We do. –I’d love to see how you
make some of this. –Well, come on back, let’s
show you. –Are people surprised when
they find out that your pizza is made fresh here
right down to you make your own dough? –We do, we make our own
dough, everything is fresh every day. We have original New York
style pizzas, the extra-large pies. –That would feed a small
army. –Yes, they will. –Which one is this? –This is the combo. –I think we should rename
it everything including the kitchen sink. –I like that. –You also make some of your
own buns here as well, or bread. –We do, we have our own
signature cheesy pizza bread. –Cheesy pizza bread? –Yes. This is our signature bun,
you can have any one of our hamburgers and we have some
specialty sandwiches that you can also have on this
bread, as well. –What are we making with
this cheesy pizza bread? –This is one of our
specialty sandwiches. It’s called EJ the DJ. –What goes into EJ the DJ? –Well, we start out with
our own cheesy pizza bread, we put pepper jack cheese,
we mix our own Caesar salad. Next, we toss our
award-winning chicken fingers in whichever sauce
you prefer. –EJ the DJ might be my new
favorite sandwich of all time, how beautiful is that? –It’s great. –These are not
ordinary-sized wings. –No, they’re not. We use jumbo wings that are
juicy and meaty. Every wing you get at
Bully’s is award-winning. –Well, you have won a lot
of awards for these and you have 10 different flavors. Tell us about this one, it’s
trademarked, it’s yours exclusively. –This is ours, it’s
sirachayaki, so it’s teriyaki with a bite of
siracha in it and it’s been a great seller for the last
couple of years. It’s delicious. –Oh, it’s gotta be
wonderful, can’t wait to try it. –And you have a lighter
fare for those watching their midsections. –Yes, we do. We have a variety of very
healthy salad, big-bowled salads, we have, any of our
sandwiches you can get in a tortilla wrap, we have 3
different flavors of tortilla wraps, so we try
and accommodate everyone that’s trying to be
health-conscious. –One of my personal
favorites are the chicken kabobs and the beef kabobs. –Yes. –And let’s not forget the
zesty lime chicken, a good, healthy choice, as well. –Absolutely. –You got food for everybody
here. –We do. –All ages? –All ages. –And a kid’s menu to go
with it, too. –Yes. –Well, I can’t wait to
taste all of this. –Well, let’s go eat. –Alright, you two. –Oh, look at that. –Thank you. –My pleasure. –That’s epic. It’s such a great
combination between the siracha, the teriyaki and
the ranch dressing. You get a little spicy,
sweet going. It’s fantastic. That bread is indescribable. It is, without a doubt, and
I mean this, the best bread I’ve ever had on a sandwich
in my life, and the chicken and the flavors. It’s layered, it’s
absolutely fantastic. I could not be more excited
than to try this handmade, homemade pizza. Oh, that is delicious. That is fantastic. I hope the people watching
this can get how fresh this is, how delicious this is,
and how comfortable it is to come in here with your whole
family. –Well, that’s what we try
to do. –Where do we get to go to
next? –Let’s head to the Galena
location. –That’s on Wedge Parkway
and Mount Rose Highway? –Yes. –I’m excited, let’s go. –Okay. –We’re here at the Bully’s
in Galena, the Bully’s Plaza, they should call it. And this location is so
spacious and roomy, even when there’s a number of
people, it feels so comfortable. –We have a little bit of
everything at this location, actually, at all of our
locations, for anyone. We have our bar area, that
has our gaming, we have TV viewing walls at all of the
locations, and we have family areas with arcade
games. –Are people surprised to
find out that Bully’s is such a family place? –I think, sometimes, they
are. That was our goal. We wanted to have an area
where families felt comfortable, where you can
come in after the high school games, Pop Warner,
SYFL, any of the kid’s sporting events, and still
have an adult area as well. In all of our locations, we
have a game room, too. Let me show you this one. –I think they’re having a
good time. –Don’t tell anyone, so are
their parents. –Of course they are. Jo, I might give away my age
if I told you how many years I’ve been a patron of
Bully’s, but the one thing that never changes is that
every time I come into one and sit down, I feel like
everyone knows my name. –Well, Mitch, we have been
around for 21 years. –An icon of our community. –Yeah, a lot of people
think that we’re a franchise. We’re not. We are, we started in
northern Nevada, this is our home, this is what we
support. –One thing that I find
surprising is Gambler’s Bonus, I thought that was
gone, that it was extinct. –Well, Bully’s and our
