Can we BEND Resin into a Lamp?

Can we BEND Resin into a Lamp?

Are you about to do a
really good bad intro? Do you hate it when your
resin gets bent out of shape? Yes! Well maybe you can turn
that frown upside down and bend it into
a bent resin lamp. Wow, that’s a good idea. We should make a
video about that. We should do that. We’re gonna do that today. Hey guys, we’re Evan & Katelyn. Today were gonna be taking
flat sheets of resin, bending them into. Into a circular, tubular lamp. And then slapping some
LEDs in there and, Hence that’s how
it becomes a lamp. (both laughing) So there’s actually a
very narrow window of time between resin being liquidy,
and resin being solid that we’ve noticed
we can kind of bend some of the spillover we get when we’re letting
our projects cure. So we thought, why don’t we
harness that bendable power and try to actually form
this half-cured resin into something interesting. Today we’re actually gonna be jumping straight
to the full-scale test because resin cures
at different rates depending on the
volume of the pour. So if we did a small-scale test, and figured out
how to bend that– It might not really
be indicative. Yeah, so today
we’re just gonna go straight into the
final thing (laughs). Wish us luck. Right, recording here. Let me get the top
down recording. Perfect. Does that mean? It’s time. Resin time? Resin time, doo doo
doo doo, resin time! I like how you did a
shimmy dance this time. I gotta mix it up. You might notice these amazing Lasagna pans! I was wantinng to do the reveal. They’re lasagna pans! Yeah! But it’s perfect for this, it’s the biggest rectangular
silicon mold we could find. Sorry, I didn’t wanna
move it while we talked ’cause it’s so loud. (plastic crinkling) Oh don’t do that. I’mma have to edit that out. (Evan laughs) Chaos. All right, what’s your strategy? Do you wanna start
pouring into your cups? Well yeah, I do that every time. I guess you could
call it a strategy. Well good strategy.* So my inspiration is
a similar type of lamp and that is you know
those like Himalayan salt lamp things,
with the pink salt? I kind of want to goes. Heh, I kind of want to goes. I want to go for those
types of colors I think. So kind of like a rose, quartz,
Himalayan salt type color. My plan is kind of inspired by our standing treadmill desk. I liked some of the looks that we were going for there. Its kind of like an
opalescent, galaxy-type look. We were also both going to be mixing in a little
bit of glow powder. Yeah And by the way. We’re 14 minutes after we mixed. Oh jeez. I know. KATELYN: Okay EVAN: Good thing
we’re using slow cure. KATELYN: Good thing. Its going to be like a pink-ish to white gradient. EVAN: Oh my gosh is that
all the white you have? Yep. (laughs) EVAN: I’m also going to
start with my white base. Whole thing kind of swirly. Oh you know one thing
I just realized? We didn’t split the resin equally between the two of us. I think you might
have more resin. EVAN: Uh oh. KATELYN: So don’t use
all of you’re colors. Don’t use all of
all of my colors? Don’t use all of all
of you’re colors. Okay. (laughs) Okay guys big news though. We actually remembered
to level it. (clapping) Thank you everyone for all of the encouragement
along the way. EVAN: I’ma do kinda
purply at the bottom and blue at the top. KATELYN: Ooh. EVAN: Layin’ it down thick. KATELYN: Just don’t go too thick because again remember you don’t
take some of you’re colors. EVAN: I think that I’m gonna be finishing mine pretty soon. KATELYN: Okay yeah And I can mix you up some more. I think that my
masterpiece is almost done. It looks so, it looks so bad! I’m going to heat-gun it, it’s gonna look beautiful soon. (air blowing) KATELYN: And you did some glow in the dark too? EVAN: Yeah. KATELYN: Oh that’s cool! EVAN: Yay! All right I’m going to
let that sit for a while. But in general I’m okay with it. I think it, I think
it looks pretty cool! I’m going to learn
from the lessons of past Evan and Katelyn, and
not mess with it too much. The solution isn’t
always add more resin. KATELYN: It’s also kind of hard to tell how you’re colors look
because of this red backing. EVAN: Yeah, it did
look totally different. I might have gone a little heavy with the glitter
at the end here. (laughing) EVAN: Wow is mine going to be
more subtle than Katelyn’s? (laughing) I don’t think I’ve
gone to thick yet. ♪ I have no clue
