all right ladies and gentlemen and those of you choose to remain genderless how are you ? so today I’ve got something special to show you this and two hands required I’ve had this about this about six or seven years and it’s been lying in the room upstairs for about two years and oddly enough it weighs about as much as my vacuum cleaner look at that glorious sunshine [there’s something about you girl] first thing I’m going to do before I so the first thing i’m gonna do before I start with this bass shaker video, is see this that’s some pretty awesome coffee it will wake you up if you’re not already woken if you happen to be sleepwalking.. then afraid you have other issues alright, I don’t know what I’m talking about about okay so, first things first good news and bad news for you guys for you guys that like bass videos – bad news and for those of you that aren’t particularly fond of bass videos – good news so what do you want first good news or bad news? how about both? this channel isn’t always going to be about base there we go that’s all there we go the coffee is now done and ready for consumption by ‘moi’ moi and only moi because moi is the only person here now then this this is .. the wrong way round this is my most prized possession no it’s not, t’s not really I think the sub is probably that sub right there, that big thing right there that you’ve in previous videos is probably my most prised possession cousin again or then again probably the AV receiver which cost a bit more than that erm okay I don’t have any prised possessions this is the Buttkicker LFE now what this does is, it simulates the low frequencies like explosions and low frequency stuff it saves you from having to buy really large subs and having them and having them turned up really loud which also is, good for your neighbours so this thing, i’ve had it about six years seven years maybe even eight years I’m not too sure it’s something like that it’s been lying upstairs since I moved into this property for about three years that’s why it’s all dusty and stuff and there was another platform that sort of attaches to this in the loft, in the top of the house someplace or in one of the bedrooms and this was just lying by itself in the corner and being used as a doorstop so the platform at this attaches to actually it’s supposed to go under your chair or whatever it is you sit on so that you can feel the vibrations this makes so I’ve had this quite some time now and it used to be attached to the underside of my bed in the old house I used to in the previous house I was staying in and that was my parents place the bedroom was just a little bigger than the living room in this house and I used to use a farthest wall as a projection screen so yeah I’ve always been into like sound and audio and stuff so this is something I you know naturally sort of just went for. And here on the other side you can see some specs so there’s another guy that’s made a video on one of these recently he’s bought a newer version of this I think it was a kit he’d bought and he basically got the same stuff I’ve got only I got this about seven or eight years ago so what i’m going to do now is probably take this out and yeah i do get blood of this like i said in the previous video the previous video in which I made talking about this thing attaching it to that the power socket so ya what I’ll do now is I’ll take this out and connect this to it all right let’s get to it now got to be careful doing this there are wires attached to that sub and hopefully there long enough and they are which is brilliant i’m going to wrap some of this around there if I unhooked these without actually marking which is black and which is red then I’d get mixed up and I’d have to pull out the entire sub to see on the on the back of it which is positive which is negative because the holes that these wires come through I’ve actually marked positive and negative on now I just realized I need some wires need some wires.. where are some wires when you need them wires? come to me where are you? oh Hey, look what I found, found wires! that was convenient now I’m going to turn on the pc because we need the pc to be working don’t we [my dick fell off] so the only slightly odd thing about this setup is that this has a frequency response of five Hertz to 200 Hertz and this has a frequency response of 10 Hertz to .. something what I’m gonna do now is just wire these and put these wires in and doing this without actually looking at what I’m doing because I’m well I am looking at what I’m doing but i’m looking through the camera screen and that is .. it’s slightly weird if i can get my words out right then we will have a great video if I can’t get my words out right then we will still have a great video and we are now done so I hope you enjoyed this video, I’m only joking need to wire the back of this now swapping hands swapping hands with somebody else give me your hands so that goes into that NO SHIT tighten it up, this one goes into there I said, this one goes into there! see, sometimes they don’t listen, they like to do what they want to do and you’ve just got to repeat yourself and eventually they listen there we , go so now we turn this on and we turn this on okay so now what I’m going to do is, probably let’s try to play some music on this shall we or maybe even a movie because music tends to get copyrighted doesn’t it okay so spoiler alert that’s sign language for spoiler alert I got this movie called Signs .. oh it;s not Signs, F******** BLOODY HELL Signs, haha got this movie called Arrival if you haven’t seen Arrival check it out it’s not bad also if you haven’t seen Arrival close your eyes and your ears because possible spoiler alerts maybe ?! so this is erm going to be fun well it’s not going to be fun what am I talking about why am I saying it’s going to be fun for it’s let me let me just press play on the movie and we can see this in action so the high cut off is turned off the low cut off is turned off on the a/v receiver we have a volume at 52 and obviously reference volume is actually like reference volume is 84 or 82 82 is reference volume and that is the volume you want to have it if you are insane so we’re going to put on the 50 let’s leave it there that is a volume there and we’ll hit play and we can see what happens you can still hear the movie because obviously the movie’s going to be playing through the other speakers connected to the AV receiver this is just for the lows as I’ve already said okay I’m gonna press play now and sorry if I spoil the movie for you I’ll reimburse you with more videos ok so another part of the movie I had to skip forward a little bit because it went quiet which is typical that scared the shit out of me think I had the volume turned up too loud shit I actually warmed up from that ok now I know it’s going to come let’s just see that again not going to turn the volume up too much this time shit, I don’t even know when it’s going to happen ok it’s going to happen and that is what this shaker does now can you imagine it being attached to the underside of your bed and then the wall directly in front of you having a projected screen of about 200 inches as this started jumping around, there was air coming out of these bits that was a let’s try something else so i’ve loaded up this online tone generator and you know how much I like this website don’t you actually not that much I’m going to go through some frequencies and we’ll see how well this responds okay, that annoying tone is 200hz and it’s doing absolutely nothing nothing whatsoever it’s like it’s like it’s like what do you want me to volume full this doesn’t matter because the high cutoff is turned off so let’s change that you can’t see the screen because the ISO because the screen is too bright let’s change it to let’s just start 100 because nobody cares about anything above that and now it’s vibrating is it feels like a mobile phone vibrating just a little stronger and also my other speakers are going crazy as well which I completely forgot to take into consideration and I think my neighbour’s home let’s just go for the low notes shall we 40 Hertz don’t know if you can see that, can you see? no you can’t see that, I can barely see it with my own eyes! maybe if I turn up the shutter can you see anything ? how about now? that looks weird let’s try there you go, that’s 30hz and yeah, you can feel the air coming out of these sounds like a washing machine let’s try 40 hz, no hang on this is now 25hz 25hz turns it into jelly now we have 20 Hertz nope that’s 15 Hertz definitely made for low frequencies that is 10 hz andn now we’ll try 8 that is 8hz now this would normally be screwed into something you wouldn’t hear any rattling or anything ideally there would be a movie playing and this would just be doing its job in the background it would be filling in those lows that would normally be done by a sub, by a really powerful sub sometimes probably not able to be done by a sub because this is 8hz, 8hz! you can only feel 8hz so this is what it’s designed for and this is now 5Hertz you can probably hear it it says on the website like this is 10 Hertz and upwards but is clearly doing 5hz and I know that because let me change change the thing so you can see there you go that’s that’s 5hz 5hz and it seems to be doing it and that seems to be putting it out 3hz you ready ? you ready?? so you clearly saw that said 3hz right? so let me just focus are we focused now let me turn up the volume for this can you hear it ? 3hz that is weird let me put the squeaky toy there then you can see that it’s doing it itself I ain’t doing shit look at that that’s 3hz Duck’s enjoying it so this has been the Buttkicker LFE the Butkicker BKA1000n I hope you enjoyed this video, I just wanted to show you what this Buttkicker does now what am I going to do? I have no idea oh I’m going to put this video together, alright so yeah, this has been.. so this has been another video by me brought to you by me and i hope you have a nice day or evening or night or if you’re in bed goodnight if you’re not in bed if you’re just erm I don’t know what I’m going on about, see you later.


