Can Melting 1,000 Lollipops Make One MASSIVE Lollipop?

Can Melting 1,000 Lollipops Make One MASSIVE Lollipop?

In today’s video, we’re going to see what happens
if we take 1000 lollipops, and melt them in a slow cooker. [Music] I’m Nate. I’m Calli, and we have
a new slow cooker. What should we put in it? I have a couple extra lollipops. Yeah. [Music] You might not know
what the word couple means. Well, I wanted a lollipop, and I figured
if I’m buying a lollipop, I might as well buy
a couple extra. So we need a thousand
for the project today. Is there a thousand there? I think so. Well. better get started. We have made some hard
candy stuff before, and it usually seems
to melt pretty well. So we’re thinking that these lollipops
will melt back down, and I’m curious what’s going
to happen with the colors. We’ve got like two or three
different types of lollipop, and they’re all multiple colors. So I’m wondering if we’re gonna get
like swirled effect, or if it’s just going to turn
like into a brown blob. It’s going to go brown. Might depend on if we mix it. What’s going to happen
to the sticks, because we’re not going
to take the sticks out. We’re just going to throw
that in with it, and hopefully, the sticks won’t melt,
even though they are plastic. If they do, then we’re not gonna want to eat
what comes out of this. So these are just Tiger Pops. Lots of pretty colors, but we’re really not sure
about the flavor. All right, so we each need
to count off 500. [Music] So, are you sure
we have a thousand? We might have a few extra. [Music] Aha! Number 1,000. We still have space,
and we still have lollipops. So I think we should just keep
going a little bit. [Music] That was an extra
twenty one on my part. 1,171 lollipops in a Crock-Pot. And now we turn it on,
and see what happens. Yep. Oh, no, there’s more. 71, 72, 75, 76. 1,176. We had a set to about
250 degrees Fahrenheit, and we started getting a lot
of smoke coming off of it. Our goal is not to just
set it on fire, and have tons of sugar burning. So we’ve lowered
the temperature down to 150. We thought it was the candy
burning just at first, but the sticks are melting too,
so got to be careful of that. This may not be edible
by the time it’s all melted. Wanna make a lollipop sculpture
here and just [inaudible]? That’s just a stick. Now, you have garbage
in my beautiful sculpture. Hey, Mark, we made this for you. I want to try and stir it. Like I feel like that’s
only safe way to do this. I think it’s only melt
around the edges. So we just need
to let it sit longer, at the lower temperature. [Music] Okay, so we are having success in melting
the lollipops themselves. The problem that we’re having
is to get them to melt, we’re having to raise it
to such a high temperature that the sticks
are also melting. So the plan is now, we are actually going
to lower the heat, but also… Put a lid on. Hopefully, we can contain
some of that heat, and actually get an even melt. Fingers crossed. I’ve got this silicone cake pan, and if everything goes pretty
well with our melting lollipops, I want to try maybe pouring some
of the lollipop goo into here, and making a giant
lollipop out of it. Kind of depends on if we can get some
of the sticks out of the way, and if everything doesn’t like
burn badly in that roaster, and something like that,
but we’re going to give a shot. So here’s a lollipop mold,
here’s a lollipop stick. [Music] Make it a little bit smaller than the diameter
of the stick so that… [inaudible] the lollipop
will leak through. [Music] I think that looks
like it should work pretty well. [Music] So at this point, we’re going to try and
get the sticks out. Now, most of this looks burned, but we think
it’s mixed flavour? Just maybe everything got mixed? Mine taste good. [Music] That’s definitely
somewhat burned. [Music] Okay quick update. We were trying to melt
here a thousand lollipops, and I think we were
just a little impatient. We’re just trying to kind of do
it in sort of a one-day thing, and it really burned. And we left the plastic in. We’re going to try, and revisit this with
a slightly different method, because this, it’s just burnt. Like it doesn’t even
taste good anymore, and that kind
of defeats the purpose.>>So we’re going to try it again.