how thick mine is ♪ Going through both
of our gloves? Can you powder me? Wait not into the resin. I’m starting to feel a little
bit of the time pressure. This is looking
pretty good though it’s pretty good, pretty good. (upbeat music) I feel, I think I
feel good about this I don’t want to– EVAN: Overwork it? I think, let’s let
it, let’s let it sit for some unknown
amount of time. Actually, we’re not exactly sure when it’s going to get to
the point of being bendy. My guess is that it’s at
an hour and 30 minutes. Yeah that sounds good, so we’ll come back
and poke it in a bit. We’ll see you guys soon. KATELYN: Okay so its
been well 99 minutes and then it stopped recording but, a little more than an hour and a half and we
left some tester resin in the bucket to uh, poke. EVAN: Poke, oh wait. Oh that’s interesting
KATELYN: Oh no it’s still pretty indent-able. EVAN: So you can
see that it’s like kind of hard and kind of soft. KATELYN: I feel like we would, I kinda feel like
we would damage it but I feel like I don’t want
to wait too much longer. EVAN: Yeah like look
at that, oh yeah. So I think a little bit longer. KATELYN: Little bit longer because it’s still
kind of stringing. EVAN: Yeah, this is
too malleable still. KATELYN: Yeah, here
leave some of it untouched so that we
can mess with it again. EVAN: Sorry it’s very
fun to play with. KATELYN: Yeah. EVAN: Okay so we’ll
check back in again soon. KATELYN: It’s been
about 26 more minutes time to do our next pokey test. EVAN: So about 2 hours in total. Okay so it’s still–
KATELYN: Still dent-able. EVAN: But it’s not as sticky. KATELYN: It’s not stringy. (Katelyn gasps) EVAN: I thinks it’s time.
KATELYN: Okay. KATELYN: Yeah I’m down to try. I have more fear
of going too long and snapping it than I do of
like putting a dent in it. Yeah. So I feel pretty good. All right lets
bring you guys in on some strategy that we’ve had. In order to help bend things we cut this aluminum flashing. We’re going to make
an aluminum flashing sandwich with the
resin in the middle that way we can press up against the inside of the resin. Press up against the
outside of the resin, secure it with tape but we won’t leave marks from doing
any of those things. Oh yeah this up here. This one is still gooey. KATELYN: Well that
was like a thin drop. That’s a thin one yeah. So this down here…
Oh, whoa. I don’t think. This isn’t, look at that. KATELYN: Whoa okay. Don’t do it too much, oh
that makes me nervous. EVAN: That’s a saggy lasagna. (laughing) Okay maybe our, you know this is why we said it in the beginning
we can’t fully do a test. That was at the right state,
this is definitely not. Yeah but also it’s like
this stuff right here it was a conglomeration
of all of the stuff that was in the left-over
cup that we just poured out. That left-over cup
might have been a bigger volume
and it might have kicked faster, farther putting
it ahead of where this is. Yeah this is– Ooh don’t poke it Ooh. Well if you’re going to poke
it, I’m going to film it. EVAN: Oh wait yeah! Look
at that! Look at that! It de-molds. Oh no, over here
it was de-molding. Okay, it’s just,
don’t want to push it. Okay, we’ll be back later. Hopefully not too much later. EVEN: All right. KATELYN: Okay, so
now, we’ve waited– EVAN: Two and a half hours. Now this is still kind of bendy. But it feels a little
bit more solid. I’m gonna see if I can just,
okay so it’s releasing. Oh, look at that. Oh this is weird. Oh I like it and
it’s also wrong. Oh gosh. Oh this is so weird! It’s like resin dough! Oh my gosh! I think that’s great though. Yeah. I think in general, good! Okay cool, cool,
cool, cool, cool. So I’m gonna put one down. Flip it. (sheet crinkles) It kind of stuck! Is that bad? It’s a little bad. Like, would it
fuse to the metal? EVAN: I don’t know it, it
kind of fused a little. KATELYN: We could
try parchment paper which we know it releases from. Yes, yes, yes, let’s do that. I’m going to massage the
corners and keep them straight. You massage, I’ll get the thing. (laughs) Aww man. Yeah, if you’re having
to like peel it off. I definitely think it’s good that we are adding
the parchment paper. EVAN: Yeah and doing
that peeling, left some little imperfection
marks on here. I kind of like wanna– KATELYN: Yeah shore up
the edges a little bit. EVAN: Yeah cuz’ they
got a little bit wobbly. Now be careful, your