  1. Well my Aura Pro Bass Shaker starts moving my chair from 21hz even though the specs says from 20hz, "my problem" could be the material where i mount it or the amplifier that i use is lacking a tiny bit of power for the shaker. To see the buttkicker moves from 3Hz is very impressive indeed.

  2. these are meant to be screwed on the underside of a computer seat or something so you can feel the vibrations up your butt, it wont really serve much purpose screwing it to anything else

  3. Back in the Early to Mid 1990's in America they had Bass-Shakers brand that would make your car sound like you had subs! Funniest part was it would cost the same as a set of subs with the Amp you would need to push them!

  4. I had four of these attached to the floor of my home theater…. it was amazing!!.,, I have one in my 1968 Mini with four 6.5 subwoofers and it feels like there’s 3 x 12s in it

  5. Tesla had performed some experiments with haptic motors finding the resonant frequency of objects like buildings….this means he used a tad bigger haptic motor than yours and flat leveled a four story building. These are wicked cool.

  6. Have a home cinema in my bedroom, mounted two shakers under the bed (main viewing area). It's nice and all, the bad part is trying to explain why you have a vibrating bed…

  7. We can't hear below 10HZ so why spending money on it? You will only feel shockwaves when it is really loud

  8. Your intros are HALARIOISOISOISOISOIS also all of the dislikes are people who dont know life or anything in the world

  9. Just a thing i've noticed is apparently google/youtube translates some video titles without asking and it's super weird. The title of this video is in Finnish and i don't think it originally was in finish and grammar is failing but ignore that. Anyone else experiencing the same?

  10. I have got 3 of these attached to my chairs from the factory. They have been sitting unpowered for years. would like to have them setup but I cant find an amp to power them all properly. BKA1000-N claimed it could do 4 of them but I have heard many caught on fire so I waited for something better. Instead they discontinued the 1000watt BKA1000-N and replaced it with a 45watt amp rolf.

  11. Nice video. Entertaining add style humor but I'm confused by how the butt kicker amp doesn't go as low as their actual product… What's with that?

  12. hgiH. @ 8:49 i jumped out of my seat.. i didn't know , my subs was on … felt like an 5.3 earth quake , bass burb

  13. 8:47 I hate when stuff like that happens with speakers… element of surprise. totally catches you off guard:)

  14. Make big bass radiator and make sure its some firm tuff rubber outter lip and attach it to the inside of tha radiator and put it in a sub box?? Just a idea

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