Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Cut Acrylic Plastic

Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Cut Acrylic Plastic

Acrylic plastic, useful, sometimes difficult,
but we’re going to talk about cutting it. I’m Robert Markey and we’re going to talk
about how to cut acrylic plastic. Basically, the idea is when you cut this you need something
pretty fine. We could use a hand saw and we want to use a fine tooth handsaw with that.
Basically, it’s kind of like cutting wood only it’s cutting plastic. The finer the tooth
you have the better, the nicer the cut. If we want to use our scroll saw we use the very
fine blade. Again. There we have it. Using this tends to melt it a little bit as you
can see. If you want to cut it with a skill saw or a table saw, again you want to use
the fine tooth blade.
When you’re done cutting it you usually going to sand, usually get a burr on the bottom
of it from the saw blade going through that you’re going to have to scrape off. I’m Robert
Markey and we’ve been cutting acrylic plastic.

8 thoughts on “Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Cut Acrylic Plastic

  1. The girl is actually right, the saw he uses is a jigsaw…..

    a scroll saw has a little table with a blade that goes up and is for cutting fine curves..

    just google band saw and scroll saw in google images and you'll see the difference…. he was definately using a jigsaw when he called it a scroll saw…
    no matter what he called it, its still useful advice…

  2. Ok, this is not how you should cut acrylic all of the ways that he shows will chip the acrylic and ruin it. To cut acrylic you need a table saw with a 60 tooth triple chip carbide blade ($200) or a router.

  3. True not a scroll saw. Fine blades for cutting plastic on a table saw can be purchased at Lowes for $8.. but for better results biowerks it correct pro acrylic cutters use expensive blades.

  4. My jigsaw just melted it and the edges reglued themselves, it was no good at all. I was trying to get a cut out hole for a cat flap into it. Hand held saw must be the only way to stop it melting

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