gloves are leaving a significant texture. Oh my gosh! Because they have the dots! There’s dots everywhere,
I need to switch gloves. Oh no! Is that what, is that what? KATELYN: I think that’s
what the texture is. You know, just
like natural rocks in the environment have, a
grid powder on them. (laughs) Maybe the other side
is less textured? This side is also
has bad things. Okay, lessons learned. We probably could have
waited a little bit longer. Well, as an experiment we could wait on mine a little bit. I’m like trying to hide
my failures, oh well. I think it’s okay. KATELYN: I think it’s fine. So I think I’ll just roll it. Okay. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Okay,
get me uh..can you get me a one by two? A one by two? Ah, some spacing. Yeah,
yeah, yeah perfect. All right, tape me up! I can do a middle. I think I might add one
more spacer to offset it in some other ways. Make sure you don’t
stab anything. So the reason we’re doing
this, we never really explained the design. (Evan laughs) Is we want, if you’re looking at it from the top down
we don’t want it to be a perfect circle.
We want there to be an overlap of the two
sides and a little of a gap in between them. So it’s like, a circle that
loops back over itself. Yeah. That will help us hide the LEDs and avoid us having to
try to get a perfect seam. Yeah, my main worry
about this is that inside this it’s skewed. This is not the best down there. It’s like kind of squeezing
out, more on one side than the other. This got like, beat
up and destroyed. Ooh oh. I know, I can try
cutting it flat. That might be your best bet. Like right now? Yeah, right now. (chuckles) KATELYN: I think this
is the best option. Yeah while it’s nice and– While it’s still flex-y. On the plus side this
is very satisfying! (chuckles) Okay so this is how
mine turned out. The resin starts right here. It spirals around on and
it stops right there. We’re actually
modify just a little, but I’m gonna move this– Yeah that’s a nice profile. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I like that shape. I think, overall, did we go
on the early end, I think so. I fell like I could have
rolled this up into a ball. Moved it around like
silly putty or clay. Like a piece of white bread. I could have rolled
it up into a rod. So, now that you’ve explained
all the things you could roll it up into. (Evan laughs) How does that change,
how we’re gonna do mine? I think we should wait, if for no other reason
than to experiment a bit. But I don’t wanna wait too
much longer, I’m thinkin’ 20 more minutes
and then we like, we’ll check back in soon. All right, so it’s been
about 30-ish minutes since I finished bending mine. Three and a half hours, since
we initially mixed this resin. Okay. I know! I know! Its
like kind of hard! Its kinda like, really hard! Oh my gosh! I was gonna help
pop it out for you. It’s like time! So wait, lets not rush too,
too, too, too, too much! Let’s cut this with the
scissors, let’s get a clean bottom, for both of these. So that you don’t have
the same error that I had. Cause now that that is out,
it actually so bendable. I think this is
actually kinda perfect. Okay. EVAN: Its significantly harder! I think its, okay. That was 20 minutes from the
time you ended, and at the end of yours, you were
cutting it still, and it was quite doughy. Quite doughy! We only really need one
straight edge, right? One straight edge
but on both sheets. EVAN: Sorry, it’s
all of a sudden go time, guys, it’s go time! So if you line all of those up– KATELYN: Yeah, the
top is facing up. I’m gonna, I’m gonna
help, with my hands. Get outta here. It’s bending! It’s bending. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You don’t want all the bend
to be in just one place. Yeah ’cause right now
it’s like, all right here. All right, I’m gonna
start folding this in. (aluminum scrapes counter) Oh that looks cool! Oh oh oh, it does,
it does look good! Let me try, let me
try bending this. Okay, this one, hold on. But it’s not protected. Because it slid over so much. Oh my gosh, I’m so sweaty. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Please don’t snap.
Please don’t snap. It’s going, it’s going though! It’s looking good! It’s looking really good! Now that we have, oh no! I don’t wanna break it. I know! I’ll hold it, see if
it spirals enough. No?! Looks bad! Looks bad? Oh yeah!
