Burning Questions: 100 lbs (45 kg) of Magnetic Thinking Putty

Burning Questions: 100 lbs (45 kg) of Magnetic Thinking Putty

[MUSIC PLAYING] VAT19 presents Questions
from Curious Customers, featuring magnetic
thinking putty. MrSarge15 asks,
What if I combine two tins of magnetic
thinking putty? Would it be super bouncy? I don’t know about two tins. Let’s try 500. [MUSIC PLAYING] That was a big ball of putty. CreepingKid82
wants to know, If I hung a bunch of magnetic putty,
could I climb it like a rope? [MUSIC PLAYING] No. SuperSwol19 writes, Hey, VAT19,
if I shape the putty into a log and chopped it with an
ax, what would happen? [MUSIC PLAYING] Manly. FastBreak383 wonders, Will
it make me better at sports? [MUSIC PLAYING] I think that answers that. ChickenFancyPantz12 writes,
I’ve got a pretty big magnet at my house. Will it work with the putty? I’ve never been to
your house, but we do have a pretty big magnet. [MUSIC PLAYING] And it’s pretty strong. [MUSIC PLAYING] So let’s see if this
answers your question. [MUSIC PLAYING] QTChicaBolognaFart3
asks, I really like the time lapse shots in the
magnetic thinking putty video. Technically not a
question, but we do, too. So here you go. [MUSIC PLAYING] The last question is
from TheRealPauly4. What happens if you shoot it? [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUNSHOTS] Well, that’s it and that’s all. We’ll see you next time. [MUSIC PLAYING] VAT19.com

100 thoughts on “Burning Questions: 100 lbs (45 kg) of Magnetic Thinking Putty

  1. You know when the magnetic putty is like venom absorbing eddie and he was the giant magnet


  3. This is Courtland’s dad talking but is it just me or when they did the time lapse in the video did the second time lapse zoomed out did it look like bendy from bendy and the ink machine

  4. I knew this video was old when they called it “Questions from Curious Customers” and not “Burning Questions”

  5. “I don’t know about 2 tins”
    Me: must be really bouncy
    “Let’s try 500”
    Me: oh snap
    watchs clip
    Me: that wasn’t bouncy

  6. If you pause it at the right time on 0.25x at 2:30 – 2:31 you will see that he has no writing on his cards! It’s all a ruse from the government!!! Area 51 has awesome gifts not Aliens and illuminate is Vat19

  7. Hey vat19 I've never had putty before but if I mix 100000 cans of thinking putty will it be ultra magnetic

  8. Guys, fastbreak383 is a person they made up. If you looked up fastbreak383 on YouTube, that kid just named himself fastbreak383, this burning questions video with his username came out before his channel was made PS I don’t mean any hate, just pls don’t do that

  9. This is late but…

    If you put in a lot of magnetic sand into the magnetic putty, would it be a magnetic kentic sand?

  10. for the burning queston feturing magnetic puddy I have a question

    what happens when you bring a biggest magenet and place it near the magnetic puddy

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