Can Jamie Eat 1000 Calories of Candy? | A.T. #126

Can Jamie Eat 1000 Calories of Candy? | A.T. #126

This is Awesome
Time, the show where I tell you about all of the
new stuff happening at Vat 19. Stick around, we’re
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great stuff this time. Before we get into all
of the amazing products, I got to send another shout
out to our boy Matthias. He did another video
reviewing six of our products. And he’s awesome,
he’s a ton of fun. So check out that video by
clicking the card or the link in the description below. But we’ve got to get
going with these products. OK, they’re sliding everywhere. This is the gummy pet rat. It comes in three flavors:
cherry, orange, and grape. And these are actually
from Jelly Belly, so this gummy is a little
bit different than most all of our other gummy. Number one distinction being
this is made from kosher gelatin, which all of
our other gummy isn’t. I’m going to start
with the tail here. Kosher gummy is good, y’all. Each one of these little
guys is about 130 calories, so let’s just keep
a running total on screen of how much
I’m eating this episode. Got a little bit of cherry,
let’s try the orange. That one’s crazy, that’s like
the most authentic orange taste I’ve ever had. I’ve had a lot orange candy,
that one tasts like an orange. Alright, let’s just go
like midsection here. It was tasty. That’s the gummy pet rat,
get yours now at Vat 19. OK what’s next, what’s next? Hit me. Oh, it’s the gummy octopus! Look at the detail
in that octopus. This is in blue
raspberry flavor, which is the most common
flavor of octopus in the wild. Oh, I’m gonna get
all these tentacles. Tentacles or legs, I
guess they’re legs? Does an octopus have
like eight eyes too? You’re thinking of spiders. I’m thinking of spiders,
that’s what I’m thinking of. OK, keep bringing in
your animal questions. I feel like I gotta
get this head too. It’s just so good, folks. I can’t help myself. Kara, you can finish
up the rest of that. Look at that beautiful octopus. That was the gummy octopus
buy it now at What could it be? Oh, more gummy! Boom! It’s the gummy edible tongue. Regard the beautiful
texture of the gummy tongue and hopefully you notice
this kind of area right here. That’s where you’re supposed
to kind of bite into it, right? It looks funny. This whole thing’s 360
calories, so really nothing. Just a quick pop in, but I
think I can’t take a bite yet because the gummy tongue is
this episode’s Stupid Science. Come on in here, Eric. Stupid Science. I just want to say,
I take no shame in saying that this experiment
is fully Eric’s idea. Yeah, and I completely
accept that this is my idea. I believe that the
gummy tongue would be way more efficient and
faster to seal envelopes than with my regular tongue. The gummy tongue does
not produce saliva, so we have a bowl
of saliva here. You’ve been spitting
into that all morning. Yes, saliva. I’m sorry if any of
this gets on you. I apologize in advance. One, two, three, go. These are terrible envelopes,
none of them are sticking. Well, none of them sealed. That’s a good tongue though. All right, goodbye. However you decide to use
your gummy tongue, one. Thing for sure it’s
super delicious. Get your gummy
tongue now at Vat 19. OK, if I had to guess, I’m
thinking the next product has a bottle opener in it. Hit me. No! It’s gummy, of course. Bring it in. Alright, get that
wrapping out of here. This is the anatomically
correct gummy heart. Let’s get in close on that. Look at it, look at it. Aortas, ventricles,
chambers, what have you. It looks pretty
darn accurate to me. This whole thing right here
is close to 1,700 calories. This sucker weighs
1 and 1/2 pounds. It’s yummy, let’s get into it. This would be awesome for
any kind of Halloween party. Like doctors probably
have birthdays, too. This would be good
for them, pair it up with our gummy brain. I must be up to around
500 or so calories in a pretty short time frame. Starting to feel a
little pukey, guys. OK. There might be some
more gummy coming that I got to save a little room
for, so that’s the gummy heart. There was a joke
in there somewhere about eating your
heart out, but I mean that was too easy so I
wasn’t going to say anything. You might think that I’m full
and don’t want more gummy, but you would be wrong. Bring it in. This is, I think, my favorite. Oh, I forgot. Get it in here. I wanted to get it in
the center that time. I wasn’t trying to
rip Kara’s arm off. Oh my goodness. It’s the gummy watermelon
slice, and it is gorgeous. Look at the texture on that. It looks like a real
slice of watermelon, and it smells so darn good. I think this probably weighs
about a pound and a half, it’s about 1,700 calories
just like the heart. You got three delicious
flavors in here. Obviously, you got watermelon. You’ve got green
apple for the rind, so you can actually
eat this rind. And lemon for the seeds. Oh, dang. That’s next level. That’s probably my favorite
new gummy we’ve got. This thing is perfect