Smokin’ locations actually have an exclusive on
Gambler’s Bonus. Anybody that thought they
lost their points at the end of the year, they didn’t,
they can come into any Bully’s location or Smokin’
location and redeem all of their points. –Well, there are gonna be a
lot of people happy to hear that they didn’t lose those. –Yeah. –Other than the traditional
poker, keno, and slot machines, I’ve never seen
Buffalo in a bar. -We have the exclusive to
bar top Buffalo slots in northern Nevada. –A very popular game right
now. –Very popular. This is unheard of that
Buffalo has been the most popular slot game for 3
years running. –And now, you can find it
at Bully’s, not just at a casino. –Exactly. –Bully’s is all about good
food and great service. As you can see, we support
the Nevada Wolf Pack. –And who’s this? –This is Buddy the Bully
Guy. This is our mascot. –He’s special. –Yes he is. –Wanna thank you for having
us here and joining us, and your incredible staff that’s
catered to us this entire day. –Thank you so much for
doing this. –How can people get ahold
of you? –They can go to
bullyssportsbar.com and get information about all of our
locations. –There are a lot of them. –There are. That’s one of the things,
people think that there are only 3 or 4 locations. We have 7 Bully’s locations
and 4 Smokin’ locations. –Eleven throughout the
northern Nevada and Carson City region. Thanks again so much for
joining us. –Thank you. Announcer: For more
information on this guest, or to see this show in its
entirety, visit nvbusinesschronicles.com. While you’re there, you can
watch all of our past shows on the chronicles page and
stay connected with us by following us on our social
media. Now, more from Nevada
Business Chronicles. –We’re here today at DeBell
Home Improvement Centers. When they first opened their
doors in 1990, they were located in Sparks, Nevada,
forced out of their home by the flood of the Truckee
River in 2001, they relocated to the Park Lane
Mall. They built this beautiful
building in 2006 and now are a full home improvement
center. Let’s go inside and meet
Bill D’Andrea, the president of DeBell Home Improvement
Centers. Come with me, let’s go. Bill, thanks for agreeing to
be on our show. –Mitch, thanks for coming
in. –This is such a beautiful
showroom, I don’t even know where to begin to start. Where do you wanna go? –Well, there’s a lot
happening here. Why don’t we start with
windows and a little history on glass through the years. –Let’s do that. Well, Bill, I have to admit,
you’ve got my interest. What’s this contraption? –Mitch, this’ll give us a
little history on glass and how the industry has
progressed through the years. Initially, all there was was
single-paned glass, kept the wind and the rain out. And this is a spectrometer. The faster it spins, the
more heat you’re losing. Touch that, very hot. –Ow, yeah, that’s hot. –Then, in the early ’70s,
with the oil embargo, they came out with double-paned
windows, which are 2 pieces of glass with a metal spacer
bar, but it doesn’t stop conductivity, and as you can
see, you’re still losing a lot of energy and you can
feel how much heat’s coming out. –Yeah, I can still feel
that. –Then, later in the ’70s,
the industry and the technology progressed, and
they came out with a desiccant that won’t conduct
heat or cool through the 2 pieces of glass. –I can still feel that. –And then, they have low E
on the inside of the glass and argon in the airspace. And you can feel, you’re
still losing heat, but not quite as much. And then, for years, we’ve
been known as a triple-pane company, 3 pieces of glass,
2 separate airspaces, and it’s like a brick wall, you
can’t feel anything go. –I don’t feel anything
coming through that, Bill. It’s as cool as a cucumber. –It’s like a brick wall,
and as you see, it stopped spinning. –Amazing advancements in
technology. Now, Bill, this triple-paned
glass, can it be used on all the different window styles? –Yeah, if you come along,
I’ll show you the different styles that we offer. –Bill, it looks like you
built a house inside your showroom. –Well, a miniature house,
and let me show you some different things that we put
on here. We have all different styles
of windows on the home, we’ve got different panels
of vinyl siding. Soffit and fascia to enclose
the E’s on the home, and this particular window is a
double-hung window, both sashes will tilt in for
washing and cleaning. You never have to go
outside. –Oh, fantastic. –Patio doors are the
biggest energy loss on a home, and we have
triple-paned patio doors, and see how easy they slide
on steel rollers? What we have next is a bow
window. –A bay window? –No, it’s a bow window. –What’s the difference,