>>It taste okay. We’re gonna try it was
lower heat and longer time. I think we’re going to try
letting it run like overnight, or even for a day or two just to see
if we can get it to work. Guys, the first time we tried putting our lollipops
in a slow cooker, what we had was actually more
of a roasting pan. It is something
that can cook slowly, but it doesn’t work the same way
as a regular slow cooker. So we’ve adapted and changed
things up a little bit. So our crock pot is
a little bit different. A crock-Pot has
thick ceramic walls, cooks things slower, but at a much more
even ambient temperature. Hopefully, fingers crossed,
it’s not going to burn things. You can see
this right here, like this whole thing is… I think it can’t
even lift it out. That is full of hundreds
of lollipops right now. So that’s thick ceramic, and at no point is there
like a thin steel wall that gets too hot, and should start
burning the lollipops. That was the biggest problem
we ran into before, is well, the inside temperature overall
might be controlled pretty well, the edges get too hot, and so we really started
having burned sugar. So we got new lollipops. We have now unwrapped
a new thousand lollipops, and these ones actually
have paper sticks. So even if they are in contact
with a heating element, they probably, I don’t think it
would get hot enough to burn, and definitely,
wouldn’t get it to melt. So we’ve got
our new slow cooker, which is now very very full of unwrapped lollipops
with paper sticks. And unfortunately, we can’t fit
all 1000 in at first. So we have a plan. Plan’s going to
be pretty simple. We are going to wait
until this melts down, and as it does, we’re going to add
the rest of them. So this is what? 800 almost or– Yeah, I’d say we probably added
about 800, and 200 here. So once those 800 melt down,
we’re going to pour in the rest, and hopefully,
everything melts evenly, and then we can pour
it into our mold. If the glass top gets
to covered in steam, we’ll probably take that off. It would go slower
without the top, so we’re hoping
that doesn’t happen, but we’ll keep an eye on it. And if it gets opaque, so we can’t see
the lollipops melting, we’ll remove it. [Music] Our lollipops are
thoroughly cooked. More thoroughly than we were expecting them
to become in fact. Or that we wanted
them to become. I was confident that the low setting
on a slow cooker like this, with the ceramic pot
to evenly distribute the heat, would keep it all low enough that we wouldn’t have
a burning problem. I was wrong. So that was just a piece that had bubbled over
and drip down the side. and I was just tasting it,
see what it’s like, and it’s very burned tasting. There is like a fruity
tangy flavor to it. But then it’s also
just pretty acrid. Taste like burnt sugar, huh? Yeah, that’s burnt sugar
with a little bit of flavoring. Let’s see if we
can get this lid off. It bubbled over
like around the lid, then it cooled down. So now the lid is
pretty well attached, and it’s glass. Wait, see if we can just
pick the whole thing up by the lid handle. Okay, you go for that.>>Oh, well, we got the lid off.
>>Well, it worked. Okay. Now, we have what looks like a pot
full of pretzel sticks. That one actually broke
like a pretzel stick. Usually, lollipop sticks
like his will just bend. This is just… That’s like your pretzel. [Music] You can break them,
but you can’t really chew them. Mmm. It’s a weird combination
of sour and bitter. Actually, it still
smells quite good.>>It smells like lollipops.
>>It really does. These were our remaining few that we did manage to get
into the crock pot before it boiled over. This has more smell than this. Really? Wait. Yeah. That doesn’t really
smell like much to me. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I think burning it, or even this cooking it kind
of brought that smell out. It smells very fruity. Like a candy fruit flavor,
but like a fruit flavor still. Check this out. The sugar is about here. So that means
we have four inches of solid burned cooked sugar
full of lollipop sticks. Look, it’s a new
sort of lollipop. Oh, yes. It’s the sideways lollipop
that gouges in to your face. Those will be very popular. [Music] I regret everything. It’s interesting. You really can still taste
like the fruit flavors of the lollipop mixed in
with the burning flavor. I was expecting a lot more
of like a smoky burnt flavor. Yeah. Yeah. This is just bitter. Well, I’m surprised
that it did this. I have learned something
about crock pots. From what I researched, it said that the low setting
should be under 200 degrees. But I assume that even though we had
the thick ceramic pot, it still had hot spots
where right at the edges, it was getting higher
than that temperature, and the temperature that I looked up must have been
the average inside temperature. The ambient temperature. Yeah, so we were getting burning as you probably saw
in the time-lapse. It kind of foamed up, bubbling and burning
on one side. A little bit on both sides,
more on one side than the other, and just took over everything. Yeah, and it was
around the edges. So I’m– Yeah, like you said, I assumed that heat was much
much higher than expected. This doesn’t taste
nearly as burnt. Yep. It’s more efficient this way. I don’t think that word means
what you think it means. I do not think it means
what you think it means. Guys, that’s not all. We’ve always got more
for you to see. This box up here at the top will
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