Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting Method . For pipe welding training . TIG welding

Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting Method . For pipe welding training . TIG welding

Carbon steel pipe fitting method.
-For pipe welding training- Hello. I made a video about the carbon steel pipe ‘tack’ method. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “Like.” So today we’re going to do a “tack” with this short carbon steel pipe. When you ‘tack’ these short pipes, you snap two pipes together. And we often use the method of ‘tack’ by creating a gap between the two pipes. I’m going to show you two “tack” methods. This is a 3.2mm welding rod. I bend this. And put it between the two pipes. Next, you need to briefly weld the gap that’s made. Isn’t it simple? Another way is to use the angle. Place two pipes on the angle. Next, make a gap between the two pipes. When you adjust the size of the gap… Adjust the clearance using any size welding rod or steel plate. Next, 12 o’clock. 6 o’clock. 3 o’clock. Nine o’clock. It’s the usual ‘tack’ method for the four armies. When you do the first ‘tack’, make the pipes parallel like this way And you can do the first tack. This is what you see from the front. When you ‘tack’, you can melt the pipe first and then attach the weld rod to the melted pipe to make it easier to ‘tack’. It is recommended that the crater is removed from the weld area. Then you can take out the weld rods that were stuck between the pipes. This is a 2.4-millimeter welding rod. We create a gap of this size. The tack does not have to be long. However, if the ‘tack’ is strong, there is a strong advantage in thermal shrinkage when the ‘root pass’ is considered. The second tack is on the other side of the first tack. Check the alignment of the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock before “tack.” Then, you can do the second ‘tack’. If you insert a 3.2mm weld rod between the two pipes, you can create the same gap as before. But if you want to make a wider gap, you can use a thicker iron plate or a thicker weld rod. Then you can create a wider gap. Here’s how to weld it. It’s a little easier to ‘tack’ if you use a small gas nozzle that can fit between the grooves When welding a wide gap, it is easy to weld by connecting two pipes and welding them. Similarly, it is recommended that the crater is removed from the outside of the weld area. This is a 3.2mm welding rod. The size of the gap is made up of these intervals. However, there is a disadvantage that a wide gap increases the amount of weld. And this is a 2.4-millimeter welding rod. After you do the second “tack,” you can take out the iron plates that were stuck between the pipes. It’s the inside shape of the pipe. A back-bead of this height is made. After that, you can tack 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock in the same way. Then it is finished. This directly ‘tack’ between pipes causes the gap to shrink by welding heat. I’m going to show you how to play ‘tack’ with a small thermal shrinkage. It’s a ‘tack’ method using steel plates. If you play ‘tack’ like this, you can ‘tack’ the gap so that it doesn’t shrink in size. It is recommended that the depth of penetration is not too deep when you ‘tack’ it this way. You can use this method to “tack” And this tack prevents the gap from shrinking between the pipes. When you’re welding, you can use a hammer to remove this iron plate. You can use these pliers to twist them in the direction they are welded to make it easier to pull them off. So today we’ve made a video about how to tack a carbon steel pipe. I’ll come back to you with another story next time. Please press “Like.” If you “subscribe” and come to my channel, there’s a lot more welding videos. Thanks for watching.

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    전에 스텐리스 파이프 브릿지 가접후 용접 하는 영상을 보았는데요…가접 영상은 없어 여기 저기 찿아 보았지만 없더군요 기회되면 한번 올려 주시지요^^

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  3. 영상 잘보고 갑니다 선배님~ 오늘 파이프 5G 자세 마무리짓고 2G자세로 넘어 갓는데 의외로 빽이 잘 나오더라구요. 혹시나 내가 모르는 기법이나 주의할점이 있으면 조언 부탁드립니다.

  4. Para la separación de los tubos como los del vídeo yo uso el alma de un electrodo de 3,25. Para tubos más grandes el alma de electrodo de 4. Excelente vídeo, eres un artista soldando,que tengas un buen día 👍😉💪

  5. 만약 rt용접시에는 가접부위양끝으로 그라인더 귀따기하고 용융풀 연결시키고 가접의 중간부위를 지나갈때는 이미나와있는 빽은 다시 녹이지 않고 니꾸채우듯이 살짝 한방울씩 찍으며 그냥지나가면 되는건가요?

  6. Bom dia eu tenho uma Oficina. De Sousas é manutenção só falta.comprar uma tig já aprendi bastante com suas aulas

  7. Man you are awesome..thank you for this education..i want to see how to weld carbon steel and now you put video👍👍👍and of course next part of video soon as possible

  8. You could also use two L profiles with piece of metal coupon for desired gap between two pipes and hold these profiles with clamp. Well for series of shorter pipes or smaller diameter. [ ¦ ]

  9. Nice video.
    Very well explained and shown.

    So I put the staplers in tubes, in which I put a larger welding rod in between, as like the. With that I weld, example = welding rod 3.2mm for the gap / gap, bent it stays on the pipe and then welded with a 2.4mm welding rod.

    I also bent the 3.2mm welding rod and it was always at my welding place. 🙂

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  11. Mi estimado te sigo mi bueno esa probeta k armastes nosnpuedes mostrar soldando en 6g con la separación de 4 por favor gracias

  12. Muchos saludos y muchas gracias por explicarlo también y hacerlo parecer fácil gracias soy novato 👌Villahermosa Tabasco México

  13. очень простая подача обучения. классно! такое чувство что к концу видео я перестал читать субтитры, а стал понимать речь)

  14. Ottima spiegazione, video super👍👍👍 volevo chiederti se puoi fare un video su come allenare la mano a virare, grazie

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