Bill? –A bay window always has 3
windows, like this one here, a bow window can be 14-foot
wide with a window every 2 foot. We can order this from the
factory, pre-fab, and install it in one day. We have a variety of entry
doors, fiberglass entry doors, wooden entry doors,
single doors, double entry doors, sidelights, just
depends on the situation of the home. –Wow, Bill, it’s starting
to look like you really do everything. –Well, Mitch, when you said
we do a lot of types of home improvements, we really do. These are acrylic tub and
shower pan systems, variety of different colors, even
seated, but one of my personal favorites are the
walk-in tubs. These are walk-in tubs, you
step up 4 inches, they are all for safety. You grab the handle and you
just swing yourself into the chair. You close the tub and you
put the amount of water in and the temperature. There’s a silent motor that
keeps the temperature of the water to whatever you put
in. –I imagine, a lot of
people, at the end of the day, after a hard day’s
work, or just with sore muscles, would sit in this
and you must be their favorite person ever. –Everyone says the same
thing. They sleep like babies at
night, once they go in there. –Bill, you promised to take
me out to a job site so we could see you in action. –You know, I did, and we
have a job I’d love to take you to that we’re doing a
variety of different types of home improvements there
right now. –Well, let’s go do that. –Alrighty. –Bill, we’re here at this
property that you’re doing a remodel job on, a big job. Tell us a little bit about
what you’re gonna do here. –Well, Mitch, we’re gonna
do a variety of things. We’re gonna first of all put
insulated vinyl siding on the entire exterior of the
home, then we’re gonna replace the lower windows on
the house with brand-new windows. We’re also gonna replace the
entry doors on the front of the house. And then, after we’re done
installing the siding, we’re gonna bring a machine in and
we’re gonna put a seamless drain gutter around the
entire house. So, the house will
completely be looking different when we’re done. –Well, let’s get a closer
look at what you’re doing at the house, if we can. –Okay. –Bill, what are we doing
here? –Well, we’re gonna remove
this old window. As you can see, it’s already
partially removed from the home, and then, we’re going
to install a brand-new window. We have to premeasure every
window to within 1/8 of an inch on the width and the
height so that the fit is perfect and it’s level for
energy efficiency, too. –So, Bill, over here, we’re
at the next stage of that installation where we can
see the new window’s been set. –New window’s been rough
set into the opening. We replaced double-pane
with, this is a triple-pane window, more energy
efficiency. What remains is to finish
the exterior trim and the interior trim of the window. Then, we’ll wash the glass,
take the stickers off, and it’s ready for operation. –Great, well, let’s go take
a look at the side of the house. That’s exciting. Bill, there’s a lot going on
here, as we can see, part of this has already begun. Tell us what you’re doing
here. –Well, we just started
installing this side of the home with insulated vinyl
siding. And it has a wood grain
texture to it to look like a real piece of wood, and we
install with inch and a half roofing nails, as you see,
and we allow that nail head to back off about a quarter
of an inch, because vinyl will expand and contract. Other companies will use
electric staple guns because it’s quicker. But in Nevada, the winds are
so fierce, it will blow the siding off in good winds. WE do not subcontract our
labor like other companies do. Our men work for DeBell Home
Improvement Center and paid as employees. I can control the quality of
our work much better that way. Now, what we have here are
vinyl insulated panels. Years ago, the panels were
hollow. Nowadays, they laminate the
insulation to the panel, so that, as you see, it looks
continual, there’s no bows or oil canning, it looks
like a real wood home. Every job, we want the
highest quality of workmanship we can do, and
that’s what’s kept us around for almost 26 years now. –Well, let’s take a look at
where this started. I think people are gonna be
surprised to see how far this has already come. Bill, from the back of this
house, you can really see the size of it, this is a
lot bigger job than it looks like. –Well, Mitch, you’re right,
it’s about 2 and a half times the size of an average
job, but we’ve done jobs that are a lot bigger than
this, and we’ll probably, from start to finish, with
the windows, everything that we’re doing, we’ll be done
within 3 weeks. We also work weekends, we
work Saturdays, we work Sundays. When we start a job, we come