Oh that’s not enough. Yours is thicker! Oh! Yours is way thicker! Mine is way thicker. We have overlap, we
have overlap now. Go ahead and get the spacers. KATELYN: Okay, hold on. Hoo! There is a window! Little spacer, big spacer. That is one funky burrito! Nice, one at the
top and we’re done! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh, this
has been exciting. Oh I’m so sweaty! I though you were like. We’ll see you, we’ll see you
in about a day for when we unwrap these and
install the LEDs. Thanks for carrying
this one, Love! Thanks for helping me
with your, your strength! Okay. Bye guys! NARRATOR: And now, Cooking
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EVENKATELYN10. 10 free meals. It’s Evan and Katelyn approved! I shouldn’t talk with my
mouth full, I’m sorry! Okay… Oh, we’re already goin’. Oh! Okay! Well, it’s been 47 hours
since we last saw you guys and I think we’re ready
to de-mold these. EVAN: I have a pretty
good feeling about this. In general. KATELYN: Whoa! Its
de-molding itself! EVAN: Whoa! KATELYN: Wow! EVAN: Wow! KATELYN: Oh my gosh,
that’s actually like legit beautiful! EVAN: Oh wow! KATELYN: Whoa!
That looks so cool! EVAN: Oh my gosh! Which side, nope that’s
not, (laughs) that’s down. That’s definitely down! Yeah this is the
side you cut flat. EVAN: It did get
pinched skinnier in that area right
there. But overall look at the outside! KATELYN: Especially like
if you’re far away and you don’t look at the
ovelapped part, like if we put the overlapped in the
back, then what a nice tube you have, that will
look very pretty lit up. EVAN: I think, time for you! KATELYN: Mine doesn’t seem
to get the ends squished. ‘Cause yours is already
like, so dang rigid. Yeah! We really secured
things in there We really did! It’s tight! Okay, it’s coming. EVAN: Oh that looks so cool! Dang! Wow! I like yours more! Even though it was kinda
stressful and a lot harder to bend The surface finish is perfect! The surface finish is perfect. So I guess depending on
your application, you go with the more rigid
approach, or you can go with the floppier. I think if you’re gonna
have to manhandle it a lot.. Like we did….. rigid. If you’re draping it over a
bowl and you’re just gonna let it kind of melt
over and form a shape.. But the applications
here are just… There are a lot of applications! Of bent resin? Of bent resin. So the next step is kind
of the easiest part, and that is adding the LEDs. Did you want to say
something about them? Oh yeah, they’re
RGBW, so they’re like, the white light is actually
white and you can still change the colors. And
its just USB powered so you can plug it
in anywhere, Smart! So I think we’ll just go
into Montage Mode, add these and we’ll show you
the final in a minute. Is this like, anticlimactic
Montage Mode, cause all we’re doing is just like… We can make it like really epic Yeah… (rock music) Ready for them to turn on? Yes I am. Ta-dah! (laughing) KATELYN: Ta-dah! EVAN: Now let’s turn it
into party mode! Yeah! Party! EVAN: I like it! KATELYN: I like it too!
I think its really cool! EVAN: We also wanted to show
you guys what it looks like in the dark and in the
glow-in-the dark mode. [Evan] Dark. Ah, very cool! Now this is probably
more of like an accent light than a uh,
light up a dark room light. But, yeah. EVAN: I normally turn off
all the rest of the lights For the glow-in-the dark? EVAN: Yeah. Whooooooahh! KATELYN: Creepy Time! EVAN: (laughs) Look at that!
There’s cool bands in front of it and everything. KATELYN: Oh! EVAN: Yayyyy! (applause) I think this was really cool! I’m glad we tried
this experimentation. EVAN: Well like you mentioned
earlier, like, its not just about these
lamps themselves. It’s about the possibilities. The possibilities!
Of bending resin! All right guys, well I hope
something in today’s video resinated with you guys, and
we look forward to seeing you next time, bye. Check out our gaming channel! Subscribe. The things, bye! Print a tether?
How do I do that? Oh that’s so cool, 3D printing! I can print it with my backpack! Oh what? Print (upbeat music) Gather, Resin. Resin! To print canisters! Katelyn look! Resin time! Resin time!

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