for the summer. Gets me thinking
about family picnics, and family reunions, and just
getting the family together. I can’t think of
anybody better to talk about getting the family
together than Chauncy. Hello, Jamie. Oh my goodness, you said that
the sugar has you erratic. Ask me something else a verb. What? I know I already took a bite,
but would you like to try? Oh, absolutely. Don’t give me any
of the contaminated. I need a clean sample. I like to mix the flavors. Just a little nibble. I got a little green apple
and a little watermelon. It’s sometimes, it’s perfect
when you have two things come together, you know? It’s just beautiful. That is tangy. Don’t you think Ted
would like this? This is so yummy. Ted does enjoy a
good watermelon, but he only likes them because
you can spit the seeds at me. Buy the seedless
watermelon next time. Let me get another hit of this. Do you have any
offspring, Jamie? I have four offspring. Why? Why did you keep going? I don’t want to make you
sad by answering that. Oh, it’s OK. Old Chauncy can take it. He’s got heart made of gummy. I like kids. Do your kids ever put vermin
in your house just for fun? Yeah, yeah. Occasionally. Good to hear somebody
else struggles with that. Chauncy’s happy. Thanks for stopping by,
and stay strong I guess. I better get home. You know, you never
know what’s on fire. OK, I’ll see ya. Goodbye, Chauncy. I’ve heard of meat
sweats, I think I’m having the candy
sweats right now. Chauncy’s a sad, sad man. I’m happy inside I said. Well folks, this is the super
delicious gummy watermelon slice and you need to get
yours now at one more bite, one more bite. OK. Alright, the theme of this
episode has been gummy, but I’m sure you noticed
all of the confetti that me and Kara were firing
off throughout this episode. And that is due to the confetti
high five product, which is just goofy and a ton of fun. It’s pretty simple. You’ve got this little guy here
that you strap to your hand like so. A little Velcro action. So you strap this guy on here
and you’ve got these refills. When you high five, you
get a burst of confetti, pretty awesome. You can take this one out, put
another one in, and off you go. We sell this, as well
as refills of 15. It’s just a ton of fun,
it’s goofy, it’s silly. Great for graduations, sporting
events, and celebrations. OK, as much fun as it was
for me to demo it myself, it’s more fun to do
it with a friend. I don’t have one
of those here, but. We’ve got Eric so
let’s bring him in. Celebration! Celebrate good times, come on. Eric’s paid to be my friend. Let’s pretend that something
awesome just happened and we’ll high five. Yeah, celebrate the gummies. One went in my mouth,
straight in the mouth. Tasted salty. This is great for– do
you remember seeing this in the Make Me Laugh challenge? Yeah, my eyes could
not look away from it. Yeah, me and Jacob, we’re
the celebration boys. Do you want to– we could strip
down, and we could we could reenact the
celebration boys. I’ll be Ken, you be Kent. I’m good. But I thought you’re
paid to be my friend. I’m good though for now. Yeah, no thanks. Maybe you could
show a clip instead. We got somebody ready
to celebrate, don’t we? I’m Ken, this is my brother. Kent. Alright, we’re
ready to celebrate. We’re the celebration boys. Let’s play a game. Duck, duck, duck, duck, goose! High five! Maybe let’s not do that again. OK, alright, thanks. Thanks for coming. Yay, friends. OK, we’ve got so
many new products that I can’t actually go through
them all in a lot of detail. I’m just going to give you the
bullet points in the segment we call Bullet Time. Let’s do this. Alright, these
are a set of notes that look like one
of the noodles– if I can get them
out of here in time. OK, shoot. Gnome Crayons. They look like Bavarian
gnomes, but they’re crayons. Don’t know what
happened to my voice. This is the Gizmo Koozie. Look, it looks like
Gizmo from Gremlins. He’s got the– gotta go. OK, this one’s another koozie. What’s his name? Chewy. Ahh– that was a good
Chewi impression. And last but not least, we’ve
got the whisper quiet fidget spinner. Shush. Sweating. I feel like I’m just
oozing candy sweat. No more. Alright, hopefully that
took us over 1,000 calories for the episode. Time to do fanart. [MUSIC PLAYING] I loved all of that fanart. I want to see your fanart. Here is our address, send it in. We’ll show it on a future
episode of Awesome Time, and eventually end up
on the wall behind me. Alright, it’s time to
wrap this episode up. I’m going to do kind
of do a slow spin, lot of gummy sloshing
around in there. As always, don’t forget
to check out the videos around, made a lot of
great ones recently. You don’t want to miss them,
and to ensure you never miss, subscribe to our channel. Please, we’d really
appreciate it, and follow us on social media. We do weekly giveaways. Thanks for watching,
thanks for subscribing, and we’ll see you next time. Bye. Vat 19.

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