to the job site every single day until it’s finished. We don’t throw a spike in
and come Monday and show up on Thursday. We’re here every single day. [Music] –Here we are just a few
weeks later, and you’ve had all of those crews here at
this house, what a magnificent transformation. Tell me about all the work
you have done at this property. –Well, Mitch, we had a
roofing crew that did a top roof for the lady here. In addition to that, we had
our vinyl siding crews out here, of course. And then, we had our coating
crews out here and then, the last thing is the windows,
the replacement windows and the entry doors that we’ve
done out here. –You know, speaking of the
products that you’ve installed here, there’s some
confusion, I think, amongst homeowners about warranties
and what part you do and what part manufacturers plan
out, so maybe we can have a little conversation about
that and help educate our community. –Okay, well, first of all,
DeBell does not manufacture anything. We’re licensed contractors
in Nevada and California. So, our warranty to the
homeowner is workmanship for 4 years, the quality of the
installation. It’s not the product itself,
that’s the manufacturer that built it because we don’t
build anything. –Bill, this is probably one
of the greatest transformations of the whole
house, this porch. It’s completely different. –We did a bump out porch to
the end of the slab here, and then, we put soffit and
fascia like the body of the house so that everything was
uniform. And then, in addition, we
put triple pane windows in in the front of the home, as
well as new fiberglass entry doors and sidelights, and it
come out very nice. –Well, let’s take a look at
the rest of it. Unbelievable, Bill, the
transformation of this house. I can’t even believe it. It’s beautiful. –Well, we went around the
house and we did the soffits and the fascia’s and the
body of the house and vinyl siding, as well as the wraps
around all the windows, and then, the last thing, is we
came in with downspouts and put downspout around the
exterior of the home. –Absolutely like a
brand-new home. I bet the homeowner’s
thoroughly happy. –Well, she hugged me. –Not only did you get a big
hug, but her son-in-law asked if he could say a few
words, let’s go meet him. –Mitch, I’d like you to
meet Tony. He’s the son-in-law of the
homeowner. –Tony, thank you so much
for agreeing to take a couple of minutes and share
your experience with us. What a transformation. –It is, isn’t it? When Barbara first started
this project, she had hired a contractor that just took
her money and didn’t wanna do any work for her, so she
even had to go to the contractor’s board to get
her money back and then, after that, she told us that
the greatest day of her life, the luckiest day of
her life was to meeting Bill with DeBell Home
Improvements. He did what he said he was
gonna do, he followed through on it, it was done
in a timely fashion, and as you can see, the house just
speaks for itself. –Thanks so much for sharing
that experience with us. –Thank you. Thank you, Bill. –Bill, on that note, I’m
sure there are a lot of other homeowners that wanna
know how to get ahold of you so they can transform their
homes like this one. –Well, in 25 years, we’ve
done a lot of work in the community and we’re located
at 2600 South Virginia, right across the street from
the pepper mill. Our showroom, you can come
into any day of the week, or you can call us at
1-800-669-3386, or you can visit our website,
debellinc.com. –Thanks so much for joining
us. What a wonderful
transformation, thanks for sharing that with us. –Thank you. Announcer: For more
information on this guest or to see this show in its
entirety, visit nvbusinesschronicles.com. While you’re there, you can
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media. For information on becoming
a guest on our show, contact us at
[email protected] We hope you enjoyed the
show, thanks for watching. Tune in next week at the
same time for more from Nevada Business Chronicles. [Music] [Music] –Hey, Amber, breakfast is
ready. [Music] [Music] [Inaudible chatter] –I’ll catch up with you
later. [Music] –Hey, Amber, it’s nice to
meet you. [Music] –Ali seems nice. –Yeah. [Phone ringing] –Hello? –Hey, it’s Ali is there any
way I can take Amber bowling with me on Friday? –Yes, yes, she can go
bowling on Friday. [Music] [Cheering] [Music] [Cheering] [Music] [Crowd cheering] [Music] –Hi, it’s Ali. –Hey. –Some of my friends asked
if Amber and I could go eat with them. Is it okay if we stay out a
little bit longer? –Yes, of course. Thank you, Ali, and tell
Amber I love her. [Music]

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